The Reasons to Install Shutters in your Child’s Bedroom

When you’re choosing how to decorate your child’s room or nursery, there are lots of considerations to keep in mind. Safety will always be at the top of the agenda, of course, along with practical elements like noise, temperature, and light control. There is also the question of how the aesthetic choices you make for your child’s bedroom will adapt to the passing of time as it turns from a nursery all the way through to a teenager’s room.

Childproof shutters are a safe, great-looking, and versatile way to dress your child’s bedroom, and if you’re thinking about installing shutters, we’ve listed some benefits below.

They’re adaptable

Plantation shutters have been a popular choice with home decorators for centuries because of their simple, elegant look. A versatile addition, shutters will complement different interior design choices and architectural styles. Whether your family home is an Edwardian townhouse, a thatched-roof cottage, a new-build flat or anything in between, plantation shutters are guaranteed to complement its interior.

Not only that, but they do not age – both in a literal sense and a stylistic one, too. Children’s room window shutters are durable and do not show the marks of time even decades after they’re installed. Unlike curtains or blinds, their timeless design isn’t subject to changing fashions, and their clean lines mean they’ll complement different schemes. All this means they’ll always look great even if you or your child’s tastes change over time.

Safety as standard

No matter your child’s age, their safety is the most important thing. But for younger children especially, eliminating any potential danger while they’re unsupervised is always front of mind when considering the fixtures and fittings of their nursery or bedroom, and child-safe window treatments. As your child becomes curious about the world around them and tactile with everyday objects, nursery window shutters become a natural choice. They’re safer than blinds, with no removable parts or cords, and they’re also more solid and studier than curtains, being much more difficult for a child to pull down, meaning your stylish new nursery window shutters can also take a weight off your mind.

You’re in control

The comfort and happiness of your child in their own room is also a factor to consider when it comes to your home’s interiors, and child-proof shutters can play a part. Being more solid than other window coverings means they can filter out nearby unwanted noise from outside, giving your child a better chance at a restful night’s sleep and a quiet place to relax.

Adjusting the louvres to let in more or less light will also give you control of your child’s environment and help regulate the temperature throughout the day and between the seasons, too. It all adds up to a happy, healthy home for your child as they grow.