Custom green tier on tier shutters

Pea green shutters

Hardwood, 64mm slat, central rod

Tier on tier shutters are a magnificent choice for those looking for extra flexibility when it comes to privacy, light control and interior styling in the home. The top half of these shutters can be smartly fully folded back thanks to the hinges on one side, all of the light is allowed in whilst your discretion is maintained due to the bottom part of these tier on tier shutters remaining closed. Despite the bottom shutters being closed, the traditional styled 64mm slats of these tier-on-tier shutters can remain slightly opened which also allows more of that bright natural light in. Crafted in light yet effortlessly durable hardwood, this style of shutter is ideal for larger windows, while the option for custom colours such as this pastel green (Dulux Jungle Fever 2 30GY 31/202) certainly makes a statement in this cosy living room space.

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