Cafe style waterproof shutters

Bathroom shutters vinyl waterproof by Shutterly Fabulous

76mm slat, central rod, 4-sided frame

Café style shutters give you the best of both worlds as the bottom offers you a discrete place to be alone with your thoughts whilst the top is exposed, meaning all of that glorious bright light can come flooding in to brighten up the room. These café style shutters are ideal for your bathroom or wet room, as they are crafted in waterproof polyvinyl, meaning you won’t have to give the durability of the wood a second thought in the misty atmosphere of the bathroom. Both the central rods and four-sided frame bring back traditional and contemporary style for a classic look adding a hint of luxury into any bathroom. If you wish to fully open your café style shutters then the hinges on both sides give you the freedom to let that welcomed breeze in after soaking in a particularly hot bath.

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