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Poplar wood is a good option for large windows and doorways due to its lightweight and durable finish. On top of this, the hinges and mid-rail allow for an array of options on how much light, privacy and air you’d like in whichever room of the home you have in mind. This Too White shade creates an immaculate look to match your style and adds a touch of peaceful sophistication, especially given the eye-catching floor to ceiling fit of these full height shutters. You’ll also find that brighter shades such as this also gives a sense of more space in the room as the light is reflected to fill the room. The hidden rod ensures a sleek finish for these contemporary, 76mm slatted, full height shutters.By Shutter Type

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How to design a simple kitchen with minimal clutter

The kitchen! It’s the beating heart of your home, and a space that brings you all together. Love the idea of a simple, clutter-free kitchen? Now is the perfect time to design a kitchen that breathes minimal living.

White kitchen shutters

Read our luxury kitchen ideas and design your way to a tidier, clutter-free kitchen.

Making your current layout work for you

Got a “galley kitchen” that you’d rather extend? Before spending most of your budget on an extension, see if you can make the space work for your needs. A galley kitchen layout is increasingly common in smaller properties, inspired by chefs cooking at sea – where space was a premium. Kitchens on ships and boats have to be super space efficient and are often ingenious with storage ideas, so take a step back from your space and consider every nook and corner as potential cupboard or shelving space.

Minimal small kitchen design

Declutter, declutter, declutter

Before you put your simple kitchen ideas into action it’s worth taking the opportunity to really assess what you need in your kitchen.

Clutter-free kitchen drawer

Decluttering has become a minor industry in its own right, with Japanese culture a particular inspiration. You might not want to go through a full Zen assessment of your cooking space, but you should certainly have a good sort through what lurks in your cupboards. If that never-used gadget is collecting dust, be ruthless and send it to the charity shop.

Clean lines for a clean environment

Nowhere creates more mess than a kitchen – dust, oil, splatters, crumbs. So your aim should be to have as few places where that stuff can hide. That means clean, hard surfaces that are simple to wipe down quickly.  

As a first, you should probably ditch your curtains. Curtains in kitchens are the enemy of cleanliness. They provide a large surface area of absorbent material, and will need regular washing.

White bay kitchen shutters

Windows with nothing on at all can make the kitchen feel cold come night time. Blinds are one option, but kitchen shutters are easily the cleanest way to manage your windows. They offer beautifully finished surfaces that just need a wipe to gleam. They’re secure, they’re easy to colour match to the rest of your room, and they offer control of lighting conditions that no other window cover or dressing can match.  

Best of all, shutters sit flush to your windows and take up the least amount of space, where drawn curtains will rob you of the use of your window sills, and blinds can knock plants over when you drop them.

Store it away

The biggest battle in the war of kitchen cleanliness is the pursuit of storage space. It’s a simple equation: if you want a clutter-free kitchen you need to have more storage space than you have stuff. Unfortunately, life in the kitchen is rarely that simple, but there’s no harm in maximising the places you can put things out of sight.  

Kitchen storage shelves

Adding shelves is a simple storage solution that will give you easily accessible storage for your most-used appliances and ingredients, and you can make it an area for items you’d like on show. A mixture of stand-alone shelves and stacks of varying heights can help to break up the visual effect if you don’t want things to look too clinical or regimented.

Work your space  

It’s not easy to add cabinets or drawers to a built kitchen, particularly if you’re working with a small space but you can make what you have work more efficiently for you.

Cupboard space is not typically divided in a very sophisticated way, so adding extra internal shelves can quickly double the potential of a cupboard. The same is true in drawers, for which you can buy layering and dividing devices to massively increase storage potential.

Kitchen tidy with ipad

Could your walls also bring storage potential? Professional and floating kitchens make amazing use of their walls with magnets and hooks. Almost all kitchen equipment can be hung, and hooks are very easy to put up. Again, think of adding hooks or racks to the insides of cupboards to maximise the usable space – hello cupboard door spice rack!

No kitchen is an island  

If you’re lucky enough to have a square or open kitchen, then you could look to the centre of it for extra storage. A kitchen island brings a huge amount of storage potential.

Kitchen island

Islands can be cooking spaces, dining spaces, show spaces, workspaces and a lot more. You can also make a design statement with contrasting construction and finish. Use a mixture of shelves, drawers and cupboards to break up the look, and consider hooks or hanging lighting above for a dramatic effect.

Pantry jars  

Often enough you’ll find that simply by putting food items into their own storage jars can give your kitchen an instant declutter. A jar full of pasta looks a lot tidier than a packet of pasta. These quick-fix storage solutions are cost-effective, as well as adding a rustic cottage kitchen vibe.

Kitchen storage jars

As you fight the ongoing battle of stuff vs. space, the most important thing to consider on a daily basis is what you are buying and why. Do you really need it? If you do then is there a more clutter-conscious option you could buy?  – like nesting bowls for example, or saucepans, hanging utensils, mini-appliances, folding furniture, the list goes on.

Decluttering is an ongoing commitment in your home, but with simple changes, you can build habits that mean your kitchen stays clutter free for the foreseeable.

Ready to dress your kitchen windows? Get in touch to discuss how we can help design the best fit for your windows.

How to give your kitchen 5* restaurant design appeal

It’s said the kitchen is the hub of the home, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the charms of dining out when you eat in!

Bustling restaurant in the evening

With a few small tweaks and additions, you can enhance your home and create a fabulous 5* dining experience from soufflé to scrambled eggs.  Here are a selection of interior design tricks to simulate the restaurant experience and bring a little style and sophistication to your kitchen.

Go bold on design

Restaurants create seductive atmospheres by having bold, confident designs. Think bright, sweeping surfaces in a modern eatery or exposed brick walls in a rustic bistro. There are endless options when it comes to creating a restaurant vibe in your home and choices will largely depend on your personal tastes and preferences. For a traditional vibe consider kitchen design ideas with dark floors or dark cabinets.

Restaurant table set with glasses

Don’t be fearful of dark colours but make sure that you incorporate plenty of light into the room – otherwise, the space can appear smaller than it is in reality. Incorporating prints, patterns and daring colours can create a real sense of verve and style regularly seen in the best restaurants.

Mix and match

Mix and match crockery

Conceiving the perfect kitchen can be difficult, especially when it comes to kitting out your new foodie hub with appliances and accessories. While you might perceive the way to make your home feel like a restaurant is to intricately match every last plate, pan and placemat there is a cohesion to be found in mixing and matching. Particularly pertinent if you want your kitchen to feel like a rustic European bistro with wooden shutters and vintage charm, having an eclectic mix of crockery, utensils and, when done carefully, even furniture adds to the captivatingly kitsch vibe.

Shutters on windows

Full height restaurant shutters

Shutters possess a certain finesse. Perennially stylish, shutters are adaptable to a range of styles, from contemporary designs to vintage looks. On a summer’s morning, open the shutters and flood the room with natural light as you tuck into decadent eggs benedict. During the dark, winter months you can close off your kitchen to the outside world, light some candles and chink glasses over a rich pot of bouillabaisse as you create your own little French bistro without leaving the house.

Cafe style shutters in a kitchen

Café style shutters are a great choice for kitchens and dining rooms, instantly giving a relaxed and rustic look. Solid panel shutters are great for creating a colourful room separation between kitchen and diner, especially if you’re hosting a dinner party. And you can also choose custom shutter colours to match the décor of your room. Keen to go for bold tones but unsure how to do it? Dark shutters on a pale wall add a stunningly dramatic effect.

Nail your mood lighting

Good lighting knows no bounds. It has the ability to set the tone of a room and make your kitchen feel just like your favourite restaurant. Dark corners can be illuminated with lamps and track lighting can be beneficial for rooms with multiple spots which struggle to get any natural light, while LED spotlights help to ensure the light in a room is even.

Low-hanging lighting in dining room

One of the easiest and most effective ways to generate a restaurant-like feel is to invest in low-hanging lights. These should be positioned over key features such as tables, kitchen islands and focal points such as an Aga.

If you’d prefer something a little more seductive, mini-pendants are less bright and will set the mood for a romantic meal at home. You should also consider the natural light in your room and work with it. The key with restaurant lighting is to give yourself the option of bright light when you’re cooking, with the ability to dim it down for when you sit down to eat.

Bring the outside in

Large houseplants can be an excellent focal point for any kitchen. Restaurants often use large flora to fill space and make the room feel more intimate. As well as their aesthetic value, plants also reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in your home and reduce the amount of dust in the air to create a healthy, clean environment for dining.

Rustic bottles with flowers

English Ivy is the ideal plant for creating a restaurant vibe in your home. It works exceptionally well in a basket hung above the table, bringing an air of nature to proceedings while also filling the space for a cosy feel. Having a little vase or jar with fresh flowers on the table is a great choice as well.

Practical storage

Restaurants are designed to be hospitable – a place of sheer enjoyment, not a place of practicality. While your kitchen at home often serves as the heart and hub of the home, turning everyday necessities into a focal feature has the potential to revolutionise the space.

Practical kitchen storage

If you’re looking for luxury kitchen ideas, invest in elements like a hidden dishwasher drawer or a built in recycling unit. Keeping your white goods and rubbish out of sight helps you feel like your kitchen is a place for relaxation not work.

You can also keep the kitchen clutter, and thus stress, free with handy and aesthetically pleasing features such as pot and utensil racks, deep drawers and corner storage units. Our guide on design for small kitchens has more tips here!

Utensils and accessories

When extensive planning and execution has gone into designing and fashioning your dream kitchen, cutlery and crockery (which after all are the nuts and bolts of any kitchen) are often overlooked. Even if you aren’t in the market for a large-scale kitchen redesign, an injection of metallic accessories or ceramic crockery can transform Friday’s slap-up tea to a relaxed end to the working week. Tables and chairs are at the centre of any visit to a restaurant and investing in a new wooden table or perhaps some squat chairs can lift the room. 

Wide-brimmed bowl with pasta

Alternatively, opt for a new set of plates and bowls – pastel ceramics give a Scandi vibe, while oversized plates and bowls give a smart look to any dish. And lastly, whether you’re drinking wine, beer, or soft drinks, smart glasses are a joy to drink from, and give an instant luxe vibe to your table décor.

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Tips for Successful Shutters in your Kitchen-Diner

Plantation shutters are the absolute best choice for window dressing in a kitchen. The ability to clean quickly, alongside their durability and functionality, gives many benefits over curtains or even blinds. So what style of shutter is best for your room?

Kitchen Shutters

As the Jona Lewie song suggests, the kitchen is one of the most lived in rooms and the centre of focus of the house. Whether it’s an old friend passing by and popping in for a quick cup of tea, to finding people ‘in the kitchen at parties’, you’ll need to make your kitchen into a workable yet pleasant area.

Plantation shutters are the absolute best choice for window dressing in a kitchen. The ability to clean quickly, alongside their durability and functionality, gives many benefits over curtains or even blinds. So what style of shutter is best for your room?

As shown in the feature picture above, many kitchen/diners have doors leading onto patios or the garden. Shutters for patio doors are absolutely perfect, working especially well in recessed kitchen windows as in this case. In this modern kitchen design, wide slats with concealed push rods have been used to create a clean look.


In this dining area shown above, café style shutters have been utilised to create privacy in this ground floor area. When thinking about dining room window ideas, café style is often the ‘go-to’ choice, as privacy can be kept – while still allowing maximum light into your room. These wooden kitchen shutters have been matched to the grey colouring of the lights to create a subtle, yet flowing look in the room.



Our final tip, in kitchens like this first floor flat, windows are often smaller and inset to the room. These make a perfect area to have some fun with colour. Make your kitchen ‘pop’ using a bright shade and make your shutters the focal point of the room. Not only does this make for an interesting design, it can also take focus of counter-tops – meaning you can utilise that space with more items without your kitchen appearing too ‘busy’.


Discover more tips on Kitchen Window Shutters with Shutterly Fabulous.

How to create a luxury kitchen look for less

Can’t stretch to the kitchen you really, really want? No matter. With our kitchen design hacks you can get the look without maxing out your budget. We’ll give you the inside track on the areas where you should concentrate your spend, and where you can save without compromising on the results.


Divide doors from units

If it’s a bespoke look you’re after without an accompanying price tag, consider investing in standard units then fitting different doors to make your room stand out from the crowd. It’s important to have easy-to-organise cupboard interiors, so look for unit ranges with a wide choice of practical interior fittings, then shop for doors that can add appealing texture or colour.

Image: George Home

Layer lighting

A good lighting scheme is vital for a beautiful kitchen and one that’s safe. A kitchen needs good overall lighting, task lighting so that preparing food is safe (sharp knives and hot surfaces will soon find out any gaps in this), plus lighting for a breakfast bar and/or dining area. You might like to add feature lighting to the kitchen layout, too, so you can highlight items on display, or even an island.

The overall lighting should ensure there aren’t any shadowy corners. Task lighting should illuminate preparation and cooking areas. For worktops, it can be positioned below wall units or shelves, and for cooking areas the lighting from an extractor can keep things safe. Make sure you can operate each set of lighting independently and opt for dimmer switches to avoid contemplating the clearing up while you’re eating.

Spend on getting a professional in to fit what’s necessary. When it comes to highly visible elements like pendant lights, the high street and DIY sheds offer fabulous options to create the look of designer fittings.

Look to the window

Regulating the daylight – and the glare – from a window is also vital for a safe and comfortable kitchen. Shutters come top of the list for style and practicality for small windows as well as large. They’re easy to open and close so you can react as the sun moves round your house throughout the day. Comparing costs? Remember that shutters will look good for years to come plus they’re easy to clean and won’t retain odours – other treatments might need taking to the cleaner’s or regular replacement in a hard-working kitchen environment.

Image: Farrow & Ball

Make a statement with paint

Extensive tiling is costly, so consider using paint to bring colour to kitchen walls then opting for a splashback by the hob only to cope with inevitable splashes from pans. A clear glass splashback here will let the paint show through to keep the focus on the colour.

Image: Rational

Choose a worksurface

It’s worth investing in a quality worktop, but consider your lifestyle and how much time you have to keep it looking good as well as the material itself. Surfaces such as granite benefit from a little love, and acidic substances (think lemons as well as some cleaners) can damage the stone – but the surface will be unique. If all-natural stone isn’t essential for you, quartz has the look without the care requirements. Wooden worksurfaces are hard wearing and warm looking, but will need regular upkeep to prevent splashes from damaging them over time. Solid surfaces, meanwhile, can be a low hassle option and look spectacular, too. Always check cabinetry is robust enough to support the weight of the worktop you’re considering.

Image: Tile Mountain

Love a lookalike

For substantial savings, you can create the appearance of traditional floor tiles without the outlay with clever ceramic lookalikes. More costly are porcelain tiles, but if you want the appearance of a wood surface and a no-maintenance floor, they’re definitely worth considering.

Image: Amara

Update tableware

If your plates and serving bowls are looking a little less than lovely, swapping to a new design can up the luxe factor of your room without major expense. Show off tableware on open shelving and you’ll get the benefit all the time rather than just at meal times. Items you use every day will be easily accessible that way, and shelves make for a kitchen that’s cheaper and more open and airy than one packed with wall units.

Image: Meir

Be bold with your choice of tap

A stylish tap can be a fantastic kitchen feature, and needn’t stretch your budget where it just can’t go. Consider finishes other than chrome to give the room a personalised finish. Black, colours and warm metallics are all available so you can ring the changes.


Header image: House of Fraser

..on Dining Room French Doors


South London has many homes with shutters and shutters in Wandsworth have become exceptionally popular. Many traditional terraced and semi detached homes in Wandsworth have seen a rise in popularity of opening up the rear area of the property to create an open plan living area.

Open plan living is great and with space in Wandsworth and other London suburbs at a premium, many people choose to use lots of glass in their open plan living areas, to create a feeling of increased space. However, being Wandsworth (and infact typically of many areas of London) you are never that far away from a neighbour who can see directly into your living space.

Shutters on French Doors in this Wandsworth home were the perfect solution to retain the feeling of space and light, while gaining privacy at night. This Shutterly Fabulous shutters customer was quite overlooked by neighbouring Wandsworth homes and as the family ate daily in this dining area, they wanted the ability to gain privacy. Shutters proved a great solution. The dining room French doors have our French door shutters installed which can be folded back when required or close the shutters panels and just tilt the shutters slats. This brought great flexibility to this Wandsworth based customer.

The French door shutters show left the arch clear at the top as the customer in Wandsworth wanted to leave this feature window clear. The shutters are finished in white and made from premium grade poplar hard wood. The shutters have been designed to match the window framing and have Open Sky concealed push rods.

Of course, leading plantation shutters specialist Shutterly Fabulous does not only cover Wandsworth. Call us on 0800 9 700 800 and we would be happy to discuss your requirements your French Door Shutters. book an appointment price quote

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