How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

Small bedroom design can be tricky. You want to create the illusion of space but still have everything you need. To create your own cosy and stylish sanctuary, it’s all about smart design and a clever use of space. Think strategic furniture placement, clever storage solutions, and thoughtful colour choices. With the right approach, you can transform your compact box room into a warm, inviting, and comfy retreat to make you or your loved ones feel right at home. So, let’s explore some creative ways to make the most of your small bedroom. 

Special shape window shutters in bedroom

Use Your Illusion 

Creating the illusion of space in a small bedroom hinges on strategic design choices. Incorporating mirrors is an excellent way to make any room seem larger, as they give a sense of depth and openness. Light-coloured walls are another top tactic; pale shades can make the room feel airier and more spacious.  

Then there’s furniture. Always look to select pieces that are proportional to the room’s size. Go with designs that are sleek and streamlined. It’s also important to avoid overcrowding the room with too many pieces. A more minimalist approach will help maintain a sense of spaciousness and order. The last thing we want is your small bedroom design to create a sense of chaos. 

Small Bedroom Design Storage Solutions 

Innovative storage solutions are a great way to maximise the space in your small bedroom. Walk-in wardrobes can offer excellent storage without taking up too much space, while under-bed storage is perfect for keeping items out of site but still accessible. 

Utilising vertical space is one of our favourite small bedroom design ideas. Installing shelves or storage units above head height not only saves floor space but also draws the eye upwards, creating a sense of openness.  

By thoughtfully considering storage options, you can keep your small bedroom organised and clutter-free, making it feel more spacious and comfortable. 

Keep Things Light and Bright 

By keeping your bedroom’s colour scheme nice and bright, you’ll significantly enhance the sense of space and airiness. Consider light-reflecting shades like pastels or soft neutrals; they’re perfect for making the room feel more open.  

And as a bonus, you’ll enjoy a more relaxing atmosphere, transforming your bedroom into your own little tranquil retreat. The right colour scheme has the power to totally transform any space, so get those swatches out. 

custom coral full height window shutters on bedroom windows

Plantation Shutters 

And finally, we arrive at our most favourite of favourite small bedroom design ideas: plantation shutters, of course. Shutters offer a gorgeous blend of functionality and style in any space, making them a superb window dressing suited to anywhere in the home. This is particularly true when trying to decide how to decorate a small bedroom. 

Their sleek design ensures they sit flush against the window, meaning they don’t take up precious space in smaller rooms. They’re also great for light control, letting you tailor the amount of natural light with a simple tilt of the slats. Plus, they provide excellent privacy and add an extra layer of insulation, making your small bedroom all the comfier for it.  

Shutters come in a wide range of styles, colours, and finishes too, so no matter your small bedroom design style, you’re sure to find a shutter to match. In fact, we guarantee it. 

The combination of these practical benefits with their aesthetic appeal makes plantation shutters an ideal solution for small bedroom spaces. 

Check out our range of quality bedroom shutters for your small bedroom, or request a free on-site appointment today and speak with one of our experts.