Weybridge Triangular Window Shutters

Our wooden window shutters have always been offered in 2 different woods, the second of which was, until 2006, Oak. Oak has a lovely deep grain and is well suited to certain homes. We changed from making Oak shutters to making Elm shutters in 2006 as we found a reliable – and sustainable – source for this wood at a cost effective price. Shutters made from Elm have a very similar appearance to Oak with the stain soaking into the deep Elm grain to give your shutters a fantastic, rich appearance.

Wood Shutters Create a Perfect Finish

This converted attic in Weybridge has an entire wall of windows which has been fitted entirely with our poplar wood shutters finished in black paint.

This Weybridge attic window is a great example of how Shutterly Fabulous can install wooden window shutters to suit almost any window and space. It has various different shaped panels and Shutterly Fabulous have been able to design panels of wooden window shutters to allow access to the opening windows and to ensure a perfect fit for the triangular shape at the top. It really is spectacular to look at and has become a key design piece in this Weybridge home.

Due to the high quality paint and stain process our shutters receive, your shutters will not need retreating for a period of around 7 – 10 years. Of course this varies depending on how well you treat your shutters, but so long as you treat the panels with respect, your shutters will last a lifetime!

When you book a consultation with us we will take into account exactly how you will be using your windows and your window shutters and design wooden shutter panels to meet those requirements.

Shutterly Fabulous shutters are exclusive to us and our shutters are not sold via any other full service shutters company in the UK. Call us on 0800 9 700 800 to discover why we’re unique.