Golden oak full height shutters

Rustic wood stain shutters by Shutterly Fabulous

Mid-rail, 64mm slat, hidden rod

Solid elm shutters stained in golden oak work well in either traditional or contemporary rooms and with all colour schemes. The two wide panels hinged to one side of the window add a modern twist to this otherwise period window, while the interior mount ensures that the original window surround is still a feature of the room. Hinging both shutters to one side of the window reduces the visual impact of the shutters when they are folded back against the wall and is also a useful way to arrange shutters when the window is against a side wall or where furniture prevents your shutters folding neatly back on both sides of your window.

These full height shutters are crafted with a mid-rail for the option to control the top and bottom sections of louvres separately, providing extra flexibility and control over how much light is let into the room. The mid rail is also beneficial for bringing additional privacy for dining and living spaces without needing to compromise on enjoying natural daylight. As day turns to night, simply close both halves of the full height shutters for maximum privacy and a truly cosy atmosphere

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