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At Shutterly Fabulous, we are committed to the health and safety of our customers, shutter specialists and our staff.

Now, more than ever, we must focus on making our homes a safe, positive environment for our loved ones. Unless you are shielding or self-isolating, our in-home consultations and shutter installations are permitted within the most recent government guidelines announced in December 2020.

When we visit we will come prepared with a face mask, anti-bac and gloves where required. Should you wish for us to take any additional measures please do let us know.

Should you or any of your family/household show symptoms or be within the extremely vulnerable category we would recommend postponing your home visit, but you can continue to be inspired by the fabulous homes we have fitted our quality plantation shutters to by flicking through our brochure.

If you’d like us to call you either straight away or when the time is right, and book an appointment with one of our expert shutter specialists please use this form.

Stay safe and stay fabulous,

The Shutterly Fabulous Team


Q: I’d like to book an appointment, can I still do this? 

You can, unless you’re shielding just complete the appointment form and we’ll be in touch to arrange an appointment for you. If either you or our Shutter Expert feels that the appointment should be postponed, we will contact you immediately – the health of our Customers and our Staff comes first.

If you prefer to wait for a home visit, you can order one of our brochures to get inspiration and details of the products we offer, or alternatively send us in photos of your windows and we can advise you on possible designs and give you a ballpark figure.

Q: I have an appointment already booked in, how do I cancel this?

If you need to cancel an appointment, please call us on 0800 9 700 800

Orders and quotes

Q: I’d like to order Shutterly Fabulous shutters, will there be a delay with my order?

If you’ve already had a consultation and you have received your quote from us you can go ahead and order your shutters! They’re expertly crafted and take 10 – 12 weeks to be manufactured and delivered to the UK. You’ll receive an email once your order has been made and is ready to be shipped, signalling when it’s an estimated 5 weeks away. By such time we’d hope that the UK is in a more positive position so our shutter specialists can service installations again.

Our shutters are manufactured in China, where the outlooking is far more positive and our state of the art facilities are all business as usual.

If you have any concerns about placing your order, or you wish to discuss the specifics of your quote, please contact our team who are on hand to help in any way they can.

Q: I’ve ordered Shutterly Fabulous shutters, will there be a delay fitting them?

We are now installing shutters again, subject to strict safety measures and precautions. Your shutters will arrive at the port in the UK where they’ll be safely stored until you are happy for us to come into your home. Once an appointment is made the installation will proceed and your new shutters will be installed promptly

Q: Can I cancel the order I have with Shutterly Fabulous?

All of our shutters are made to measure, to your design specifications. Once your deposit payment has been received you have a window of 24 hours to cancel your order before it is submitted to our factory. Please be assured that we are doing all we can to get your shutters to you as soon as possible, and as soon as it’s safe to do so.

About us

Q: Can I still contact Shutterly Fabulous?

Absolutely! We still have a dedicated team on hand to answer any questions you may have. Call us on 0800 9 700 800 or email us at

Nothing quite beats that feeling of a fresh new set of our classic plantation shutters. Beautiful, stylish and practical on any window type, they truly are the best choice in window treatment. But with such a wide range of colours on offer sometimes it’s a good idea to go simple and choose a classic white window shutter. Take a look at our tips below for an idea of where is best to put white window shutters in your home!

beautiful white bay window shutters

Reflective Shutter Properties

A great factor to consider is the reflective properties choosing white for your window shutters will bring. For example, full-height white shutters on your living room windows, easily increase light as the sun bounces off the white reflecting back into the room. Tilt the shutter louvres to adjust the amount of light flowing in and you can really maximise the amount of sunlight the room will receive. This makes white shutters a great feature in larger rooms such as the living room, as well as smaller darker rooms which could benefit from a little more sunshine.

Whether your home interior is super colourful, to more of a minimalistic appearance, due to their neutral colouring, white plantation shutters certainly won’t be out of place! This makes them a great option for an everchanging style, no matter the changes you bring to your home a clean white shutter will look fantastic on your windows.

White window shutters are a fantastic contrast for darker coloured rooms, making your windows a statement in themselves. This works great for brighter bolder colours like blues or oranges! Equally, they are a beautiful complement to an already more minimalist home, flowing well with white or pastel tones. The options are limitless!

All of our shutters are made from great quality durable materials. Combine this with a classic colour and your window treatment will last for years: a completely timeless look, that unlike curtains, won’t go out of season.

Speak to one of our shutter experts to discuss how a timeless white shutter will work for your, or book an appointment here!

Investing in shutters is an exciting time, but it is essential to know the current lead time for shutters to avoid disappointment, especially if they need to be installed before a special event such as Christmas!

If you wish to get shutters for Christmas, or shutters for Easter, we have placed below all the necessary information you need to know before you decide to place your order.

What are the manufacturing and current delivery times for shutters?

Once you have placed your order and we have confirmation of the invoice details, your beautiful bespoke, and affordable shutters will take approximately 10-12 weeks. It is important to know that lead times may be longer if the bespoke nature of your shutters are a bit more complicated (like special shapes and custom colours) or if you place your order around significant dates like Chinese New Year.

If you are at the stage where your shutters have already been manufactured, the next step will be the delivery to our headquarters. This exciting stage means that one of our friendly team members will contact you to book in your installation.

Just to note, if you are booking 3-4 months before a special occasion such as Christmas or Easter, but want it in time, you can choose our Express shipping option. This delivery choice will bring the lead time down to 6-8 weeks and the extra cost will be just £42 per sq m.

Fitting the shutters

Once your shutters arrive at the port in the UK, they will be safely stored until you are happy for us to come to your home to install them. Our Shutterly Fabulous staff will be more than happy to organise a fitting appointment for you, and once this is in the diary, we will proceed to install your new shutters.

Shutters for Easter

Is COVID-19 affecting lead times at all?

The delivery time for shutters are still 10-12 weeks to be manufactured and delivered to the UK, and you will be kept in the loop throughout the process. 5 weeks before your shutters are due to arrive you will receive an email that will let you know that your order has been manufactured and is ready to be shipped. Read more about coronavirus and your shutters here.

If you have any concerns about placing your order, or you wish to discuss the specifics of your quote, please contact our team who are on hand to help in any way they can.

Interior window shutters are a practical and stylish addition to the home that will provide light control, privacy, safety for kids and more. However, when going through the design process, differentiating between the various shutter slat sizes can feel confusing.

To help you find the right shutter louvre size for your window, we have put together an informative guide below.

Which shutter slat size should I choose for my window?

What shutter slat sizes does Shutterly Fabulous offer?

To ensure there is variety, we offer four different slat sizes: 64mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm. The different sizes available allows for all tastes and practical requirements to be met.

Does the shutter slat size affect privacy and light?

The 64mm and 76mm slats are perfect for reducing the flow of light. Choosing one of the smaller sizes means that there will be more shutter slats within the panels, which in turn, will allow slightly less light into a room. However, if you’re looking to increase natural light, opt for larger slats (89mm or 114mm). The wider louvre design means that when the shutters are open more light will be able to enter the home.

If privacy is a significant factor, both shutters provide this, but the smaller slats will offer a bit more coverage on the window due to there being extra slats on the panels.

Which shutter slat size should I choose for my window?

What works best in contemporary and period homes?

Wider shutter louvres make a statement and will enhance a modern home. Providing a streamlined look that will complement other aspects of the room, shutters with a larger slat size will lend itself nicely to a contemporary space. If you live in a period home that holds a lot of character and traditional architecture, opt for the smaller slats that will contribute to the feel of the room.

What shutter slat size works with large and small windows?

If you are looking to dress a small window, opt for shutters with a smaller slat size for a clean and balanced finish. When dressing larger windows, wider louvres will work best. Covering a large amount of space, bigger shutter slat sizes will achieve a proportional clean-cut look.

If you are unsure about what will work best in your home, our shutter experts will be able to give you professional advice and assistance with your choice. Book your free appointment here.

Which shutter slat size should I choose for my window?

Will the louvre size restrict my shutter style choice?

The different slat sizes will work with all of our shutter styles. So, you’ll have the freedom to choose Full Height, Café Style,or Tier-on-Tier without any issues.

To see how the different sizes will look in your home, we are offering a free no-obligation appointment with a specialist who will be able to seamlessly guide you through the different options and offer their knowledge on what will look best in your space. Book your free appointment here.

Walk down any leafy suburban street and chances are you’ll be struck by the enviable beauty of shutters adorning many of the windows. See how much of an impact they make on bay windows in particular. After all, no window dressing looks quite as classy or stylish in a bay as shutters.

But just how much do those bay window shutters cost? Are they more expensive than shutters for a standard window? And what different shutter styles are available for bay windows?

In this article we’ll answer all of these questions and more, helping you make an informed decision about investing in bay window shutters for your home.

Box bay window shutters wood on dark blue walls

The benefits of shutters for bay windows

Let’s start with the most important one – shutters instantly transform a bay window. They add a level of elegance, class and style that no other window dressing can. From the outside, your home will be the envy of those who pass it – indeed, research has shown that shutters add not only curb appeal but can actually increase the value of your property. On the inside, you’ll smile from ear to ear every time you walk into a room with shutters. Seriously – they have that impact on an interior space and can create a style all by themselves.

Aesthetics aside, shutters help to insulate large bay windows and keep the heat in during the colder months, saving you money on your heating bills. They can also help reduce the noise levels coming in from the street outside. They’re the most versatile window dressing available for a bay too, as you can keep the slats closed for privacy and darkness or open them to let light flood in through those grand windows.

Are bay window shutters expensive?

We’ll be upfront with you – owing to their size and the fact that they are priced by the square metre, bay window shutters aren’t cheap, per se. But neither is their cost prohibitive compared with other home improvements you might want to make. Think of shutters as an investment, not just for your bay windows but for your home (remember what we said about them increasing the value of a property).

Nautical living room with bay window shutters

Ours are completely bespoke as they’re measured and fitted to your exact window specifications by an expert craftsman. You won’t have to lift a finger – we’ll take care of everything for you from the consultation right through to the fitting and beyond. What’s more, all our shutters come with a 5-year guarantee although if looked after they’ll last in perfect condition for far, far longer. And think of the money you’ll save on your heating bills too!

For a quick, straight forward quote contact our team with the approximate measurements of your windows or book yourself in for a free, no obligations measure and survey.

What different shutter styles are available and how much do they cost?

Our bay window shutters are available in four shutter styles – full height, tier on tier, cafe style and solid.

Full height shutters cover the entirety of your bay window with a contemporary slatted appearance. Ditto with tier on tier shutters, the only difference being that the shutters are split into a top and bottom section that can be operated independently of one another. Cafe style shutters cover just the bottom half of a bay window, making them a great option if you’re looking to keep costs down, whereas solid shutters are, as the name suggests, non-slatted solid sections of wood. They are popular in Georgian properties with very tall bay windows, such as those seen in Bath or Edinburgh, although are slightly more expensive than our slatted offerings. A shutter specialist will discuss which style will look best with your bay windows when they visit your home.

Beautiful natural wooden bay window shutters

Do bay window shutters cost more than standard windows?

The amount you’ll pay for your shutters is determined by the size of your window. Bays, by virtue of having multiple windows, tend to be more expensive to fit shutters to than a standard single window. All of our shutters are priced by the square metre and your shutter specialist will give you a no-obligation quote when visiting you to measure up.

What’s the most inexpensive shutter you offer?

All of our shutters are handcrafted using the highest quality sustainable hardwood. Talk to your shutter specialist about our Classic Poplar range which is the most affordable shutter that we offer. Cafe style shutters, as in those that cover just the bottom half of a window, present an even more affordable option owing to their reduced square meterage. They ensure that privacy is maintained, whilst enabling light to flood in through the uncovered upper portion of your bay window and most importantly, offer a seriously stylish, contemporary look.

Examples of bay windows with shutters

Don’t take our word for it – see for yourself how incredible shutters look in bay windows here. Here are some of our personal favourites we’ve measured and installed over the years.

Plantation shutters for living room by Shutterly Fabulous

Photo: Jasmin’s Sussex home

Photo: Poonam’s Sussex home

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to go ahead and book an appointment with one of our shutter specialists to talk about shutters for your bay window. You can do that by clicking here. If you’re not ready for a home visit just yet, why not give us a call with your rough window measurements for a quick quote over the phone? We’re open six days a week and the team are in the office from 9am-6pm on weekdays, 10am-4pm on Saturdays. Happy shuttering!

If you liked this post, read our Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Bay Window

Why Shutters?

It’s an open and shut case. From looks to sound-proofing, security to energy efficiency, there are all sorts of reasons to choose interior shutters.

1. Cut your heating bills and help the environment

Closing shutters at dusk is proven to insulate windows and can dramatically reduce your heating costs. Choose our sustainable Poplar hardwood shutters that use even fewer precious resources.

2. Easy cleaning for a healthier home

Dust is much easier to wipe off wooden slats than blinds and curtains. When these get ingrained with dust, it creates a breeding ground for dust mites. The result? Unpleasant itching and allergies.

3. Invest in real kerb appeal

You’re not just treating yourself to a crisp and contemporary revamp. When the time comes to sell, buyers will notice the difference too, since nothing says modern-and-maintained quite like plantation shutters. They’re just the thing to disguise unsightly PVC windows too.

4. Perfectly fitted in every way

With shutters you can express your style as you cover a space. Made-to-measure to the millimetre, they can go anywhere you want and be finished in all the colours of the rainbow.

5. Shhhutterly peaceful

A fully-closed wooden shutter acts as a natural noise barrier. Open or shut, our shutters are too sturdy and well made to bang and rattle around like blinds.

6. With privacy comes peace of mind

Close your eye-level shutters to keep your room and its contents out of sight and still let the light shine in from above. Complete reassurance for relaxing roadside living.

7. Control of light levels, protection from UV

No other window covering gives you better light control. Throw back your shutters to let the light flood in or angle the louvres upwards to keep the sun from fading furniture. (Don’t worry about fading shutters either; they’re finished in a UV protective paint or stain.)

Tempted? Book an appointment.

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Shutter maintenance: How to clean shutters


It’s easy to keep your shutters clean and looking as fabulous as the day you had them installed. Here’s all you need to know about cleaning your shutters… 

White interior shutters by dressing table

Shutters aren’t just the most stylish window treatment out there – they’re also simple to look after. Finally you can bid farewell to the tedium of unhooking curtains and taking them to the dry cleaner’s, letting the neighbours check out your interiors, then rehanging for privacy once more. Nor do you have to worry about your window treatment taking on odours such as cooking or smoke from a fireplace.

In fact, with shutters there’s very little you need to do to clean them…

Dust the slats

To keep shutters clean, all you need to do is dust the louvres (or panels if you have solid shutters). Using a microfibre cloth or feather duster, tilt slats flat and dust. Then, turn the slats the opposite way to clean the other side.

Work horizontally

Alternatively, you can work horizontally by purchasing a slatted blind cleaner which can be a faster job, cleaning several slats in one go. Slatted blind cleaners are widely available on the high street and online.

Use a vacuum

Don’t like dusting? Use your vacuum cleaner on shutter slats instead. The soft brush is the attachment to use, and you can tilt the louvres one way, vacuum, and repeat with them tilted the other way to get the job done.

Wipe down heavier stains

If you have kitchen shutters, these can require a little more maintenance from time to time. They can gather a slight film of grease over time, simply because of the room’s atmosphere. Cleaning is still a breeze, though, if you use a very slightly damp cloth to wipe them down. A quick wipe and you will have them as pristine as when they arrived.

Beautiful wooden window shutters

Always keep in mind that wooden shutters and water aren’t a happy combination so don’t get them wet when you’re cleaning. Of course, if you’ve chosen shutters for a condensation-prone area, like a bathroom, and they’re made from waterproof polyvinyl, cleaning with a damp cloth isn’t an issue.

Follow these tips regularly and you’ll keep your shutters in tip top condition!

Keen to fit shutters to other rooms in your home? Take a look at our room inspiration guides for window dressing ideas and styling advice.


Call in the shutter experts where you live

We’re bringing our unrivalled design, measure and fit service to new areas. Specialist consultants based in Bristol, Bath, Dorset and the M1 corridor are ready to give your home lasting style.

Image: Shutterly Fabulous

Shutterly Fabulous began life in Brighton back in 2001, and we’re proud of our Sussex heritage. Our mission back then and now? To bring premium wooden shutters to UK homes. But we didn’t just want to offer smart window treatments. Shutterly Fabulous has always prided itself on unrivalled customer service every step of the way from consulting on the best shutters for every room, to designing them, and from measuring to manufacture and installation.

The way we deliver on our quality and service promises is through our design consultants with experts based in London, Manchester and Birmingham, and our specialist fitting teams, available nationwide. And now we’re growing. We’re not turning our backs on our Brighton roots, of course, but we’re adding new local consultants in Bristol, Bath, Dorset and the M1 corridor.

How to get expert shutter advice

If you’re looking for shutter expertise, call Shutterly. Our consultants know all there is to know about the possibilities of top quality wooden shutters and understand the materials, methods and pitfalls, so you can trust them to design the best window treatments for your home. And just in case you were wondering, they’re not commission-driven, so all their guidance is focused on creating style together with managing light and privacy in your rooms.

Why choose shutters for your home?

Our new local consultants are experts in their regions, as well as shutter specialists, so they can help you choose shutters that complement your home’s architecture and the heritage of the local area as well as making your interiors look great.

Image: Shutterly Fabulous

Made your home in Dorset? Consider introducing rustic solid shutters that’ll complement the picturesque villages of the region. Painted in a colour drawn from the local surroundings they’re the perfect way to subtly link your property to the locality whenever the house was constructed. Solid shutters are winners for privacy and light control, too, and especially good for stopping daylight disrupting sleep.

Image: Shutterly Fabulous

Proud Bristolian? Bristol’s wide array of building styles include wonderful Georgian and Victorian architecture with windows whose attractive features you won’t want to detract from with bulky or boring window treatments. If you’re looking to install shutters in Bristol, full-height louvred shutters are great for bays and tall windows, or maximise the light coming in with café-style shutters covering just the lower portion of the window.

Image: Shutterly Fabulous

Resident of Bath? The Georgian terraces of Bath and the warm Bath stone properties that dominate much of the city deserve a window treatment of equal grace. Shutters in Bath properties emphasise the proportions of the architecture. Dressing every room with shutters will maintain symmetry. Tall windows can benefit from tier on tier louvred wooden shutters so the panels of the top and lower half can be operated independently for flexible control of light and privacy. Unusually shaped window? Our consultants can design shutters that follow its lines to draw attention to the elegant feature instead of hiding it the way other window treatments would.

Not sure which window dressing works with your home’s style and the local area? Our consultants can design shutters that work in harmony with your property whatever its age and architectural features – and that will continue to look good for years to come.

Want to speak to one of our new local consultants? Get in touch

Choosing the right shutters for patio doors

Want to put shutters on your French doors? We can help you find the right shutter style and design for you.

Bright custom colour blue patio door shutters

Image: Shutterly Fabulous

What are the benefits of shutters for French or patio doors?

Whether you have traditional double French doors or contemporary folding, sliding patio doors, shutter door window dressing is the perfect addition. Why? First of all, if they are installed on a track they can be pushed to the side to enhance the view looking out the doors. They look super smart – which is especially important if you are designing an open-plan space that includes other windows which can be fitted with them too. Shutters also allow you to control the privacy and lighting in your room – perfect if yours is a space that’s overlooked or is south-facing and tends to overheat in summer. Then there’s the easy maintenance – a light dusting will be sufficient for shutters on French doors in a living room, or a wipe with a damp cloth for those in a kitchen diner. Other shutter benefits include reduced energy use and sound reduction through insulation – a must for rooms with large expanses of glazing.

Stylish monochrome ombre solid shutters on sliding doors

Image: Shutterly Fabulous

How easy is it to install shutters on French or patio doors?

It may seem a tricky task, but there are lots of clever ways to ensure it is achievable, especially when installed by out team of experienced shutter installers. There is a  variety of fitting options:

Option one (best suited to narrower expanses): attaching window shutters to external French doors. The obstacle to overcome with this method is that the wide expanse and the requirements to use the doorway mean that the width of the panels away from their anchoring points is notably further than that of a normal window shutter. The most common method of attaching plantation shutters to French doors is simply making the panels a lesser width. By lessening the width of the panels, it puts less stress on the hinges which avoids shutters dropping over time.

Option two (a good choice for wider expanses): fit the shutters on a track system. Instead of freely swinging to concertina shut (as above), the shutters are attached to metal rails, either at the top of the shutter, the bottom of the shutter – or in some cases both. This is achieved by attaching a small metal risen disk on to the top of the shutter panel; this then locks in to a clasping metal rail holding the shutters in the perfect position. This is essential for shutters over a certain width to ensure they function properly and do not drag.

Statement solid dining shutters, with blues and greens

Image: Shutterly Fabulous

Which tracked shutters to choose for your French or patio doors?

We offer even more choice here! In fact we have two different variations of tracked shutters for your French doors or wide windows:

The first tracked plantation shutters are bi-fold. These shutters work in the same way as normal shutters: they are hinged and concertina together to fully open and close. Of course, the slats in these must be closed before they can concertina away to ensure the panels lay flat against each other. These shutters are connected by certain points at the top or top and bottom of the shutter along a rail, so they smoothly hold position as they fold. This tends to be the more commonly used form of tracked shutter.

The second tracked plantation shutters are known as bypass tracked shutters. These shutters work with the panels always holding a position parallel to the window and fixed at two points into a top and bottom track. These shutters, locked in their parallel position, are on two rails of track, allowing them to ‘bypass’ the other panel passes. This design is less commonly used as, depending on the quantity of panels, you will always have a number of plantation shutter panels covering your window. That said, for some rooms, such as smaller spaces, this is the best – or only – design solution.

Stylish grey patio door shutters

Image: Shutterly Fabulous

 Which shutter designs work best for French or patio doors?

Due to the obvious need to connect your shutters to the tracked shutter system, the only design of window shutter available for track shutters is full-height plantation shutters. These shutters cover the entire height of your window with one panel, and can have their slats separated by utilising a mid-rail, which you may want to position at the same height as any mid-rail – or the handle position – of your door. The mid-rail, by the way, is a beam of solid wood that goes across the panel allowing two groups of slats to be operated independently of each other.

What else to consider?

The bulkiness or depth of your doors’ interior handles may affect the position and installation method of your shutters – this is something to factor in when measuring up. If you’re not sure, ask one of our advisers.

If your folding sliding doors fold into your room, our shutters may not be an option. Discuss with our advisers before ordering.

 Need more help?

If you have any questions on tracked shutters, or any issues with plantation shutters for your French doors, book an appointment, no obligations and we’ll be in touch to arrange a home visit and discuss your options.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Tips for Successful Shutters in your Kitchen-Diner


Plantation shutters are the absolute best choice for window dressing in a kitchen. The ability to clean quickly, alongside their durability and functionality, gives many benefits over curtains or even blinds. So what style of shutter is best for your room?

Rustic interior style kitchen with plantation shutters

As the Jona Lewie song suggests, the kitchen is one of the most lived in rooms and the centre of focus of the house. Whether it’s an old friend passing by and popping in for a quick cup of tea, to finding people ‘in the kitchen at parties’, you’ll need to make your kitchen into a workable yet pleasant area.

Plantation shutters are the absolute best choice for window dressing in a kitchen. The ability to clean quickly, alongside their durability and functionality, gives many benefits over curtains or even blinds. So what style of shutter is best for your room?

As shown in the feature picture above, many kitchen/diners have doors leading onto patios or the garden. Shutters for patio doors are absolutely perfect, working especially well in recessed kitchen windows as in this case. In this modern kitchen design, wide slats with concealed push rods have been used to create a clean look.

In this dining area shown above, café style shutters have been utilised to create privacy in this ground floor area. When thinking about dining room window ideas, café style is often the ‘go-to’ choice, as privacy can be kept – while still allowing maximum light into your room. These wooden kitchen shutters have been matched to the grey colouring of the lights to create a subtle, yet flowing look in the room.

Stylish grey shutters on patio doors in kitchen

Our final tip, in kitchens like this first floor flat, windows are often smaller and inset to the room. These make a perfect area to have some fun with colour. Make your kitchen ‘pop’ using a bright shade and make your shutters the focal point of the room. Not only does this make for an interesting design, it can also take focus of counter-tops – meaning you can utilise that space with more items without your kitchen appearing too ‘busy’.

Discover more tips on Kitchen Window Shutters with Shutterly Fabulous.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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