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More and more people are now opting for shutters on sliding doors within their homes. Open plan extensions with doors that span the entire wall is an interior goal for a lot of homeowners – ourselves included! These vast and impressive doors do not lend themselves to blinds or curtains, which is where shutters for doors come in.

We’re here to tell you that there isn’t a door or window we can’t put shutters on, or one we can’t make look fabulous.

Shutters-on-sliding-doors- Shutterly Fabulous

Full height solid shutters

Whether your doors open out to a patio, garden, balcony or another room – shutters are the perfect addition.

Sliding doors are usually made up of large panels of glass. This glass lets in light, heat and prying eyes! This is where shutters come in. Shutters on sliding doors offer complete privacy. The slats allow you full control over the light levels and the solid hardwood material keeps in the heat.

Shutters are so perfectly suited for sliding doors, we have 3 options available: Full height shutters, bi fold track shutters and bypass track shutters.

Sliding doors with shutters on a track

Shutters on sliding doors are an ideal match. Our made-to-measure shutters can be designed to hang on a track system, which means the shutters can bi-fold to the side(s) or they can bypass to the side(s). Our shutter specialists will create a bespoke design to best suit your sliding doors.

This track design offers a seamless transition in a wide variety of interior doors spaces and room dividers. Tracked shutters are perfectly suited for wide sliding doors and large windows where you don’t want a bottom frame piece.

Shutters-for-sliding-doors- Shutterly Fabulous

Bi-fold tracked shutters neatly stacked to the side.

Bi-folding shutters for sliding doors

These shutters are concertina-style, which means you can push them back to the side of your sliding door and have them neatly stacked in front of each other. This allows your open-door space to be free from obstructions with the freedom to fold the panels back over the open door, so you can benefit from cool air, extra shade and added level of control. This flexibility of design is ideal if you have young children or pets that you want to benefit from the outdoor conditions without them running in or out.

Our shutter experts can discuss with you what you need from your shutters and create a design that is best suited to your exact needs.

Shutters-for-sliding-doors- Shutterly Fabulous

Bi-fold shutters

Bypass shutters for sliding doors

These shutters are also on a track, but instead of folding, the panels slide in front and behind of each other. These are a great option if you always want an element of door coverage. If you have a single sliding door, then this design is perfect as it will fall in line with your current door design seamlessly.

Shutters-on-sliding-doors- Shutterly Fabulous

Bypass tracked shutters

Full height shutters for sliding doors

Our popular full-height shutters are also perfectly suited for your sliding doors. Like our shutters for windows, the panels would be held in a 3 or 4-sided frame.

The best thing about full height shutters for sliding doors is that they are crafted to fit your exact specifications and space, so can even fit unusual areas like doorway arches and gable windows.

Sliding-doors-with-shutters- Shutterly Fabulous

Full height shutters

Shutters for doors are available in all our quality hardwood ranges, across all our luxurious paints and are even available in each of our sumptuous stains.

Whether slatted, solid, bi-fold or bypass, we can guarantee we have the best shutters for your sliding doors. During our free design consultation, our shutter specialists will talk through all the options available. They will then measure your windows and create your bespoke design, while you continue to rest in the knowledge that your sliding doors are about to look thoroughly fabulous!

If you’re still in any doubt, visit our Instagram for inspiration and our many customer images.

Sliding-doors-with-shutters-Shutterly Fabulous

Bifold track shutters on a patio door

If you’d like to find out more about how shutters can be designed for your sliding door, click here to book a free home visit with one of our shutter specialists. They’ll talk you through styles, colours, materials and will provide you with a quote. They will then return a few months later to expertly install your beautiful new shutters.

Sit back, relax, and leave it to the experts.

An introduction to plantation shutters

Originating on the large farm and plantation houses of the American South (hence the name), plantation shutters have rapidly grown in popularity on both sides of the Atlantic over the past 20 years. Manufactured from a range of different materials (ours are handmade using high quality hardwood), they are attached directly onto a window or door frame to become part of the fixtures and fittings of your home.

The key element of a plantation shutter is its slats – evenly spaced elements that can be opened or closed as required. Chances are that when walking down any suburban British street over the past few years, you’ve started seeing a lot more plantation shutters springing up.

We’ve put together this article to tackle a question we sometimes get from curious shutter newbies – are plantation shutters out of style? We’ll explain that, far from it, plantation shutters are as in vogue as ever and are in fact a timeless addition to any home, complementing any interior style.

White plantation shutters by Shutterly Fabulous

Where do shutters originate from?

A big clue is in the name. Plantation shutters were first designed to be used on the large plantation and farm houses of the deep American South. Owing to the subtropical climate in the region, with its swelteringly hot summers, traditional curtains were seen as too heavy and stifling. Landowners required a window dressing that allowed for privacy, light control and for cooling fresh air to enter rooms. It led to the iconic slatted design being developed, the white finish that was used to reflect heat remaining the most popular choice even today.

Large slats meant fewer slats and more unobstructed light entering rooms, however come sundown they could be closed completely to allow for a dark and peaceful night’s sleep. Large slats are the defining feature of plantation shutters and are resolutely popular today, looking particularly striking on large windows adorning Victorian and Georgian buildings.

Solid panel shutters by Shutterly Fabulous

Have shutters gone out of style?

If they had gone out of style, we’d be out of business by now! Not only are we still going strong after 17 years, but we’ve actually just expanded our reach to serve the whole of the UK. Just take a look at our glowing collection of customer reviews that grows by the day.

The number of shutters you see on British streets has grown rapidly over the past few years and this growth shows no sign of abating. By being available in neutral colours such as white and grey, they complement any interior style, meaning they outlast changing trends. And by becoming part of the fixtures and fittings of a home they’re much the same as a new kitchen or extension and are therefore less ‘throwaway’ than blinds or curtains.

Shutters are being reinstated in Georgian and Victorian properties to return them to their original lustre. Indeed, many of our customers request solid shutters, i.e.: solid panels of wood and no slats, to help do just that. We’re seeing an emerging demand to have shutters installed in new builds as they bring an element of architectural detail without the cost of full scale structural renovation, such as installing a fireplace.

Rest assured, shutters are about as timeless as you can get when it comes to home improvements and show no sign of going out of fashion any time soon!

White plantation shutters by Shutterly Fabulous

Do plantation shutters suit particular homes?

As well as being timeless, plantation shutters are also incredibly versatile. They suit all types and era of home – flats, houses, Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian, new build. We’ve installed shutters on French doors, in conservatories and even on house boats. Our highly experienced shutter specialists will visit you at home and custom-design shutters to the precise spec for you, taking into account your interior style, age of the building, type of windows and your personal preference. We offer shutters in a huge range of colours and styles, including custom options. There’s no window (or door) that we can’t make look Fabulous with shutters.

Plantation shutters by Shutterly Fabulous


Ready to find out more about the ultimate timeless purchase for your home? Click here to book a free home visit with a shutter specialist in your area. They’ll talk you through styles, colours, measure your windows and give you a quote. They’ll return a couple of months later to personally install your shutters and make your home look that little bit more Fabulous. Or if you’d prefer a quick quote, give the team a call with some rough window measurements to hand – we’re open six days a week. Now, how’s that for style?

When thinking of unfinished wood, there’s a word that springs to mind: Biophilia – meaning a love of life or living things. According to many design gurus it’s going to have an increasing influence on interior design and architecture. And why? Because we feel better when we’re surrounded by nature and any space that doesn’t offer some element of the outside world will make our senses feel deprived.

Even when relaxing, our bodies want to feel alive, to feel connected to the living world, so it’s no surprise that biophilia as a buzzword is on the rise, and that many more of us are going to incorporate a natural look into our homes.

Unfinished wood shutters Shutterly Fabulous

Kind to the environment

Studies show that the baby boomer generation are more likely to buy cheap, disposable furniture, valuing affordability over resilience. For a generation that’s hampered with overflowing landfills, this makes little long-term sense. The benefits  of natural products like unfinished wood are obvious – clean, durable and kind to Mother Earth.

In response to such short termism, Natural organic materials such as stone and plant life are increasingly finding their way into our domestic environments, and so it follows that wood and natural light will do the same. Our classic plantation shutters bring the last two elements home whilst adding much more besides. First though, let’s look into the benefits of utilising unfinished wood.

Hit the floor with unfinished wood


Image credit: The New & Reclaimed Flooring Co

Unfinished wood flooring is a popular interior design choice with people who like to keep wood in its natural state. It’s a very flexible option too because it’s raw wood, and therefore offers a blank canvas to work from.

Unfinished wood brings a welcome sense of the rustic into the home, and when we think of the countryside we tend to relax. Which is what being in the home is all about! You can add your own protective finish once it’s installed, whilst keeping a pure, rural look, which subtle finishes will help achieve.

A vividly coloured rug works a treat on a pale wood floor and as most colours on the spectrum complement light wood, you have plenty of combinations to play with. l

Unfinished wood furniture

wood Shutterly Fabulous

Raw wood furniture needn’t just be functional, in fact it can be used in very stylish ways as an alternative to varnished wood or gloss finishes. Even a small item of furniture like a chair or stool can make a noticeable improvement to a room, adding a warm, comforting feeling. It can also be used decoratively, changing the shape and feel of a room’s space with mood-enhancing contours, accentuated by complementary lighting.

Mixing wood

Another great feature about unfinished wood is it contrasts fantastically with other wood types. So, if you want to bring some diversity and add darker woods to your raw materials, you could choose combinations of mahogany and walnut, beech and ash or maple and oak.

Wooden shutters by Shutterly Fabulous

Unfinished wood has a timeless appeal and matches particularly well with our shutters. Our range of classic shutters suits most interiors and exteriors, and our Premium Elm Wood range is ideal to accompany raw wood furnishings. Fashioned from only the finest timber, it gives a finish that’s second to none.

Paints and wood stains for shutters

By choosing the deep, sweeping grain of Elm, you’re treating your windows to the ultimate in natural wood shutter elegance. Our Premium Elm shutters are made from a luxurious timber with a pure wood effect that’s best emphasised with a rich stained finish, of which we offer a range of refined tones.

Classic wood stains by Shutterly Fabulous

The classic wood stain range from Shutterly Fabulous

These shutters, with their diverse, deep grains, give you a rustic yet sophisticated finish, that will turn any window or door into a practical, eye-catching feature of your home, attracting envious glances from urban or countryside-dwelling neighbours alike!

If you’d like to talk to one of our plantation shutter experts about wood stains, paints or booking an appointment, then call us on 0800 9700 800

Choosing the right colour for your plantation shutters can be tricky. Between more popular neutral colours like white and grey and more daring bold colours, let us give you the lowdown on how to achieve the perfect look for your home.

The colour decision process is an important one and there are two things you should consider; personal taste and which part of the room you’re looking to complement. Plantation shutters can be used to blend and merge with your current features or stand out against them to create a statement piece.

Shutterly Fabulous colour shutters

Creating a timeless piece that you’ll fall in love with again and again

So why is white such a popular colour for shutters? As the most neutral of colours, white coordinates well with any design you choose for your interior. Not only does white open a space for a clean and fresh look but it provides the perfect base palette for all your seasonal transformations.

If you’re looking to achieve a crisp, contemporary look, the brightest of whites is your winner. However, opting for a subtle warmer tone such as Dove or Alabaster allows a more traditional style of window dressing.

When choosing your colour, consider the matching process; not only to your soft furnishings, but to your window frames and sills. Matching your shutters to these elements creates a seamless effect in your interiors.

Which colour should you use for your plantation shutters - Shutterly Fabulous

The growing trend of using greys has been sweeping our homes and interior shutters are no exception. As a balanced practical colour, grey shutters will give your home a more conservative and sophisticated look. A cool grey offers an essence of calm, whereas a darker charcoal grey communicates strength.

Plantation shutters – a great focal point

Colourful plantation shutters make a fantastic alternative to a feature wall as they bring a focal point to any room. Unlike a feature wall, plantation shutters also give you control over how much natural light you let in, transforming the ambience from dusk till dawn.

Colour blocks are growing increasingly popular, injecting bursts of bright and bold shades for playful pops of colour. Why not combine fruity lemon and papaya with geometric patterns for a fresh, industrial hit of colour, bagging plenty of character and vibrancy.

Shutterly Tip: Choosing the right yellow will induce high-spirited energy and boost productivity – ideal for a functional workspace at home.

Shutterly Fabulous colour shutters

Dark mood and tonal ambience

Dark, moody tones will soon be coming back into season, creating a cosy space for those all-important nights in. At Shutterly Fabulous we love a deep crimson shutter, certain to bring instant quality to a bedroom or living area.

Dark shutters also help absorb the natural light seeping through the windows, making any small rooms appear larger than they are.

Choosing a dark shutter palette acts as its own décor. There is little need for interior change when you’ve made a statement as bold as this one.

Shutterly Tip: Keep your interiors looking crisp and clean by alternating dark and light colours that balance both the room’s natural and artificial lighting.

Shutterly Fabulous colour shutters

A feast of colours to choose from

Whichever colour route you decide to go down, always keep in mind what kind of mood you’re looking to create. Shutters are a practical and long-lasting solution to your window dressing, so be sure to allow yourself the flexibility for your home.

At Shutterly Fabulous, we colour match to any Farrow & Ball, Dulux Trade and Little Greene Paint. So, if you have that perfect colour in mind that’s not on our charts, simply speak to a fabulous member of our team or book an appointment and begin transforming your home today!

At Shutterly Fabulous we often get asked by our clients “Can you paint plantation shutters?”  A quick internet search will yield an abundance of results to this question, so to make things easier for you we’ve comprised this quick guide to answer all your paint-related questions.

In short, we would always say to our customers that they should avoid painting their bespoke shutters. Let’s find out why.

neutral colour bedroom shutters

Can you paint plantation shutters?

The question isn’t so much can you paint wooden shutters, but rather whether you should. Of course, it’s possible to paint almost anything, but we would always recommend that our customers steer well clear of repainting their shutters.  Our shutters are sprayed with several coats of an acrylic-based polyurethane (PU) paint which gives them their signature flawless finish. PU is a very durable paint with resistance to several external factors such as chemicals, abrasion, UV, temperature and – most importantly – water.

Nowadays most paints are water-based so any attempt to paint them with such materials will spoil the look of your beautiful shutters. Not only this, but any attempt to repaint your shutters will require their removal first. Doing so would invalidate our 5-year warranty, so that’s an approach well worth avoiding!

Bright turquoise full height shutters

What about Polyvinyl shutters?

Another question frequently put to us is “Can I paint vinyl shutters?” Just the same as with our solid hardwood shutters we would say it is best to avoid painting them altogether. This is especially applicable with our polyvinyl range because it is a waterproof product. As already highlighted, our PU paint is highly water-resistant, so any attempt to use a water-based paint on our waterproof PV shutters will end in a less than aesthetically pleasing result.

What if I accidentally scratch my shutters?

Whilst we do recommend that our customers avoid painting their shutters, we understand that sometimes accidents happen. Maybe you’ve accidentally smeared the frame and left an unsightly mark, or a pet has scratched a slat resulting in a little bit of paint coming off. Luckily, we provide a little pot of specially made touch-up paint following every installation so that these little mishaps can be easily rectified. Whether it’s a small scratch or tiny fleck, it can be touched up within minutes, to ensure your shutters continue to look as good as the day they were installed.

Grey tier on tier shutters, a timeless colour choice

Make your shutter colour a timeless choice

We understand the desire to paint your shutters. Who doesn’t like to spruce up their home with a new colour scheme every once in a while? Indeed, according to one survey, in the UK we decorate our homes once every two and four years. So how best to avoid changing your shutters every time you decide to put a new lick of paint up? The simple answer is, choose a colour that is timeless.

If you’re planning on decorating in the near future, then we would always recommend going for an understated look that will age with your taste. We provide a number of shutter colours including whites, off whites and subtle wood stains so your shutters will complement any look you may go for in the future. Of course, this shouldn’t put you off going for those coloured shutters that you’ve had your heart set on. Colour needn’t mean constraint, and with us providing a colour match service for Dulux Trade, Farrow & Ball and Little Green paints, you’ll be sure to find the perfect, timeless colour for any room.

If you would like more information on shutter care or would like to book an in-home consultation with one of our shutter specialists, then you can request an appointment, or call us on 0800 970 0800.

If you’re wondering how to dress your bay window or you’re looking for design ideas to make the most of this period feature in your home, look no further than our Shutterly Fabulous bay windows style guide.  We’re sharing the best bay window decorating ideas to achieve a look you love. 

Bay windows make a stunning feature in any property, but they can pose a problem to dress for their tricky angles and tall, unreachable windows. The good news is that with over 16 years of experience dressing UK windows with our high-quality, made to measure shutters, we know a thing or two about how to achieve a look that’s practical and stylish.

In this bay window decor guide, we’re sharing ideas to dress your bay windows as well as practical ideas to position furniture so that ultimately, you’re making the most of the space and style within your window area.

decorated bay window with tier on tier shutters

Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Bay Window”

Compared to other window treatments, there’s a wealth of evidence to suggest that shutters offer the most environmental benefits.

Increasingly, homeowners are recognising, and facing up to, the environmental issues that our planet faces. Constructors are also playing their part, with new builds pulling their weight in the insulation stakes.

To make the most of our daylight, we need a good way of dispersing it into our homes without compromising on ambience. Curtains and blinds offer a limited means of regulating how much light a room can glean from a day. But there’s a way to leave the light off whilst ensuring maximum daylight and energy efficiency: plantation shutters.


What are the ecological and economical benefits of plantation shutters?

Environmental benefits of plantation shutters Shutterly Fabulous

Tracked Full Height shutters by Shutterly Fabulous

When it comes to making improvements to your home, plantation shutters deliver on all fronts. They’ll increase its value, boost visual appeal and are kind to the environment. Insulated shutters are an effective method of heat retention too, which makes a big difference to your annual energy bills. It’s been calculated that up to ten times more warmth is lost through glass than a normal wall, which makes windows one of the most inefficient parts of any home. All the more reason to invest in shutters!

Eco-friendly shutters also help your home become a much more relaxed environment, as they reduce noise pollution considerably. And relaxation is something you can’t put a price on!


You’re in control with shutters 

Economical benefits of plantation shutters Shutterly Fabulous

Full Height shutters by Shutterly Fabulous 

Another advantage of having shutters is that they afford you an opportunity to control the distribution of light in a room – all day long! By simply adjusting the slats and opening the shutters to match your requirements, you’re regulating (and by evening time, maximising) the flow of natural light that you can bring into your home. This is eco-friendliness in action and a very stylish means of lowering your carbon footprint. With insulated window shutters, it’s easier to leave the light off for as long as you can and make your windows eco- windows!


Do shutters keep heat in?

environmental benefits of plantation shutters Shutterly Fabulous

Solid wood panel shutters by Shutterly Fabulous 

The great thing about wooden shutters is that they come in a whole range of designs and can be custom-built to fit any style of home. Full height shutters, for example, offer flexibility and excellent light control, and solid wood panel shutters are particularly effective at retaining heat. Back in 2010, Edinburgh World Heritage undertook a thermal imaging test which proved that if wooden shutters are closed at dusk, heat seepage through large Victorian and Georgian windows was successfully stopped.


Our commitment to recycling

It’s one thing to instigate the eco-effect at home, it’s another to take this with us everywhere we go – which obviously applies with businesses too. When we ship our shutters to you, our packaging materials are all made from recyclable cardboard. International legislation is gearing towards getting more businesses and members of the public to help reduce waste by recycling and we’re pleased to say that our packaging is 75% recyclable.

Benefits of wooden shutters Shutterly Fabulous


Our shutters won’t cost the earth

With our Classic Poplar range, you can request timber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® at no extra cost.

The FSC® is an independent non-profit organisation promoting responsible supervision of forests. It’s their job to see that timber products worldwide come from wood grown, harvested and replanted in a way that doesn’t negatively impact the environment.

We work alongside the FSC® to ensure that you do your bit for the planet. Our manufacturers undergo a rigorous process annually to achieve certification, so you can choose hardwood from an FSC® certified sustainable source.

So, by ordering with Shutterly Fabulous you’re contributing to the shutter eco-effect twice over!


Get in touch to learn more about FSC® certification and our range of wonderful shutters. Our installation experts are ready to help.





Although highly desired, bay and bow windows can be a challenge to dress. Here we show you some perfect shutters for different bay window styles.

The United Kingdom has an abundance of homes with bay windows. Many Georgian and Victorian homes were built with bay fronts but modern architects also like to give a home a bit of depth. This style of window increases the sunlight in a room to a space-enhancing effect. They add actual floor area too, as they project from the line of the building, which can prove beneficial in planning both the layout and look of the room.

Bay windows typically have 3 openings with a picture window in the middle and two smaller panels either side. Bow windows can feature 4-5 sections and are curved. A box bay window is generally rectangular, with a flat front and sides and some type of roof. If the sides of the box are angled, it can also be called a canted window.

Though highly prized, bay and bow windows can be a challenge to dress. But there’s more you can do to enhance them than by simply putting curtains up, which take up a lot of useful space. Here we show you some perfect shutters for different bay window styles.

Tier on Tier shutters

Tier on tier shutters bay windows Shutterly Fabulous

Image credit: Shutterly Fabulous 

In the above example,  displayed in an angled bay, these bay window shutters have been constructed in a Tier on Tier style. This is a common favourite for bays as tier on tier shutters are the most versatile of all shutter designs. While allowing both tiers closed, slats can still be angled to adjust the light with full control. With the top tier open, the shutters take on the appearance of a cafe style, granting maximum light into the room – yet keeping privacy on the lower half. Perfect for living room windows.

Café style shutters for bay windows

Box bay window shutters Shutterly Fabulous

Image credit: Shutterly Fabulous

In this box bay wooden bay window (above), shutters have been made in a cafe style. Perfect for lounges and studies, cafe style shutters can be used in place of bay window curtains to give great privacy – but still allow in plenty of light.

Keeping it classic

Solid panel shutters bay windows Shutterly Fabulous

Image credit: Shutterly Fabulous

If re-establishing your property’s Regency, Victorian or Georgian character is high on your list, you might prefer to choose solid shutters which fold back, offering a traditional look. These shutters are also the best for achieving near-blackout conditions, so are perfect for bow windows in a bedroom.

You can continue the classic look by selecting narrower louvres for shutter blinds hung at bay windows. They’ll perfectly complement a room with period features such as decorative cornicing and a ceiling rose. It’s advisable not to choose the very smallest louvre sizes though, as the scale of bay windows favours medium widths upwards.

Contemporary colours

If you fancy giving your room a more modern twist, then wide louvres maintain a current look without clashing with any period features. It’s worth remembering that proportion counts for everything: the widest louvres on tall, wide shutter panels suit large expanses of glass best.

Custom colour bay window shutters Shutterly Fabulous

Image credit: Shutterly Fabulous 

As bay windows are such an excellent focal point for a room scheme, you could go all-out for attention by choosing an accent colour for the shutters that will really highlight a bay window’s attributes. The featured colour could then be developed through other furnishings.

Elegance and light

Best bay window shutters Shutterly Fabulous

Shutters for bow windows by Shutterly Fabulous

Finally, if you have a dark, north-facing room that you like to use during the day, then white shutters are a smart option as they help bounce the light around.

Shutters bring elegance and style to bay and bow windows. Externally, bay window shutters also work beautifully, emphasising the shape of the window and improving the exterior of your home.

Offering privacy from the outside world whilst giving homeowners total flexibility with light control, plantation shutters in bay windows are every bit as practical as they are timeless. They add a further layer of insulation against draughty sash windows, are easy to uphold, and contribute to noise reduction.

You can speak to one of our shutter experts about dressings for bay windows and other varieties here.

Shutters or Blinds?

From better privacy to heat proofing to ease of cleaning, call us biased but there are some stand out reasons to choose shutters over blinds.

1. Better privacy

Blinds are either open or closed, there’s no in between. Either passers-by are peering into your room or it’s cast into darkness. Shutters, on the other hand, bring the best of both worlds. Ultimate privacy without reducing light. Tilt your slats for privacy at eye level and keep the light shining in from above.

2. Easily adjust light levels

There is no other window dressing that gives you better light control than a shutter can. Throw your panels open to let 100% light into your room, or angle your louvres to diffuse sunshine and keep the sun from bleaching your furniture. Don’t worry, our shutters are coated in UV protective paint to protect them from sun damage too.

3. Improved insulation

Plantation shutters are built to the exact spec of your window, meaning unlike blinds, they’ll cover your whole window frame to the millimetre. For this reason, they’ve been proven to insulate windows, so you can rest easy your window dressing is cutting your heating bills and helping the environment. Want more eco-friendly home improvement ideas?

4. A breeze to clean

Dust is a lot easier to remove from wooden slats than it is from blinds. Nobody wants to fiddle around with removing blinds to take them to the dry cleaners. Shutters are much easier to clean. With a regular wipe down, they remain dust mite free – a better solution for allergy sufferers.

5. Soundproofing for a restful nights sleep

When shutter slats are fully closed they act as a natural sound barrier to the outside world, offering a more restful nights sleep. Whether open or closed, shutters are too sturdy and fixed securely to rattle or bang as blinds can.

6. Kerb appeal that will wow potential buyers

Not just a statement from the inside, plantation shutters bring a smart, contemporary look to the exterior of your home which will leave your neighbours wanting a similar look. What’s more, shutters have been known to increase the value of homes, so when you do come to sell, you’ll attract more buyers.

Ready to make your windows shutterly fabulous? Book your appointment today.

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Why shutters are ideal for city homes


Noise, bright streetlights and passers-by peering in? If city living has brought it’s downsides, shutters can help. Read why shutters are the best window dressing for privacy and city dwellers…


Pic: Shutterly Fabulous

Living in a city has a whole host of benefits, but there can be potential problems too. The good news is that fitting shutters to your windows can help remedy them.

Cut down on noise

City living can be extremely noisy with cars, trains, planes, and even loud pedestrians – all possible sources of disturbance. But if you want to cut down on the racket that’s transmitted to your home through windows, fitting wooden shutters can help. Ours are made bespoke for each window fitting perfectly inside each frame. Having shutters act as another barrier between your window and room will dampen the sounds from the street to keep the interior of your home more peaceful.

Pic: Shutterly Fabulous

Keep interiors private

Living on a busy street can often feel like you’re in a fish bowl. To stop passers-by checking out your decor, never mind what you’re watching on the telly, it’s important to fit a window treatment that creates privacy. However, giving up precious daylight is a no-no and shutters are the answer on both counts. Slatted shutters allow the daylight to pass into your rooms, but they’ll mean the room – and you – are obscured from the gaze of those outside. They are a much better alternative to blinds and curtains as you can control the light and privacy by moving the slats. Curtains and blinds are limited to being either open or closed, compromising light.

It’s worth thinking about which style of shutters best meets your needs in terms of privacy in each room. Café-style shutters are fitted to the lower part of windows and could be enough to stop those on the pavement looking in, while maximising light from the top windows that are left bare. Hanging curtains over the top can soften the look and give you black out control during the night.

If you like the idea of top and bottom shutter panels that operate independently, so you can go between a café-style arrangement and full window coverage, then tier-on-tier shutters might be a favourite.

If you know you’re generally going to leave the window covered Full-height shutters will bring the privacy you need and look sophisticated and smart in any home.

Pic: Shutterly Fabulous

Stop the glare from street lights

Bright street lamps right outside the window can disturb the sleep of both adults and kids and, downstairs, the glow can ruin the ambience created with your well thought-out lighting. If this is a problem in your city home, think about solid panel wood shutters. Our range of solid panel wood shutters can block light effectively because they’re made bespoke to fit the window, making them an ideal choice for street-facing bedrooms and living rooms.

Improve home security

Shutters are also a top choice to boost home security. How? They’ll provide an extra barrier at the window – something curtains and blinds certainly can’t do. It also helps that shutter slats can be angled so a would-be intruder can’t check out the contents of your rooms, and, as burglars are frequently opportunists, the fact that an individual can’t see if your home can help put them off, too. To improve security further you could attach hooks to your shutters, effectively ‘locking’ them in place when closed.

Pic: Shutterly Fabulous

Complement period features

Many city homes date from the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras, and that’s another reason why shutters are the perfect choice for your windows. Shutters will complement the architecture and add another attractive feature to the interior. Shutters are also ideal for the sash windows and bays in period homes, and they can be made to fit unusually shaped windows, too. We’ve fitted many a wonky window in our time, so you can rest assured that our consultants will measure and fit shutters with absolute precision.

Do you have a newer city home? With their clean lines and symmetry, shutters suit more recent and brand new properties equally well and can bring features to a ‘boxy’ room.

Retain value

Preserving and enhancing the value of a city home is important, and shutters are also the number one choice for windows to increase the value of your home. They’ll add to your home’s kerb appeal as they look as good from outside as they do from in. Inside the house, their neat fit will help rooms feel as spacious as possible, and they’ll create decorative consistency that buyers will fall for when you decide it’s time to put your city pad on the market.

At Shutterly Fabulous, our team of expert consultants have fitted shutters to thousands of city homes. Contact us today to discuss your window and get a ball park cost.


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