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When on the hunt for interior window shutters, we can guarantee you’ll have plenty of options to customise your window treatment to suit you and your home. From colour, style, right down to the shutter’s material, the possibilities are almost endless! When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, they are notoriously harder rooms to find a suitable window treatment for. Waterproof shutters are in fact the best choice for any kitchen or bathroom!

So, should you choose wooden or waterproof plantation shutters? Well, the only style difference in these is the material. Either you can choose our sustainably sourced Paulownia timber hardwood shutters, or you can opt for our 100% waterproof Polyvinyl shutters. Our waterproof interior shutters incredibly durable and hardwearing in damper rooms.



Wooden shutters and water are not a happy pairing. Water could leave your wooden shutters stained and in some cases, cause the shape to warp. So, for rooms like the bathroom, a usually humid environment, this isn’t going to be the best material choice. But this is where our waterproof shutters shine. Tougher, and of course water resistant, waterproof interior shutters are a great solution for humid rooms as they won’t distort in the damp environment or be susceptible to any staining damage.

We know that their incredible durability makes these polyvinyl waterproof shutters a perfect choice for damper rooms like the bathroom and kitchen, plus, our waterproof interior shutters range will normally come with a smaller price tag compared to our traditional high-quality solid wooden shutters. Though lower in price, there is absolutely no drop in quality! Looking just as amazing on your windows, a set of waterproof plantation shutters will have higher resistance to damp conditions and environments prone to splashes of water.

Just like they are for bathroom windows, waterproof interior shutters are ideal for kitchen windows – they also need a little love and consideration in terms of choosing a window treatment. Depending on where your windows sit, they may get some cooking spills and splashes over them – particularly when you’ve got either passionate cooks and/or little ones who might enjoy a bit of kitchen mayhem! In a lot of kitchens, you see windows above the sinks, again, this environment would suit a set of our waterproof window shutters perfectly. Sink water-splash backs, rising damp steam, pasta-sauce explosions, all things that a set of our polyvinyl plantation shutters will withstand. Not to mention, the kitchen can get hot and humid whilst someone’s cooking so its important that your window treatment can stand up to this!

The choice is yours, polyvinyl or hardwood shutters, there’s a material to suit each and every room in your home!  Want to find out how to get your hands on a set of our amazing waterproof shutters? Contact our helpful team of shutter experts on 0800 9700 800, they’ll give you honest advice and answer any of your shutter-based questions.

North London Shutters Hit in Bathroom

Bathroom Shutters are a fantastic way to create a splash in your home. Windows in a bathroom are notoriously difficult to dress effectively and shutters in your bathroom offer the perfect solution.

Many UK bathroom windows feature frosted glass which often has less than desirable leaf or flower patterns on the glass. While great from a privacy point of view, uPVC windows with flowery glass is not at the leading edge of contemporary design and can ruin the look of that stylish Duravit bathroom in 2 seconds flat!

That’s where bathroom shutters work so well. Shutters in a bathroom work best when you go for wider shutter panels that allow maximum light to enter the room. If you think about it, it’s quite rare that you will want to open the bathroom shutters back completely from the window. You will want to open the shutter panels to clean the windows or open a fanlight on the window. However, how many times are you really going to fold back the panels to reveal your nasty frosted glass, or, if you have clear glass, you’ll keep the bathroom shutter panels in place to ensure privacy.

These shutters looked stunning in a home near Cricklewood in North London. The bathroom was beautiful and the bathroom lent itself to having shutters installed on a small bay window that faced the front of the property. The bathroom window had clear glass therefore the bathroom shutters were installed to have the panels in place most of the time, with the slats tilted for privacy. The shutters were painted in an Alabaster finish to contrast with the colours used in the bathroom and look just fantastic.

Shutterly Fabulous make waterproof shutters for wetrooms or bathrooms where the shutters are going to be in direct contact with water. Make sure when you’re looking for shutters for your bathroom, you contact leading UK shutters company Shutterly Fabulous and we’ll be happy to help.

Wooden and vinyl bathroom shutters

This West London property had Shutterly fabulous install wooden shutters in their bathroom as well as the rest of the property. Bathroom shutters are manufactured from solid hardwood shutters.

If our consultant is certain that there is no danger of your shutter panels being damaged by direct contact with water, or high humidity due to poor ventilation, then they will advise if it is safe to use wooden shutters. Which give a greater range of colour options and the style of the shutters can vary, for example the customer can choose whether or not they wish to use a push rod to be able to operate the shutter slats opened and closed or not.

For many home owners privacy at bathroom windows has been an age old problem, for years property owners have had obscured glass fitted to bathroom windows but this is now perceived by many as being quite dated. Frosted film is a cheaper and more contemporary choice but as with the obscured glass it completely blocks any view from the windows. Blinds are an option as they can be tilted to give privacy, however they don’t have the same versatility as plantation shutters. As with the two window shutters pictured, shutters can have a mid rail which aligns with the window bar, this allows the top slats to be left open whilst the bottom slats below the mid rail can be angled to ensure privacy. Theses white wooden shutters therefore give the best of both worlds; privacy, day light and access to the outside views. More can be read on bathroom window privacy options on this money saving forum.

If you would like to book a consultation to discuss the shutter options open to you, contact the Shutterly Fabulous team on 0800 9 700 800 with your rough dimensions, that way our team can offer you a rough quote and if this meets your expectations we can arrange a consultant to visit at a time convenient to you.

…waterproof surrey shutters

Shutterly fabulous have a large client base in Richmond, Surrey and these bathroom window shutters installed by our team of shutter experts are a fantastic example of the high quality product we sell and install.

This bathroom is a great example of the non-wooden style of shutter we can also install. For wet rooms or particularly harsh moisture environments, we offer a fully waterproof polyvinyl shutter product.

We can offer advice with regards to whether or not you need to choose the waterproof polyvinyl shutter style. Shutterly Fabulous use only high quality solid hard woods to make our plantation shutters, and if we feel that your bathroom is well vented and will not cause a problem, we will let you know that this option is open to you with regards to your window shutter finish and style.

Shutterly Fabulous in East Sussex make shutters using only the best available kiln dried wood, manufacturing from either Yellow Poplar or Elm. Shutters made from these wood types are equally hard wearing and durable but result in different looks for your shutters, depending on which wood shutters style you prefer. Shutters made by Shutterly Fabulous are manufactured from hard wood sourced from FSC certified forests.

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