Our range of affordable shutters

What’s the difference between affordable and cheap?

In a word, quality. Quality runs through everything we do at Shutterly Fabulous. Let’s take a closer look at our Affordable Basswood shutter range. If you’re looking for shutters that hit the spot on price without compromising on durability, this is the range for you.


Our more affordable shutters range – Affordable Basswood –  offers lasting style and value.


Ultra strong, beautifully smooth…

These affordable shutters are built using 100% Basswood, a strong, lightweight and superior hardwood. Basswood is a versatile material that is strong enough to withstand bumps and knocks, yet lightweight enough to hang even large plantation shutters to a window frame. The grain in Basswood is typically tight and uniform, giving an unbeatable smooth finish when sanded back and painted. What’s more, it does not warp over time, guaranteeing you long lasting style.


A cut above MDF…

MDF shutters are bulky, heavy and cheap – not something Shutterly Fabulous offer. Quality control is too important to us to offer MDF shutters, which is why our affordable shutters range is made from 100% basswood. Unlike MDF, basswood is light, hard wearing and exceptional value for money.


Economically sourced, more affordable for you…

Basswood is a widely available timber meaning we can buy it at a reasonable cost and use it to make high quality affordable shutters for most standard-shaped windows. Our Affordable Basswood range is available in a choice of four neutral colours including Bright White, Silk White, Shell and Ivory, as well as various slat size options.


To discuss whether our Affordable Basswood range is right for you and to book an appointment, call us on 0800 9700 800 or email us at hello@shutterlyfabulous.com

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