Bright white tier on tier shutters

Bright white tier on tier shutters in the living room

Poplar wood, 76mm slat, hidden rod

Tier on tier shutters offer wonderful flexibility on any window, however they really come into their own on tall windows such as these. Tailor the level of light and privacy in the room thanks to these hinged frames allowing the top half to be neatly left open during the day whilst maintaining complete privacy as the bottom can remain closed. This is especially beneficial for lower floor spaces on busy streets with regular passers-by. The Bright White tone of these tier on tier shutters really does live up to its name as it lights up an otherwise dark-toned room with the its deep shades of wood adorning the walls and floor. Your windows will undoubtedly become a feature of the room you didn’t even know you needed thanks to these spectacular tier on tier shutters.

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