Survive a Heatwave with Plantation Shutters

With the heatwave continuing homes and offices around the country are struggling to stay cool and alert – here’s a few ideas for when you don’t have shutters to pull closed!

While we love the heat and this gorgeous weather – it can get tiring when trying to concentrate on work or sleeping at night. Obviously in the day time you can just angle your Shutterly Fabulous shutters to give you the maximum amount of shade, but even with this it can still become unbearably hot so here’s three quick tips to stay cool in the office.

Three Tips to Keep You Cool

A great quick fix to lower body temperature is to run cold water over your wrists, known as a ‘pulse point’ – exactly what it sounds, areas where you can feel your pulse. This quickly cools you and your blood stream down as the blood runs close to the surface of your skin. There are several others around your ears, insides of your angles and inside of elbow and knee joints.

Probably the most obvious is a refreshing ice lolly or cold drink, it’s absolutely essential to stay well hydrated in weather like this so ensure you are drinking plenty every day. The NHS recommends over 2 litres of water a day – so you’ll want to keep well over that!

Frozen fruit requires a bit of forethought; however is a great way to keep cool and stay healthy – think blueberries, strawberries and bananas. If you have the means, even a frozen smoothie can work throughout the day.