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5 reasons why coloured shutters are a must have

Don’t shy away from colour. We’re seeing more and more interior designers favour bright and uplifting tones and shutters provide the perfect canvas for hues across the spectrum.


Interior trends have more recently favoured stripped back, Scandi style over loud, bold designs, but could it be time to embrace something a little livelier? Colour is edging its way back into the home, and whether you opt for playful mustard yellow or muted and suave charcoal, shades across the spectrum are splashing their way onto every surface. Expert craftsmanship and superb quality make our shutters the perfect base for whichever colour you choose to bring your home to life. Our range of colours and finishes mean you can customise your shutters to suit your style. Here are just a few reasons why we think coloured shutters are a must-have.

1. Create a positive and uplifting space

Your home is where you come back to unwind, reset and recharge, so naturally, you want to create a space that allows you to do so. There really is no better way to bring an uplifting sense of vibrancy into your home than with colour, and the versatility of shutters means this is easy to achieve. Don’t be afraid to go bright with classically smiley yellow which will immediately radiate cheerful energy into your room. A sophisticated accent to any bedroom, solid panel shutters are the ideal platform for any colour to take centre stage. Opt for a gentle petal pink to create a charming and chic boudoir where you can wake up happy and relaxed. A pop of colour from kitchen shutters will instantly add a welcoming appeal to the heart of your home. Café style shutters are an excellent choice for keeping things light in the kitchen and can be customised in a variety of tones like a fiery red or organic, lush green while still letting the natural light shine through to lift the room.

Boudoir pink shutters

2. More is more

Pared-back and subtle are no longer at the top of your interior design vocabulary list. Let your character show through whimsical patterns and eye-catching colours while your keepsakes and knick-knacks are welcomed back from the attic and take pride of place in the living room. Maximalism is all about creating comforting and inviting spaces with a more lighthearted and emotional approach to interior design and is fast becoming favoured over neutral, stripped-back styles. Coloured shutters are an ideal accent to brazen and lavish spaces, with so many ways to work them into your home. Sleek yet playful, co-ord colours work beautifully in maximalist rooms, so pick a shade for your walls and shutters and let the texture of the louvres add dimension and depth; extending the colour palette from the walls to the windows will tie the eccentricity of the room together. Style with gilded details that exude luxury, but keep it contemporary with a fusion of decorations that span the decades. Bigger and bolder doesn’t necessarily mean brash, however. If channelling a more regal and opulent tone, painted black shutters allow the details in your design to stand out while offering a sense of privacy and glamour.

3. Darker tones for a modern classic style

Minimalists, do not despair. While the bigger and bolder design is certainly making a comeback, clean, classic interiors will remain timeless, and expanding the colour palette of your home will help achieve this. Although white shutters are a great way to create a slick and minimal look, coloured shutters in darker hues will elevate any room and give your Scandi space a total refresh. Fit full height shutters in an opaque black or dark charcoal in a room with rich, wooden floors to make a bold statement that is undeniably stylish and enduring. Contrast textures with crisp yet soft white furnishings and sleek glass tables for a contemporary look that remains inviting. Injecting colour into more traditional designs is a simple way to make an impact, and our solid wood panel shutters will do just the trick. A smooth coat of black paint will add a punchy yet mature vibe to your room that lets this feature thrive in a minimalist setup, complemented by ambient lighting and dense palm leaves to keep things cosy.

coloured shutters

4. Kids room and beyond

Colour never feels out of place in the kids’ bedrooms, so what better place to have fun with various styles and tones? There’s no need to restrict yourself to the traditional pink or blue either. Cheerful greens bring vibrancy and happiness into this playful space and look great on any shutter style, though full height shutters are a great way to brighten the room with natural light with their adjustable slats. Solid panel shutters are perfect for blocking out the light in children’s rooms so they can drift off to get all the sleep they need even during the longer summer evenings. These shutters are also an ideal blank space upon which to showcase your child’s favourite colours, and there’s no need to stick to just one colour. For a fun yet understated look your children will love, add multi-coloured spots to a white base to create a cosy and colourful den they won’t want to grow out of. Keep things lively with multi-coloured pastel panels, so even when closed to cool things down, their room will feel like a dazzling rainbow.

5. Add an interesting focal point

When styling any room in your home, you want to consider what your key focal points will be. Drawing attention to the window will make your room appear lighter and give the illusion of more space, so making this your focal point with coloured shutters is guaranteed to create an uplifting atmosphere. For a fresh twist on a classic design, opt for a tonal gradient across solid panel shutters, a great look for floor to ceiling windows or french doors that will transform the room when closed. Make a statement with louvred shutters and choose contrasting colours for the frames and the panels for a vibrant impact, just remember to keep the walls neutral, favouring décor that accents your chosen tones and lets your shutters take centre stage.


Considering coloured shutters? Shutterly Fabulous shutters can be colour matched to any Farrow & Ball, Dulux Trade or RAL colour of your choice to complement your interior scheme. Book an appointment today to discuss your options. 

Jewel tones: a timeless
trend for interiors

With Ultra-violet one of Pantone’s recent Colours of the Year, warm jewel tones are still some of the hottest looks for your rooms. Here’s how – and where – to use them.

Jewel tone purples & pinks

From garnet pink to deep amethyst purple, this colour palette might once have been limited to a bedroom, but now it’s crept down into living and dining rooms too, to create incredibly dramatic but warm and welcoming spaces.

Where to put it?  

For a contemporary appeal for bedrooms, living and dining rooms, paint it on all four walls and woodwork, but keep the ceiling white to help bounce light around. In bedrooms in particular, colour-matching your shutters to the exact shade on your walls will create a womb-like atmosphere at night that will be incredibly cosy if lit with low level bedside table lamps.

Want to combine purple and pattern – or limit the purple to accessories? Putting patterned purple wallpaper in a living room would be overpowering, so keep it to cushions and throws; in a bedroom, choose a purple patterned upholstery fabric for a headboard; for a dining room, consider purple lamp shades, which will cast a warm glow at night.

What to match it with?

Accent shades and accessories in gold and green both look fabulous with purple, but be sure to pick those colours in similar rich, jewel shades that can compete; for a more muted scheme, shop for accessories in deep blue.

Purple suits woody tones, too – use dark woods for a formal space that you mainly use in the evening, or lighter and lime washed woods for a room you want to feel brighter.


Jewel tone reds

Ruby reds are fabulous in a dining room, can be successfully carried through to the kitchen and even look good – in splashes – in the bathroom. And, if you take a contemporary approach, it will even work in a hallway and living space.

Where to put it?  

Use it on the walls in a formal dining room, but otherwise be cautious – in large proportions, this bold shade is generally best kept for rooms you only use in the evening. However, within a neutral scheme, a red rug beneath a kitchen table or under a living room coffee table; a focal red armchair or sofa in a living space; red cabinetry for a kitchen island in an otherwise plain room; a red-painted wardrobe or chest in an all-white bedroom will all create a dramatic impact.

Otherwise, limit red to a vase on a table in a hallway or kitchen diner; put it on shutters in an otherwise monochromatic bedroom, kitchen or even living room; paint it on the underside of a roll top bath; or perhaps revamp wooden kitchen dining chairs with a lick of red paint.

What to match it with?

Red is a colour you don’t want to overload with accent shades – unless you’re aiming for an eclectic, laid-back look. If you’re going for a modern finish, red and white will look very contemporary, while adding touches of royal blue will look elegant. Want a country feel? Combine it with green.


Image: Abigail Ahern

Jewel tone yellows

Amber and topaz will make even the coolest east- or north-facing rooms feel warm and welcoming. Ideal for most rooms, including living spaces, kitchens, bedrooms and even bathrooms, it’s a colour palette that suits being combined with pattern – in lively upholstery fabrics, for example – or with texture, such as the slats of colour-matched shutters, rustic wall tiles or even velvety cushion covers.

Where to put it?  

This colour palette works beautifully on furniture in particular, where an old-gold feel will give a room plenty of charm. If you’re putting it on walls – in paint, wallpaper or tiles – be sure to check the yellows aren’t too muddy or too zingy.

Look for accessories in warm jewel tone yellows, too: a shelf of glassware in a range of shapes and tones will be eye-catching (try boot fairs and antique markets for good finds); and cushions in burnished colours slightly darker than the upholstery fabric will add depth to the scheme.

What to match it with?

Jewel tone yellows are best matched with burnished oranges, deep chocolates – but also aubergines and dramatic purples. They suit dark woods too, so consider staining floorboards or choose furniture with warm, rich grained tones.


Jewel tone greens & blues

Emerald green and sapphire blue are the easiest colours to live and decorate with – and you can use them separately or together in just about any room to create a space that’s both dramatic and elegant. Deep jewel blue walls matched with white painted floorboards, ceilings and woodwork look incredibly elegant, as do deep blue-painted kitchen cabinets.

As for emerald green, it’s much more suited to furniture upholstery and accessories – but, in lighter tones, can even be used on windows, in colour-matched shutters, for example.

Where to put it?  

Deep jewel blues will make light-starved and north or east-facing rooms feel cooler, so be sure to add accessories and accent shades in warm colours and create pools of welcoming light with lamps; otherwise, keep it to light, bright, sunny rooms. Emerald greens, particularly the lighter part of the palette, can be much warmer, even in a gloomy room, so use these more liberally.

What to match it with?

Greens and blues work brilliantly together, with the green warming the blue up, and the blue toning down the livelier shades of the green. Otherwise, blues matched with splashes of jewel tone yellows works well, while green will suit just about any colour in the jewel-shade range.


Header image: Dulux

Shutters for Nursery in Balham SW12.

For some their nursery is a comfortable, soothing place, others a room full of vibrancy and learning. If your taste tends towards the lively and modern, you may want to opt for striking, colourful custom window treatment such as these rainbow shutters to stimulate your children’s imagination. Bright and cheerful these plantation shutters are the perfect nursery window treatment guaranteed to bring a smile to any child!

Choosing your decoration for your nursery window should be a fun process, as it is a space you can be playful with colour combination. Colour plays an important role in any nursery and should grow with the child. Not only can the window shutters make a colourful statement, they have been proven to help reduce heating bills by stopping heat escaping a room. More details on why shutters are environmentally friendly can be found on our eco shutters page.

This photo-shoot location house in Balham was given a rainbow window treatment for its Nursery. The stylist was certainly looking for an eye-catching shot, as well as an easy to clean surface as an alternative to curtains – perfect for a nursery setting! She contacted us after her neighbours recommend us, their shutters in Balham project had been a great success and they were delighted with the window products which we installed in their SW12 property.

Shutterly Fabulous provides a fantastic colour matching service, enabling you to choose the perfect rainbow red or subtle baby pink, maybe an off white to match your designer wall paint.

The consultants and customer care team here at Shutterly Fabulous are on hand to talk through your design details. Please contact us for more information on our colour matching service and to arrange a free in house consultation, we are sure you’ll be happy with our plantation shutters cost. If you are considering a custom window treatment, it is worth considering plantation shutters for your Nursery.

In a nursery almost any colour scheme, such as these Balham rainbow shutters can work. It is the perfect opportunity to let your inhibitions go and get colour creative!

…shutter look great on this bay window


Muswell Hill near Finchley in North London is another area which is frequently visited by the Shutterly Fabulous team of shutters experts. Full height shutters give coverage of the whole window. The panel open as one unit from top to bottom. And you can choose to have either 1 or 2 larger panels, or more narrower panels hinged together.

The bay window of this Muswell Hill property illustrates how a mid rail is used to cause a break in the slats of these full height window shutter panels. This is a great design feature offered to our customers which allows versatility in how the shutters are operated. By having this mid rail split, the slats above the mid rail can be operated to open or close independently of the slats situated below the mid rail.

This is a popular design of window shutter where the window looks out on to a busy street, which allows you to open the top section of slats whilst tilting the bottom level of slats so that privacy is retained. The shutters chosen on this Muswell property have been finished in Shell paint on our poplar wood.

We have a range of paint colour finishes and wood stains for you to choose from, but if you have a specific requirement we can supply you with a custom colour sample made up to match your colour requirements at an extra cost to make sure that this is definitely the colour you wish to go with. If you do decide on a custom colour, your shutters can be finished in this custom colour with our UV protective lacquer on top to ensure the paint or stain finish applied to your interior shutters does not fade with the effect of the sun. This protective coating also allows for easy wiping down with some warm water and a damp cloth.

The custom colour for your shutters can be provided to you at an extra cost option, being 15% additional charge for your shutters.

Brand New Colours for the Designer Range

We have added two new colours to the Designer range, a deep red and a sultry grey to enhance your rooms and compliment your designs.


Anthracite Grey


We are overjoyed to announce the two new colours to be added to our Designer range; Anthracite Grey and Opium Red. Keeping much in line with Kelly’s use of subtle colours to create flowing rooms and houses, these colours are somehow strong yet delicate at the same time. The Opium red is a deep, sultry colour – this is great for lounges and bedrooms or areas of your house you wish to create a warm and passionate feeling. It complements the Anthracite Grey spectacularly, which is a dark charcoal grey – great for dining rooms and working incredibly well with wooden floors. Both of these colours keeping with the modern styling of Kelly’s recent work.


Opium Red


Anthracite Grey and Opium Red are available in a matt or gloss finish. If you would like further information on the colours or to establish if they would work in your room – please get in contact and we can arrange a no obligation visit from one of our consultants.

Bright Shutters


Bright shutters are a great way to give your room design a boost of colour. Show off your fabulous shutters by making them a showpiece.


Bright Shutters


The capital is currently abuzz with talk of trends – the London Design Festival and London Fashion Week are in full flow, with bloggers and journalists furiously tweeting and typing away, uncovering the latest trends and colours that we’ll be using in our homes over the coming months.


With the memories of the coldest winter in years still in our minds, it seems that we’re looking for distractions from the gloomy outdoors this year, and using bursts of bright colour to liven up our homes. Many of these tones we’ve seen already this year, with emerald still dominating our homes and bright neon pinks set to remain popular well into winter. For many, it’s hard to include such colours in the home in a suitably subtle way – yet using Shutterly Fabulous’ unique colour matching service makes this difficult task a piece of cake –shutters are an ideal way of including pops of colour into your home without dominating the entire room, and getting the colour you want is as easy as providing a sample. Whilst these bright colours seek to inject a sense of vibrancy and excitement into our homes during the colder months, old Autumnal favourites such as burnt orange and rich purple shades are still firm favourites during this time of year.


Use shutters from Shutterly Fabulous to incorporate these colours into your home, adding personality and staying ahead of the trend.

Warm colours for shutters

With autumn and winter drawing in, warm colours can be used to transform your home. Create amazing designs with our shutters.


Red Shutters


With autumn slowly drawing in, now’s the time to start thinking of ways to incorporate warming tones into your home. Autumn styles are often characterised by leafy palettes and deep orange shades, with our rooms leaning towards a more traditional style. For those who hanker after all things cool and contemporary, it can be hard to create a warming and cosy setting in your living room, so getting details like colour and accessories right are vitally important. The gorgeous new shade of Designer Shutters, ‘Opium Red’, gives this otherwise minimalist room some real depth and warmth, with the high gloss finish and extra-wide slats marrying well with the contemporary styling of the room. The deep red of the shutter works well within the existing colour scheme, with the whole tonal palette of the room remaining well on trend for A/W 13.

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