Why Choose Plantation Shutters?

Why Shutters?

It’s an open and shut case. From looks to sound-proofing, security to energy efficiency, there are all sorts of reasons to choose interior shutters.

1. Cut your heating bills and help the environment

Closing shutters at dusk is proven to insulate windows and can dramatically reduce your heating costs. Choose our sustainable Poplar hardwood shutters that use even fewer precious resources.

2. Easy cleaning for a healthier home

Dust is much easier to wipe off wooden slats than blinds and curtains. When these get ingrained with dust, it creates a breeding ground for dust mites. The result? Unpleasant itching and allergies.

3. Invest in real kerb appeal

You’re not just treating yourself to a crisp and contemporary revamp. When the time comes to sell, buyers will notice the difference too, since nothing says modern-and-maintained quite like plantation shutters. They’re just the thing to disguise unsightly PVC windows too.

4. Perfectly fitted in every way

With shutters you can express your style as you cover a space. Made-to-measure to the millimetre, they can go anywhere you want and be finished in all the colours of the rainbow.

5. Shhhutterly peaceful

A fully-closed wooden shutter acts as a natural noise barrier. Open or shut, our shutters are too sturdy and well made to bang and rattle around like blinds.

6. With privacy comes peace of mind

Close your eye-level shutters to keep your room and its contents out of sight and still let the light shine in from above. Complete reassurance for relaxing roadside living.

7. Control of light levels, protection from UV

No other window covering gives you better light control. Throw back your shutters to let the light flood in or angle the louvres upwards to keep the sun from fading furniture. (Don’t worry about fading shutters either; they’re finished in a UV protective paint or stain.)

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