Custom colour full height shutters

Kitchen Shutters White Shutters for Doors by Shutterly Fabulous

Mid-rail, 114mm slat, hidden rod

Make a statement in all the right ways with custom colour shutters to match your individual interior style to a tee. The wide 114mm slats of these full height shutters are a seamless addition to large doorways or French door set-ups such as this requiring minimal maintenance thanks to the large slats which are easy to dust and clean – particularly useful in busy kitchen spaces. The mid-rails provide extra support for these larger full height shutters and offer discretion whilst also giving the light an opportunity to brighten up the room when needed, while the option to fold the shutters back completely to the edge of the window allows for easy access between kitchen and garden. These full height shutters are a highly recommended choice for a luxurious feel with the hidden rods offering a more modern finish as they let the gorgeous slats take centre stage.

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