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Cafe style is a popular option for street-facing rooms, affording full-privacy while letting in buckets of natural light. This style is a popular option to pair with curtains, providing you with the style and practicality of the shutters, with the soft, flowing nature of the curtains.

This Traffic White shade creates a flawless and sleek look, allowing other colourful interior choices to shine. Our range of brighter shades give a real sense of space as they reflect light in your home. The hidden rod ensures a sleek finish for these classic 64mm slatted, cafe style shutters.By Shutter Type

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Although highly desired, bay and bow windows can be a challenge to dress. Here we show you some perfect shutters for different bay window styles.

The United Kingdom has an abundance of homes with bay windows. Many Georgian and Victorian homes were built with bay fronts but modern architects also like to give a home a bit of depth. This style of window increases the sunlight in a room to a space-enhancing effect. They add actual floor area too, as they project from the line of the building, which can prove beneficial in planning both the layout and look of the room.

Bay windows typically have 3 openings with a picture window in the middle and two smaller panels either side. Bow windows can feature 4-5 sections and are curved. A box bay window is generally rectangular, with a flat front and sides and some type of roof. If the sides of the box are angled, it can also be called a canted window.

Though highly prized, bay and bow windows can be a challenge to dress. But there’s more you can do to enhance them than by simply putting curtains up, which take up a lot of useful space. Here we show you some perfect shutters for different bay window styles.

Tier on Tier shutters

Tier on tier shutters bay windows Shutterly Fabulous

Image credit: Shutterly Fabulous 

In the above example,  displayed in an angled bay, these bay window shutters have been constructed in a Tier on Tier style. This is a common favourite for bays as tier on tier shutters are the most versatile of all shutter designs. While allowing both tiers closed, slats can still be angled to adjust the light with full control. With the top tier open, the shutters take on the appearance of a cafe style, granting maximum light into the room – yet keeping privacy on the lower half. Perfect for living room windows.

Café style shutters for bay windows

Box bay window shutters Shutterly Fabulous

Image credit: Shutterly Fabulous

In this box bay wooden bay window (above), shutters have been made in a cafe style. Perfect for lounges and studies, cafe style shutters can be used in place of bay window curtains to give great privacy – but still allow in plenty of light.

Keeping it classic

Solid panel shutters bay windows Shutterly Fabulous

Image credit: Shutterly Fabulous

If re-establishing your property’s Regency, Victorian or Georgian character is high on your list, you might prefer to choose solid shutters which fold back, offering a traditional look. These shutters are also the best for achieving near-blackout conditions, so are perfect for bow windows in a bedroom.

You can continue the classic look by selecting narrower louvres for shutter blinds hung at bay windows. They’ll perfectly complement a room with period features such as decorative cornicing and a ceiling rose. It’s advisable not to choose the very smallest louvre sizes though, as the scale of bay windows favours medium widths upwards.

Contemporary colours

If you fancy giving your room a more modern twist, then wide louvres maintain a current look without clashing with any period features. It’s worth remembering that proportion counts for everything: the widest louvres on tall, wide shutter panels suit large expanses of glass best.

Custom colour bay window shutters Shutterly Fabulous

Image credit: Shutterly Fabulous 

As bay windows are such an excellent focal point for a room scheme, you could go all-out for attention by choosing an accent colour for the shutters that will really highlight a bay window’s attributes. The featured colour could then be developed through other furnishings.

Elegance and light

Best bay window shutters Shutterly Fabulous

Shutters for bow windows by Shutterly Fabulous

Finally, if you have a dark, north-facing room that you like to use during the day, then white shutters are a smart option as they help bounce the light around.

Shutters bring elegance and style to bay and bow windows. Externally, bay window shutters also work beautifully, emphasising the shape of the window and improving the exterior of your home.

Offering privacy from the outside world whilst giving homeowners total flexibility with light control, plantation shutters in bay windows are every bit as practical as they are timeless. They add a further layer of insulation against draughty sash windows, are easy to uphold, and contribute to noise reduction.


You can speak to one of our shutter experts about dressings for bay windows and other varieties here.


Bay window looks
you’ll fall for

Though they’re much-coveted, bay windows can be challenging to dress. Here’s how to make the very most of their curves and angles – plus the extra space they give your room.

A staple of period homes, and a welcome feature in more recent builds, bay windows boost the sunlight inside a room to space-stretching effect. They add actual floor area, too, as they protrude from the line of the building, which can prove useful in planning both the layout and look of the room.

What’s the best way to dress a bay window?

Bay windows can have a flat front and angled sides, the so-called canted shape; a square bay shape (where the sides are perpendicular to the flat front window); or follow a curved bow shape. Variations on the theme include bays with additional facets, and the triangular bays with two windows.

Shutters are a stylish and effective window treatment for bay windows. They can be made to fit the frames precisely, so the window can be dressed for maximum light control, as much privacy as necessary, and style.

Choose plantation shutters for bay windows, and the louvres mean you can make the subtle adjustments that are needed throughout the day at each of the elements of the bay as the sun moves round the house, preventing glare but letting in maximum light. As bay windows are often found at the front of the house, shutters are also the best way to stop passers-by looking into your room without losing daylight.

Tall bays can benefit from tier-on-tier shutters, so top and lower panels can be operated independently. Or you might prefer café-style shutters, which cover only the bottom part of the window for privacy, optimising light coming in through the top of the glass. Solid panel shutters are an option for bay windows, too. Try them in bedrooms to stop street lights and early dawns disturbing sleep.

Will shutters give a bay window period style?

If you want a traditional look, choose narrower louvres for shutter blinds hung at bay windows. They’ll complement a room that has period features like ornate cornicing and a ceiling rose. It’s best not to go for the very smallest louvre sizes, though, as the scale of bay windows lends itself to medium widths upwards

Like the idea of giving the room a more modern twist? Choose wide louvres (shown above) and the window treatment will look contemporary without clashing with any period features in a Victorian or Edwardian home. Bear in mind that proportion is everything: the widest louvres look best against large expanses of glass and used on tall, wide shutter panels.

Which colour shutters suit a bay window?

A bay window’s a fantastic focal point for a room scheme, so why not make it even more attention grabbing? Choosing an accent colour for the shutters will show off the window’s assets. You can pick up the shade in other furnishings to pull the look together. Even more spectacular? A two-tone effect (shown above) that’s like a large-scale artwork for the room.

North-facing room that’s dark? White shutters could be the cleverest option if you like using the room during the day as they’ll help bounce light around.

What furniture should I put in the space?

If your bay window’s sizeable, the nook might be perfect for the sofa, leaving more of the remainder of the room’s floor on show and making circulation through it easier. If it’s not the right position for the family sofa – maybe it’s awkward to put the TV opposite – think about putting a luxury seat like a chaise in there.

A less sizeable bay can still be home to an armchair, or you might be able to fit in a love seat – a supersized armchair that’ll make the room look more comfortable. Alternatively, think about making the bay a cosy nook that takes advantage of the view outside with a pair of chairs and side table in between so two of you can grab a coffee there.

If large pieces of seating won’t fit, a freestanding bench under the window can provide storage as well as a perch, or get a carpenter to build a seat that follows the sweep of the bay for capacious stash space.

Should I put a dining table in a bay window?

A bay can be just the right shape for a dining table – even if the bay itself is angular. Look for a round or oval-shaped table to fit tidily within its lines. Check the diameter of the table before you move furniture into the room or buy new, though. You’ll need enough room to move the accompanying chairs in and out as you sit down and stand up as well as to accommodate the table itself.

If your dining table is too big to fit the niche, it might still be worth positioning it towards the bay so you can take advantage of the extra space the window’s design creates for moving chairs on the window side in and out.

Image: Bay and Box

Which accessories should I put in a bay window?

Don’t leave a bay window empty even if the layout doesn’t work with seating or a table. It’s a great space for a display of plants. The latest trend for home greenery is to show off big groupings of different-shaped foliage that really make an impact, and a bay’s a great frame for one. If your plants aren’t tall, a narrow shelf can raise them up to eye level.

Don’t forget the outside of the bay, either. Dress it with window boxes to draw attention to its lovely lines from the street. With the louvres of your shutters open, you’ll be able to appreciate the blooms from the inside as well.

Shutter Solutions for Bay Windows

Time to throw away your bay window curtains! Let us explain our bay window ideas for your home.

The United Kingdom is plentiful of homes with bay windows. Victorian and Georgian homes are typically built with bay fronts and modern architects alike add bays to give a home a less ‘square’ feeling. While looking fantastic, they can be cumbersome to add curtains or blinds – taking up significant space or not closing properly. Our shutters for bay windows can solve this problem.

In this instance (above) displayed in an angled bay, these bay window shutters have been constructed in a ‘Tier on Tier’ style. This is a common favourite for bays as tier on tier shutters have the most versatility of any design. While being able to have both tiers closed, slats can be angled to adjust the light with maximum control. When the top tier is opened, the shutters appear in a cafe style allowing maximum light into the room – yet still keeping privacy on the lower half. Perfect for living room windows.

In this box bay (above) wooden bay window shutters have been made in a cafe style. Perfect for lounges and studies, cafe style shutters can be used in place of bay window curtains to give great privacy – but still allow in plenty of light.

Lounge window in Willesden, NW10 is fitted with café style Shutters.


Contemporary interior shutters are thought to originate from many different places, often likened to plantation shutters from Colonial USA, or perhaps the Victorian and Georgian solid shutters popular in Willesden and other areas of London. In regency style town houses, some of the original wooden shutters still exist at windows and can be bought from salvage yards. Other well known shutters are those from Ancient Greece, made from solid marble (obviously these differentiate themselves from the contemporary window shutters of today as these didn’t have slats which could pivot and turn).

Lots of customers looking for café shutters in contemporary surroundings are particularly looking for plantation shutters. This rural yet bijou style of decoration, is chic, but with an elegant country twist. Although our Shutterly Fabulous shutters don’t have particular ranges, you can create your own contemporary finish by choosing the colour, slat size, how many panels you have. The beauty of the Shutterly Fabulous contemporary window shutters is that they are bespoke for your own interior. These café style bay window shutters are in vogue and give a beautiful contemporary look to windows.

Having window shutters painted in a white, or off white again helps towards this contemporary look. Matching the shutters to your walls or furnishings keeps all aspects of your interior uniformed, giving a contemporary plantation shutters feel to the whole look. Our Willesden, NW10 customer was inspired by a family friend’s shutters in Shepherds Bush, W12.

The contemporary window treatment in this Willesden property are a Café style sunshine bay window covering, meaning that the plantation shutters only travel half way up the window, or finish at a point where you want them to, perhaps to match up to a bar already travelling across your window. This contemporary look is called Café Style as it’s reminiscent of café’s and bistros in regions of Europe. Our shutters for sale offer the UK’s most competitive installed shutter prices.

Richmond Home with Wood Shutters


Cafe style shutters in this home in Richmond, Surrey create not only a stunning look for the lounge of this home, but also offer an extremely practical and flexible window covering solution.

Cafe style shutters is the term used to describe any design of wood shutters which does not cover the entire height of a window. This design of wood shutters is most commonly used in lounge room or areas, often on the ground floor of a home, where passing traffic can look directly through the window. This particular house in Richmond, Surrey had wood shutters fitted on the lower portion of the window to stop people walking past the window, looking straight into the room. The customer felt exposed when sat watching TV in their Richmond home as people could see directly into the room. Net curtains were not an option for this customer and shutters offered a stylish solution to the privacy problem. The Richmond home had a nice aspect to the front garden and the Shutterly Fabulous customer did not want to loose the view through the upper portion of the lounge window and retain as much light coming into the room as possible.

While many people think cafe style shutters refers to wood shutters which only come up to the halfway point on the window, the fact is that you can take the height of the wood shutters to any point on the window that you like. This window in Richmond lent itself to the wood shutters finishing approximately 2/3 of the way up due to the nature of the window framing. Finishing the wood shutters at this point gave the customer the privacy they were looking for while retaining the view and window detailing above the cafe style shutters.

The cafe style shutters shown in this Richmond lounge are painted in shell and have 89mm slats. The shutters have the Open Sky concealed push rod system. The shutters have been designed to match the exact framing of the window and the solid upright sections of the cafe style shutters fall inline with the mullions on the window.

Our Surrey customers can view our shutters display in the Guildford Furniture Village Store.

Stylish Putney Window Shutters SW15, London


At the front of their Putney SW15 property, these café style, made to measure plantation shutters provide privacy from the neighbours and a soft window covering allowing the natural light from this leafy London Borough of Wandsworth to filter through.

Putney SW15, one of the 35 major centres in Greater London, is well known for its open space and clean air. It boasts countryside charm, with city spirit. The heart of this area is full of period homes mostly dating from the 19th century, with the west’s handsome houses and apartments nestled in Putney Heath and the east’s magnificent detached homes conveniently located near to transport amenities. These London properties are ideal for made to measure domestic window shutters.

An affluent area, with property commanding higher than average London prices, Putney SW15 has become one of London’s most highly desirable places to live, where many homes are fitted with made to measure window shutters. Many residents are choosing to renovate their homes with made to measure plantation shutters like this Putney shutters customer rather then move, settling into the area and creating comfortable family homes. This Putney SW15 property is situated on a peaceful residential street close to Putney Station, providing an underground tube service straight into Central London which has attracted many young professionals to the area. These customers were recommended Shutterly Fabulous by their who recently had shutters fitted in Balham SW12.

This made to measure window shutters customer opted for café style shutters, half height to allow the period stained glass to remain a prominent feature. Their made to measure plantation shutters are in a warmer cream tying in the soft furnishings of their room.

Curtains would have crowded their window, breaking away from the more modern lines and styling of their room.With Shutterly Fabulous having already fitted their traditional range of made to measure plantation shutters and their unique designer collaboration of window shutters in many homes, the plantation shutter has never seemed so stylish!

If like this window shutters Putney customer, you would like the same stylish SW15, London made to measure window treatment, please contact the team for an ultra competitive window shutters cost.

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