Warm Coloured Contemporary Shutters

With autumn and winter drawing in, warm colours can be used to transform your home. Create amazing designs with our shutters.

With autumn slowly drawing in, now’s the time to start thinking of ways to incorporate warming tones into your home. Autumn styles are often characterised by leafy palettes and deep orange shades, with our rooms leaning towards a more traditional style. For those who hanker after all things cool and contemporary, it can be hard to create a warming and cosy setting in your living room, so getting details like colour and accessories right are vitally important.

New Autumn Shade

The gorgeous new shade of Designer Shutters, ‘Opium Red’, gives this otherwise minimalist room some real depth and warmth, with the high gloss finish and extra-wide slats marrying well with the contemporary styling of the room. The deep red of the shutter works well within the existing colour scheme, with the whole tonal palette of the room remaining well on trend for A/W 13.