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When embarking on the journey to beautiful bespoke shutters, it is essential to know the difference between louvered shutters and solid shutters and the benefits they provide. Whether you’re looking for privacy, light control or noise reduction, we aim to answer all of the need-to-know questions about the two styles.


What’s the difference between louvered shutters and solid shutters?

Louvered shutters are a versatile style that works well in both traditional and contemporary properties. Whether you choose full-height, tier-on-tier or café-style, all of the shutters feature adjustable slats so that you are in full control of privacy, light and more. Find out more about wood louvered shutters.

Bespoke solid shutters are quite different in terms of design. They feature statement wood panels that allow maximum light in when open and when closed reduces light and outside noise. In addition to this, full solid raised shutters also help to insulate the space, making it a great choice for those who live in older homes that suffer from central heating escaping through the windows. Find out more about solid shutters.


Louvre shutters interior

What styles feature louvres/shutter slats?

Full height, tier-on-tier and cafe-style all feature moveable shutter slats, and we even custom-make louvered bifold window shutters. Our louvered shutters are available in 4 different size shutter slats.


What rooms would you install louvered shutters and solid shutters?

Louvered and solid shutters are both incredibly adaptable and can be installed in any room. Whether it is the bedroom, living room or bathroom, the style you go for ultimately depends on your personal preference and the room’s practical needs.


Wood louvred shutters


Are solid and louvered shutters both bespoke?

Yes! All of our shutters are bespoke, so no matter your window style or size, we will be able to create a custom design that suits your home.


Am I limited to colours if I choose either designs?

No don’t worry, you will not be limited to colour choices. Our bespoke colour matching service will allow you to choose a shade, whether you go for louvered or solid shutters, that perfectly complements your interior style.


Bespoke solid shutters 

To see how the different styles will look in your home, we offer a free no-obligation appointment with a specialist who will be able to seamlessly guide you through the different options and offer their knowledge on what will look best in your space. Get a quote and book your free appointment here.


5 reasons why coloured shutters are a must have

Don’t shy away from colour. We’re seeing more and more interior designers favour bright and uplifting tones and shutters provide the perfect canvas for hues across the spectrum.


Interior trends have more recently favoured stripped back, Scandi style over loud, bold designs, but could it be time to embrace something a little livelier? Colour is edging its way back into the home, and whether you opt for playful mustard yellow or muted and suave charcoal, shades across the spectrum are splashing their way onto every surface. Expert craftsmanship and superb quality make our shutters the perfect base for whichever colour you choose to bring your home to life. Our range of colours and finishes mean you can customise your shutters to suit your style. Here are just a few reasons why we think coloured shutters are a must-have.

1. Create a positive and uplifting space

Your home is where you come back to unwind, reset and recharge, so naturally, you want to create a space that allows you to do so. There really is no better way to bring an uplifting sense of vibrancy into your home than with colour, and the versatility of shutters means this is easy to achieve. Don’t be afraid to go bright with classically smiley yellow which will immediately radiate cheerful energy into your room. A sophisticated accent to any bedroom, solid panel shutters are the ideal platform for any colour to take centre stage. Opt for a gentle petal pink to create a charming and chic boudoir where you can wake up happy and relaxed. A pop of colour from kitchen shutters will instantly add a welcoming appeal to the heart of your home. Café style shutters are an excellent choice for keeping things light in the kitchen and can be customised in a variety of tones like a fiery red or organic, lush green while still letting the natural light shine through to lift the room.

Boudoir pink shutters

2. More is more

Pared-back and subtle are no longer at the top of your interior design vocabulary list. Let your character show through whimsical patterns and eye-catching colours while your keepsakes and knick-knacks are welcomed back from the attic and take pride of place in the living room. Maximalism is all about creating comforting and inviting spaces with a more lighthearted and emotional approach to interior design and is fast becoming favoured over neutral, stripped-back styles. Coloured shutters are an ideal accent to brazen and lavish spaces, with so many ways to work them into your home. Sleek yet playful, co-ord colours work beautifully in maximalist rooms, so pick a shade for your walls and shutters and let the texture of the louvres add dimension and depth; extending the colour palette from the walls to the windows will tie the eccentricity of the room together. Style with gilded details that exude luxury, but keep it contemporary with a fusion of decorations that span the decades. Bigger and bolder doesn’t necessarily mean brash, however. If channelling a more regal and opulent tone, painted black shutters allow the details in your design to stand out while offering a sense of privacy and glamour.

3. Darker tones for a modern classic style

Minimalists, do not despair. While the bigger and bolder design is certainly making a comeback, clean, classic interiors will remain timeless, and expanding the colour palette of your home will help achieve this. Although white shutters are a great way to create a slick and minimal look, coloured shutters in darker hues will elevate any room and give your Scandi space a total refresh. Fit full height shutters in an opaque black or dark charcoal in a room with rich, wooden floors to make a bold statement that is undeniably stylish and enduring. Contrast textures with crisp yet soft white furnishings and sleek glass tables for a contemporary look that remains inviting. Injecting colour into more traditional designs is a simple way to make an impact, and our solid wood panel shutters will do just the trick. A smooth coat of black paint will add a punchy yet mature vibe to your room that lets this feature thrive in a minimalist setup, complemented by ambient lighting and dense palm leaves to keep things cosy.

coloured shutters

4. Kids room and beyond

Colour never feels out of place in the kids’ bedrooms, so what better place to have fun with various styles and tones? There’s no need to restrict yourself to the traditional pink or blue either. Cheerful greens bring vibrancy and happiness into this playful space and look great on any shutter style, though full height shutters are a great way to brighten the room with natural light with their adjustable slats. Solid panel shutters are perfect for blocking out the light in children’s rooms so they can drift off to get all the sleep they need even during the longer summer evenings. These shutters are also an ideal blank space upon which to showcase your child’s favourite colours, and there’s no need to stick to just one colour. For a fun yet understated look your children will love, add multi-coloured spots to a white base to create a cosy and colourful den they won’t want to grow out of. Keep things lively with multi-coloured pastel panels, so even when closed to cool things down, their room will feel like a dazzling rainbow.

5. Add an interesting focal point

When styling any room in your home, you want to consider what your key focal points will be. Drawing attention to the window will make your room appear lighter and give the illusion of more space, so making this your focal point with coloured shutters is guaranteed to create an uplifting atmosphere. For a fresh twist on a classic design, opt for a tonal gradient across solid panel shutters, a great look for floor to ceiling windows or french doors that will transform the room when closed. Make a statement with louvred shutters and choose contrasting colours for the frames and the panels for a vibrant impact, just remember to keep the walls neutral, favouring décor that accents your chosen tones and lets your shutters take centre stage.


Considering coloured shutters? Shutterly Fabulous shutters can be colour matched to any Farrow & Ball, Dulux Trade or RAL colour of your choice to complement your interior scheme. Book an appointment today to discuss your options. 

How to style a minimal home: Q&A with Lou, Little Green Shed

A great lover of incorporating natural materials and all things Scandi into the home, Lou Archell has been writing her blog Littlegreenshed for eight years. During this time, she has gained an impressive, loyal following who are regularly treated to inspirational imagery and advice on creating an affordable pared-back scheme that still looks beautiful and feels lived-in. It’s fair to say that Lou’s home is one to lust over and this is why we were very excited to be able to chat to her and hear her top tips on creating a beautiful, family-friendly home.


Tell us about yourself, your writing career and what inspired you to start a blog

Hi, there!  Yes, I’m Lou Archell, I live in Bristol, UK with my partner Dan and our two sons, Charlie & Rufus – oh and I also write a blog called Littlegreenshed. I started blogging back in 2010, as creative outlet whilst I was a stay at home mum with two small boys.  Littlegreenshed has grown over the past 8 years, from being very much an online diary to the travel and lifestyle website it is today. I am very fortunate to say that writing Littlegreenshed now provides an income to support my family, and I still get to stay at home!


Your blog style is minimalist, pared-back and Scandi-esque – where does your love for this style come from?


My style is inspired from Scandi design, minimalism and from nature. I adore homes that reflect those aspects, think natural materials, pale colours, a calming environment.  My home is very much like that.  Although I do aspire to have a completely minimal space (with wonderful storage & zero clutter) but with two tweenage boys and their growing amount of stuff, this isn’t always easy to achieve.  My blog is a place of calm away from all that home life… a place to write about beautiful interiors, travel destinations and my aspirations and dreams.




Your home features lots of muted hues, natural materials and greenery. What are some easy ways for homeowners to create a similar look?


A few years ago, I decided that I would have a similar colour scheme to run throughout the house. No loud colours anywhere. I become slightly obsessed with only buying homewares, electrical goods etc in white or neutral colours.  For example, I have a white tv, and grey digital radio.  My crockery is white, grey or blue, same for furniture and soft furnishings.  In my home you will not see red, orange (except the kid’s rooms), purple or pink.  Just whites, greys, blues and beiges.


I lead such a busy life, and I work from home, so I wanted to create an interior that made me feel calm. It is quite easy to achieve, you just need to stick to a neutral palette. We have painted all the walls in a soft off white (I’ve used Farrow & Ball All White), which is soft and gives a gentleness to the space.


Nothing in my home is expensive. It is full of items that I have collected from car boots, flea markets or Dan has made.  I’ve upcycled pieces of furniture by painting them.  Just use what you have, paint things, and add plants 🙂


Such great tips! We are curious, having 2 small boys running around, how do you keep your home both beautiful and family-practical? Tell us your tips!


  1. Boundaries Just because you have a family shouldn’t mean you need to compromise on what you like.  Our home is very much ‘used’.  Do what you love, set a few boundaries like no eating on the sofa and all coats and bags must be put away immediately – and you should be fine!
  2. Storage Our house is very small, so storage is a must. We have two IKEA kitchen wall units in our lounge that we use to hide the kid’s computer games, an important thing.  And an old chest of drawers in the dining room, which I painted black, houses our growing pile of shoes.  Think outside the box when it comes to storage and use what you have.
  3. Go with it Be prepared to go with the mess. If things get messy, that’s life. We have scuffed paint and chipped furniture like everyone else.  We probably redecorate a room once a year, it’s like the Forth Bridge, we go around in circles!


What sort of window dressing do you have in your home? And does it contribute to day to day life?


We actually have shutters in all our rooms. I mentioned earlier that our house is a small Victorian terrace, and all our rooms are tiny. So, to me the idea of curtains seems to make our small rooms even smaller, more cluttered and messier.  I love how shutters make our rooms feel bigger. Minimal, with clean lines. They also block out the light and give us privacy too. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to curtains now.


Do you have any big home projects on the horizon? If so, what are they and do you get your family involved with the decorating/decisions?


We are always planning new projects. Next is the bathroom. We put our current bathroom in 13 years ago, when we first moved in, and it’s now looking very tired.  I dream of marble tiles and black taps, we shall see if our budget can reach that far! As for the family, I show them pictures on Pinterest and they give me a thumbs up or down. And that’s about it.


Finally, what’s the best piece of interior advice you’ve ever been given?

Buy everything in white!  Seriously it works.


Loving Lou’s style? Lots of the homes we measure and install shutters to opt for white shutters which can bring that sought-after minimal, scandi design. Take a look at Our Shutter Colours for inspiration – we offer custom colour matching too!

5 shutter ideas to steal from design experts

Inspired by our regularly updated Pinterest board Shutters Room Inspiration, we thought we’d highlight a few of our favourite ideas-to-steal from interior-designed private homes, restaurants and swanky hotels.

You’ve decided that your windows need some shutters, but have you worked out what overall look you’re going for, down to the finer details? With our colour-matching service we can produce pretty much any shade you fancy, but sometimes it’s hard to pin down how your choice will work with the other elements in a room. For instance, what colour are your walls, window frames and furniture going to be?

Inspired by our regularly updated Pinterest board Shutters Room Inspiration, we thought we’d highlight a few of our favourite ideas-to-steal from interior-designed private homes, restaurants and swanky hotels…

Shutters with curtains

These are our full-height Plantation shutters in a gorgeous soft pink – so obviously we’re going to love them. But do you know what else we love about this bedroom? The fact that there’s a swoosh of soft curtain layered on top of the shutters. There is no good reason not to have both shutters and curtains – many people do – and if you opt for a fabric that’s heavier than this delicate sheer style, such as velvet or linen for instance, then insulation levels will be exceptionally high.

Shutters in black with black-framed windows

It’s true what they say about the devil being in the details. In this monochrome living area, in a hotel suite at the Ace Hotel in New York (designed by Roman and Williams), framing the windows in black then adding solid black shutters makes the white backdrop seem anything but ordinary. It’s a look that’s all about contrast. Living in a Victorian or Georgian home? Update your window frames with pitch black paint – it’s daring, but makes for a lovely and less expected result than white. Try adding it to your skirting boards too.In the Ace Hotel room, the use of black outlining reappears throughout the design – from the chair to the standard lamp – making for a strong, continuous look.

Shutters in an all-white setting

Then again, white never looks ordinary when used on almost every inch of a room – as the interiors of the Grace Hotel in Santorini prove. This is the floaty, dreamy, all-white aesthetic that never really goes out of style, and it’s having a bit moment (again) just now. There are a few grounding contrast elements in this particular take on it – the striped cushions, flooring and the art – but to really make an impact make sure all the main elements are white, such as the walls, upholstery, lighting and shutters. This room would also look striking with white painted floors – an easier update than tiles, if you already have floorboards.

Shutters that provide the colour pop

Similar but different, the shutters in this white living room add the only real splash of colour to proceedings – and we love that they are colour matched to the door. The turquoise blue gives the look a Mediterranean vibe, which, from our January perspective, can only be a good thing – even if you’re living in Macclesfield there’s no compelling reason not to go for this look.

Shutters that tone with the (grey) walls

There are many things to love about the interiors at hotel One Leicester Street in central London, and a lot of them are in the dining room. Grey walls tone into darker grey solid wood shutters and the popular neutral shade looks especially good with rustic wood and warm metal details. Try in a living room or bedroom with copper or brass light fittings and accessories and textiles in bright shades that will pop out from the soft grey base.

Our guide to Brighton’s best interior shops

Whether you’re wandering down the bustling Lanes, or exploring further afield in genteel Hove, we’ve picked out our favourites for this must-visit guide to Brighton’s best home stores.

Brighton is great for independent shops and vintage finds, and whether it’s your home or you’re just there for a day trip there is a world of delightful interiors shops and boutiques to explore. Whether you’re wandering down the bustling Lanes, or exploring further afield in genteel Hove, we’ve picked out our favourites for this must-visit guide to Brighton’s best home stores.

Best for inspiration

The atmosphere and unique style of i gigi General Store makes it a wonderful place to visit for inspiration. Founders Alex Legendre & Zoe Ellison are masters of texture and display, perfecting a muted colour palette of simple ceramics, vintage furniture and quirky details. With both the shop and a café, there’s plenty to see in their Hove store, where little displays of one-off finds will give you plenty of food for thought.

i gigi General Store & Café, 31A Western Road, Hove BN3 1AF


Best for vintage

While the whole of Brighton is something of a Mecca for vintage homeware fans, we love Design Vintage owned by Lisa Brass. Her passion for interiors – and design background – is clear in the inventive mix of contemporary brands and cleverly-sourced vintage you’ll find in store. From leather club chairs to grand old kitchen cupboards, this is where to source the vintage essentials with confidence.

Design Vintage, 84 Lowther Road, Brighton BN1 6LH


Best for cutting-edge

Love to be first in line with the latest trends and products? Edited is Brighton’s perfect place to discover the latest hot interiors ideas and brands for the home, all carefully curated and intelligently – yes – edited. From super-hip Danish brand HAY to textiles by Mini Moderns, the emphasis is on fun, colour and innovation for a thoroughly contemporary home.

Edited, 3 Gardner Street, Brighton, BN1 1UP


Best for vintage Americana

Looking for mid-century collectables sourced directly from the United States? Then online Brighton based Dusted Decor is your answer. There’s an array of advertising signs, bottles, tins and all things American.

Dusted Decor Etsy


Best for French style

If you love the romantic French style of carved beds and gilt-edged mirrors then Three Angels is a must-visit. You’ll find zinc Bistro chairs, grand armoires and pretty vintage light fittings, perfect for creating the shabby-elegant French look, as well as a café and in-house florist. We challenge you to leave empty handed!

Three Angels Interiors, 5 Hove Street, Hove, BN3 2TR


Best for… shutters

Yes, as our home town, we love the Brighton shopping scene and are proud to be a part of it. Come and see us at our dedicated showroom in Hove where you can look at our large range in person and get expert advice from our team.

Shutterly Fabulous, Quayside House, Basin Road South, Hove BN41 1WF

The interiors rues designers use – revealed

To make your home beautiful and on trend, who better to turn to for advice than the experts on modern interior design? Get wise to decorating secrets, tips and tricks from the pros.


Want to introduce Pantone’s colour of the year, Greenery, to your home? Interiors writer at Ideal Home Jennifer Louise Ebert advises adding it to a pared-back scheme in colour blocks, and teaming this with plants – real or faux.

To turn a house into a home stylist Maxine Brady recommends swapping white plastic switches and sockets for metal versions. She chose grey for her own home, but loves copper versions, too.

Interior designer Jacquelyn Clark of Lark & Linen says a mistake she frequently sees in homes is art hung too high, which spoils the look of the room. Her recommendation? Hang it so the centre of the picture – or the centre of a gallery wall – is 1.5m from the floor.

Concentrate on your home’s hallway if you want to feel happy every time you walk through the door, as well as create a great welcome for guests, advises interior designer Nicole Gibbons. Upholstered stools can be slipped underneath a console table in even a small hall and pulled out when you’re slipping shoes on and off.

Don’t go overboard when you’re adding cushions to a regular-sized sofa (large modular designs can take extra). Interior designers Suzanne and Lauren McGrath say that more than five is too much.

Team pastels with black for a contemporary look, advises design expert Holly Becker. It grounds them and makes the look sophisticated and grown-up. Try adding a touch of red or vibrant orange, too.

Pic: Feather & Black


To give your rooms a glamorous finish, opt for curvaceous furniture and look for details such as piping and tufting, says stylist Emily Henderson. When it comes to selecting fabrics, go for velvet, linen and silk with sparkle or even sequins, she adds.

For a sociable seating group but a formal look in the living room, interior designer Abigail Ahern recommends placing two chairs opposite the sofa with a small coffee table in between.

Pic: Loaf


Stylist and TV personality Pippa Jameson is a fan of the trend for velvet sofas, but recommends a protective treatment for the fabric and choosing a dark colour such as midnight blue or grey.

Interior designer Lauren Liess says that we needn’t be afraid of positioning furniture and accessories in front of bookcases – the shelving can work like a wall does. Why place pieces right by shelves? Creating the grouping of furniture the room requires or adding interest may be the priorities above shelf access.

How to get boutique
hotel style

Want a luxury, hotel-style interior without the price tag? Recreate five-star luxe with our guide.


Dress the window

Whether you’re thinking contemporary boudoir or boutique bedroom, hotel style calls for a sleek window dressing that’s both on trend and timelessly stylish. In other words, shutters. White will reflect plenty of light in a small space that’s starved of natural daylight – and you can endlessly change your colour scheme around it – but don’t forget that other neutrals, such as greys, beiges and even black, will look equally hotel-chic.

Pic: House of Fraser


Be bold with scale

Creating a hotel-style home means you’ll need to rely on a few statement pieces. It might be a beautifully upholstered chair, a stand-out rug or an over-sized lamp. Or it may just be a huge houseplant (which let’s face it, is the most affordable option – and one that’s bang on trend for the year ahead). For maximum impact, put it against a wall painted in a moody paint colour, such as black or dark blue. This colour contrast trick works outside in the garden, too.

Pic: Shutterly Fabulous


Add bright colour accents

Most hotels – even kooky boutique ones – have a neutral colour scheme, even if it’s at the dark and dramatic end of the scale. Which is where bold colour accents come in. Just a touch of bright pink or lime green or sunshine yellow in these schemes will stop them feeling dowdy and understated and give them some contemporary wow-factor. You could even introduce the colour in your shutters with our Colour Match Service.

Pic: Ikea


Go for natural materials

Leather sofas, wooden furniture and stone floors all go a long way to persuading the eye that the room they’re looking at cost a fortune – but of course, we all know that just a little clever shopping can make bargains look beautiful (hint: look for texture and keep the colour palette limited). Up the luxe factor by layering your scheme with deep pile rugs, chairs upholstered in touchable velour, faux fur throws and comfortable squashy cushions – and of course, add that splash of all important colour.

Pic: Koket


Choose the 3 Ms

Marble, metallics and mirrors. Need we say more? These three magic ingredients will make a bathroom or kitchen instantly hotel-glam. Marble is a hot trend for the year ahead – you can find it on everything from wallpaper to telephones; and metallics are playing a starring role on vases, bowls and even wall tiles. Mirrors? All we’ll say is: the bigger the better to up the impact.

Pic 6 The Dormy House


Create comfort

However slick, streamlined and sleek your hotel-style interior might look, it’s got to be comfortable for you to enjoy it. So, if you can, try before you buy; and if you can’t, consider the texture carefully. That means armchairs, beds, sofas and even flooring you’ll be walking on barefoot. Bedding and shutters, too. If you’re going to be standing, sitting, lounging, lying on – or just looking at it – it’s got to be inviting.


Check out our hotel style interiors Pinterest board for more inspiration


Need help choosing shutters? Contact us

Emerald Green shutter colour


For 2013 Pantone have officially named Emerald Green (code 17-5641 – or DULUX TRADE 02GG 21/542) as their ‘Colour of the Year’. Described as, “Lively. Radiant. Lush.” this sophisticated colour brings the same elegant feeling to the room as is synonymous with Shutterly Fabulous plantation shutters.


Emerald Green Shutterly Fabulous


With a new season comes Pantone’s recommended colour of the year. 2013 marks the year for emerald green, described as “a lively, radiant, lush. A colour of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance, and harmony” – we certainly agree and have used this colour in several of our recent shutter installations.


Emerald green, being such a vibrant colour, can be used in junction with other far more animated colours – fuchsia and mauve. However, the Shutterly Fabulous designers wanted a more classically elegant look. By using subtle shades of teal and clean backdrops the focus of the room can really be pulled towards your plantation shutters.


With the ever increasing stress of modern day existence, it is absolutely essential to feel calm and relaxed during your resting hours. By using emerald green against a white wall it provides a colour accent creating a stunning, yet calming atmosphere within the room.


The renewing feel of emerald green can have a positive impact on every aspect of your life, so Shutterly Fabulous are fully supporting this seasons choice. Your shutters are part of what ‘makes your house a home’, so custom colours and designs are available for the full Pantone range. Always feel free to contact us with any other requirements as we will try to accommodate for any request.


If you wish to order this colour on your shutters please quote code DULUX TRADE 02GG 21/542.

The eternity that seemed to be the winter of 2012-13 seems to be finally over. Be inspired by the colours returning to your garden.


Blue Dining Room

Light Your Home

After what has seemed to be the longest winter in eternity and a frankly miserable spring, summer has finally arrived and we can’t wait to start soaking up the sunshine. As the days become that little bit brighter and the days a little bit longer, our moods lift and we start to embrace more vibrant colours, and let the sunshine into our homes. When selecting your chosen shade, why not look to nature for inspiration; step outside into your garden and look at the colours on offer in your flowerbed – could these work in your home? Whilst blue can sometimes be cold, the bright sky blue of the shutters pictured above reflects that of a sunny, summer sky, and perfectly complements this modern, fresh scheme.With all that sunlight, however, comes the need to keep our homes that little bit cooler during the day. Shutters are of course the perfect solution to this problem; if you open the slats of your louvered style shutters, not only will air be allowed to circulate through the room, but they’ll also block out the rays – avoiding that dreaded greenhouse effect in your home!

Nautical room theme shutters

Nautical room themes are trending and shutters are perfect for them.


Nautical Shutters


With what seemed to be the longest winter in living history now firmly behind us, we can’t get enough of this glorious summer sunshine. For us, nothing conjures up the summer feeling quite like the nautical trend, which remains a popular theme every summer, year after year. Characterised by the soft blues and crisp whites of the seashore, it’s the perfect theme for a bright and sunny room such as the one pictured below.


Shutters are of course perfect for a beach-side theme, conjuring up images of the American East Coast and their beach fronted properties, as well as useful in protecting against the bright glare of the summer sun.


Finish off the look with some rustic and worn accessories, (such as the distressed painted trunk in the foreground), coastal prints, and, if you can get your hands on it, an oar or two to finish it off!

We price beat:

  • Hillary’s
  • Thomas Sanderson
  • Shuttercraft
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