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You might ask yourself: Why should I go for shutters rather than blinds for my bay window? That’s an excellent question, and one that we are happy to answer. Being the UK’s original shutter installation provider, it may not surprise you to learn that we believe shutters are always the best choice when it comes to your bay windows. But we certainly aren’t biased; we back up what we say. So, if you are trying to decide on bay window blinds or shutters, just keep reading…

Privacy and Light Management

This may be one of the main selling points of blinds, but shutters will offer you the same qualities, and to a greater degree. Shutters are bespoke and measured to your bay window, and you will have much more control over the moveable slats than you would with blinds. With shutters, not only will you be able to control the amount of light coming into your room, but your privacy will be considered too. Furthermore, the customizable nature of shutters gives you even more versatility. Whether it is café style, full height, or tier on tier shutters for bay windows, you will have the last say on how much of your window is covered. Blinds, on the other hand, do not afford you with the same luxury.

Insulation and Ventilation

As mentioned above, shutters are measured to the specifications of your windows, bays or otherwise. They are also fitted into their own frame, allowing minimal air to escape. This means that shutters are ideal for keeping out those jarring winter drafts. And for those warmer summer days, their adjustable slats – available in 64mm, 76mm, and 89mm – mean you can let in some air without skipping on privacy. Blinds on the other hand, simply hang from the top of your windows, allowing unwanted air to enter the room freely and minimising insulation.

What About Maintenance?

When deciding on bay window blinds or shutters, maintenance is an important factor to consider. After all, you want your windows looking their best for years to come. Luckily, plantation shutters are simple to clean. A quick wipe down with some lightly soaped water or a going over with a vacuum cleaner brush attachment will easily do the job. Blinds are much more fragile and usually made of fabric, meaning much more care is needed when giving them a once over. Shutters also trump blinds where resistance to UV and water damage are concerned. In fact, all Shutterly Fabulous’s premium hardwood shutters are coated with a special UV protected paint, ensuring you will be enjoying them for years to come.

Shutters for Bay Windows Are Always Bespoke.

While already mentioned above, we feel it is worth reiterating. Shutters will always be made to the exact specifications of your bay windows. Whether you have a box or angled bay, whether the windows are sash, PCV, or even of a special shape, you can be sure that our shutters will accentuate whatever makes your windows special. Where blinds hang down and obscure, shutters hug and accentuate the unique shape and features of your windows.

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Full height shutters are a perfect choice for Children’s bedrooms. With full window coverage, they provide complete privacy and maximum light reduction.

The addition of a mid-rail gives these full height shutters the ability to close the lower slats to ensure privacy while leaving the upper slats open to allow natural light to fill this room.

This Traffic White shade creates a real sense of space in what can be the smallest of the rooms in your home, and the hidden rod ensures a clean finish for these classic 64mm slatted, full height shutters.By Shutter Type

By Room

By Colour

Poplar wood is a good option for large windows and doorways due to its lightweight and durable finish. On top of this, the hinges and mid-rail allow for an array of options on how much light, privacy and air you’d like in whichever room of the home you have in mind. This Too White shade creates an immaculate look to match your style and adds a touch of peaceful sophistication, especially given the eye-catching floor to ceiling fit of these full height shutters. You’ll also find that brighter shades such as this also gives a sense of more space in the room as the light is reflected to fill the room. The hidden rod ensures a sleek finish for these contemporary, 76mm slatted, full height shutters.By Shutter Type

By Room

By Colour

Wandsworth Victorian Window Shutters

Shutters on bay windows are one of the most requested designs of windows that our customers have. In South London suburbs such as Wandsworth, Victorian terraced and semi detached properties, with a lounge bay window and upstairs bay window, shutters offer the perfect solution.

Wandsworth is dominated by Victorian era housing stock. Most of these homes have either angled bay windows (such as those shown in the photograph) or box bay windows. The reason why shutters offer such an ideal solution is that by either having tier on tier panels or full height panels with a mid-rail, you can adjust the control of light (and prying eyes) separately on the upper section of the window, versus the lower section.

This photo of a master bedroom in Wandsworth, London, shows a typical set up where there is a 3 section Victorian bay with a side window. This customer did not want to open the panels on a regular basis (aside from cleaning the windows) therefore chose to have full height shutters with a mid-rail. The mid-rail is the horizontal piece of wood you can see inside the structure of the panels, the aligns with the mid point on the sash window. This breaks up the run of shutters slats and enable you to tilt the slats on the lower section at angle where people outside, cannot see in, while tilting the top slats fully open, giving an unobstructed view.

The benefit of this over tier on tier, is that you do not have such a heavy amount of wood at the mid point. Tier on tier shutters are not the best design, if you are leaving the panels in situ most of the time, as you have an increase in the amount of solid wood on the window.

Be you in Wandsworth, Muswell Hill or Shoreditch. Wherever you are in London or the south east, we at Shutterly Fabulous would welcome the opportunity to help design shutters that are perfect for your home. Contact us today for a shutterly surprising quotation.

…shutter look great on this bay window


Muswell Hill near Finchley in North London is another area which is frequently visited by the Shutterly Fabulous team of shutters experts. Full height shutters give coverage of the whole window. The panel open as one unit from top to bottom. And you can choose to have either 1 or 2 larger panels, or more narrower panels hinged together.

The bay window of this Muswell Hill property illustrates how a mid rail is used to cause a break in the slats of these full height window shutter panels. This is a great design feature offered to our customers which allows versatility in how the shutters are operated. By having this mid rail split, the slats above the mid rail can be operated to open or close independently of the slats situated below the mid rail.

This is a popular design of window shutter where the window looks out on to a busy street, which allows you to open the top section of slats whilst tilting the bottom level of slats so that privacy is retained. The shutters chosen on this Muswell property have been finished in Shell paint on our poplar wood.

We have a range of paint colour finishes and wood stains for you to choose from, but if you have a specific requirement we can supply you with a custom colour sample made up to match your colour requirements at an extra cost to make sure that this is definitely the colour you wish to go with. If you do decide on a custom colour, your shutters can be finished in this custom colour with our UV protective lacquer on top to ensure the paint or stain finish applied to your interior shutters does not fade with the effect of the sun. This protective coating also allows for easy wiping down with some warm water and a damp cloth.

The custom colour for your shutters can be provided to you at an extra cost option, being 15% additional charge for your shutters.

…wooden shutters from Sussex Shutterly Fabulous


These stunning wooden window shutters let in maximum light, creating an airy, clean and modern finish for this Dining room in Highgate. Wooden window shutters are a great solution for modern homes which wish to maintain an uncluttered unfussy look to their home. Shutterly Fabulous shutters have a whole variety of styles to choose from, creating so many and sometimes dramatically different looks.

Take a moment to browse through the shutter gallery to see what options you have open to you and see if there is a style which you think will work well for you in your home.

Our Highgate customers here have opted for full height panels, two panels on each window, with a mid rail at the mid point of the window breaking up each window into four perfect squares. They have opted for our ‘open sky’ design of push rods on the wood shutters. This means that the panels are not broken up further by a vertical line of a push rod running through the centre of the panel. This ensures that the panels of the shutters chosen by our Highgate customers remain clean and modern looking.

The shutters are mounted inside the recess, which means they will fold onto each other when the interior shutters are opened, therefore will not take up too much space in the room when the panels are folded back.

Read about Shutterly Shutters in the press.

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Barn Conversion Shutters in Buckinghamshire

full height shutters
Wooden Shutters needn’t only be for windows, full length shutters are often used by our customers for their French Doors which look out into their gardens, which can have direct sunlight pouring into your room. This can cause light damage to your furnishings. Some customers wish to have the option of additional privacy, at times, and full length shutters can provide a great privacy and can direct light into your room as you wish.

The full length shutters shown in this Barn Conversion in Buckinghamshire are finished in white, manufactured using poplar wood and have the open sky option, which means that to operate the slats in the shutter panels either open or closed, the customer will have to simply tilt one of the other slats, and the rest will move in unison.

Our Buckinghamshire customers have chosen with the consultant to have a mid-rail incorporated into the shutter panels during the manufacturing stage. This mid-rail is half way up the panel and this break not only adds extra stability to the full length shutter panel but also provides a break in the workings of the shutter which allows the slats above the mid-rail to operate separately from those below the mid-rail. This gives your full length shutters great flexibility in how they are used and how they work, directing the light according to the different times of the day, allowing maximum light into your room when you want, and creating shade when you wish.

Full length shutters not only look great at French windows and can tie in with your home furnishings, they provide a practical solution to light entering your home and can protect your furnishings from possible fading as well as giving your home extra privacy.

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