Play Room Fitted Wooden Shutters.

Parsons Green shutters

This snug play room in Parson Green has been fitted with Shutterly Fabulous wooden shutters. Our Parsons Green shutter customers had an extension built with wide open windows on each wall, and a triangular angled roof. Wide shutters are not a problem for our team of manufacturers here, give such a wide shutter frame stability it was actually sectioned into three parts, with the shutter panels opening up within those sections.

The triangle shaped end of the room, or Gable End has be fitted with triangle shaped shutters. Irregular shaped shutters like the gable end shutters in Parsons Green are something which we often have to contend with here at Shutterly Fabulous.

Our Shutter Manufacturers have a team of designers who will send us a detailed design drawing for us to approve before the gable end shutters, or triangle shutters are manufactured. They have to get the angling right which does take additional work and time, along with additional manufacturing time. There is an increased cost for triangle shaped shutters but this is something which we will be able to quote you for at the consultation which is a non obligation quote.

The Parsons Green shutters have been finished in Cloudy White, which is a softer white than our brightest white shutter paint finish. They have been manufactured in 64mm slats, or the 2 ½ inch slats which are actually our most popular slat size. We manufacture or shutters with different slat sizes. We have 47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm and a very large 114mm slat. The larger the slat, the more light can be let in when the slats are wide open.

If you have larger windows and larger panels, you can certainly look at using the larger slats. We would recommend using smaller slats if you have very small windows or a smaller reveal, as you need enough room for clearance for the shutter slats to be able to open and close fully.

If you are interested in larger slats, or just can’t decide, definitely organise a consultation. Our consultants have extensive design knowledge and will be able to look at the windows you have in your home to see what type of shutters will suit your window.