Full height living room shutters

Lounge White window shutters with window seat and blue pillows

Mid-rail, 76mm slat, hidden rod

These full height shutters crafted in sturdy poplar wood in Bright White beautifully compliment any colour scheme whilst subtly uplifting the otherwise exposed window area into a wonderfully modern feature of your room. These full height shutters have hinges on one side meaning you can neatly fully open them to reveal the window behind to allow all of the light and fresh air in. The poplar wood is lightweight yet durable meaning they can easily be fitted into larger windows. However, the hidden rod also works perfectly for small windows as they don’t overpower the slats but rather create a more contemporary style. Mid-rails also give you complete freedom to tailor your privacy as you can keep one half of the louvres open and leave the other closed if you so wish.

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