Affordable Shutters for Your Home

When most people wonder about the possibilities of plantation shutters, it’s fair to say there aren’t a huge number of drawbacks that spring to mind. After all, their timeless look and feel, ability to regulate noise and light, the added privacy they provide, and their versatility all put them above common window-dressing solutions such as simple fabric curtains and plastic blinds in most people’s eyes.

Affordable shutters

So, for those who are deliberating over their interior design choices – or for those looking to install plantation shutters for the first time – think about this: when writing down the pros and cons of installing plantation shutters, what goes into the latter column? Well, for some people, it’s the price. After all, with our range of shutters being constructed from sustainable hardwood, coming in a variety of styles, finishes and colours, and being available made-to-measure to fit any window no matter the size, they must be expensive to buy and install, right?

Wrong. Or, at least, the truth is less cut-and-dry than that, and the cost of plantation shutters may well leave you pleasantly surprised. While, yes, plantation shutters may cost more to install than cheaper blinds or curtains, the cost benefits mean that affordable shutters are a reality, not just a dream.

Shutters Built to Last

Firstly, affordable shutters they’re built to last. And we don’t just mean years, we mean decades – with the correct love and attention. Being built from beautiful, natural hardwood means our shutters don’t warp over time. You might have owned four sets of curtains, in which time you could have just had one set of timeless, affordable plantation shutters.

White Bedroom window shutters with a desk, laptop and office chair

Shutters Regulate Heat

Secondly, as well as helping to regulate sunlight and noise and providing privacy, plantation shutters also help regulate heat, too. Closing them in the summer months helps block sunlight that could make your home too hot, but in the colder times of year, closing them helps add an extra layer of insulation and keeps heat trapped in. That, in turn, could help you save a few pounds on your energy bills each month, and over the course of a plantation shutter’s lifetime, that could add up to a large sum.

In both cases, it’s less about the up-front cost and more about the cost benefits over time. That’s why so many homeowners see plantation shutters not just as a design feature or a window-dressing solution, but as an affordable investment.

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