Interior Home Trends for Winter 2017/18

Like to be ahead of the crowd when it comes to fashion? Check out the interior design trends for winter 2017/18. Which will you choose for your house?

All black with a hint of nature

Black room schemes are very much a hot trend this year and into next but how to stop your room looking like a 1980s bachelor pad? The trick is to mix and match the black with lots of natural texture – in furniture, flooring and accessories – and only to add the tiniest touch of bling in gold accessories.

A touch of bling

Talking of gold accessories… add a smattering to any understated space to bring it up to par. Bronze, since you’re wondering, is very 2016 – but we reckon any warm metallic will be a bonus in a neutrally decorated space this winter.

Moody blues

Deep, dark, dramatic blues will give a living space, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom a dramatic appeal – and they work beautifully with gold and houseplants (more on those later). For a touch of boho chic, match the blues with other jewel shades and exotic fabrics inspired by the East.

Houseplants galore

Forget knick knacks on a coffee table – fill yours with houseplants for the latest look. Or, pile them down the centre of a long dining table, group them on a low side table, hang them in baskets from window fittings. Choose architectural, interesting plants that need little maintenance and don’t be afraid to mix in faux finds if that makes life easier.


It was a popular look last year and there’s no sign of the colour-blocking trend peaking just yet. It’s easy to use it on walls: paint one in one colour and the others in toning shades. But why stop there? Even window shutters can be designed to suit your colour scheming with our colour match service. And if you’re wondering, our colour match services means your shutters can be just about any colour in the spectrum… we just draw the line at gold.


Here’s a fab example of how to get graphic patterning just right. Inspired by the bedlinen, the walls and headboard of this contemporary bedroom have been painted in a restrained graphic design. The secret to success? Keep the colour palette restricted to no more than four shades, with a pale tone as the dominant one.

Lustrous fabrics

In winter, comfort is a big factor, so choose upholstery and cushion fabrics that are strokable, such as velvet, velour, chenille or faux fur. And don’t be afraid to pick it in pretty colours, too – believe it or not, pink in a living room remains a big trend – but go for a faded, dirty shade rather than a lipstick tone.

Contemporary but classic Scandi furniture

Once you’ve read our blog (and been inspired to buy our shutters), have a look online at contemporary Scandinavian rooms. For 2017/18 they’re a lot moodier and much more interesting than the all-white wood-washed interiors we all loved to admire 10 years ago – and they’re way ahead of the curve when it comes to furniture trends. The shapes and designs are still classically, timelessly stylish, but the contemporary twist – and the mix of modern and antique is much cooler.

Blooming great big florals

Overblown florals are making a contemporary comeback for upholstery, cushions, bed linen and even wallpaper. Our advice? While we love the trend we can’t see it lasting long enough to go on the walls (unless you like re-papering every couple of years), so keep it to soft furnishings and accessories that don’t dominate a room – and won’t cost a fortune to replace.

Woodland creatures

This is a trend that’s been keeping a low profile for a while but it makes an annual reappearance every winter – and it gets better every time. From fake deer heads to rabbit lampstands, squirrel motif cushions to bird prints, it’s cute, cuddly and can’t go wrong.