Full height poplar wood shutters

Full-height bay window shutters in white

Mid-rail, 76mm slat, hidden rod

In this room, the full height shutter really is the centrepiece dominating the curved edge wall from top to bottom. Yet the Too White shade allows them to complement their subtle and clean surroundings creating a sophisticated, contemporary interior feel. These full height shutters with 76mm slats not only elevate the area into a unique and spotless space, they create a hidden sanctuary whilst still allowing the warm natural light in. The smart looking Too White colour of this durable Poplar wood is completed with hidden rods, providing a tidy and uncomplicated feel. Whether you wish the room to be airy and bright in the day or cosy and secluded at night, it’s completely up to you thanks to the mid-rail meaning one part of the shutter can be opened and the other closed.

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