Custom Colours

Most of our customers opt for tones of white, cream, grey, and natural wood. These colours can be chosen from our standard colour options, and there’s no denying that they work beautifully. But occasionally someone rings up asking for something a bit different, and that makes our ears prick up! So if you’re thinking of going off-piste, that’s where the colour charts come in. Custom colour shutters make a fabulous statement in interiors – and while our shutters are beautiful, we’re all for showing them off in juicy colours…

What colour shutters can I have?

Aside from our standard colour range, when it comes to custom colours, we can be very flexible. We are able to Colour match to the Farrow & Ball Core Collection, Little Greene’s ‘Colours of England’, ‘Green’ and ‘Grey’ collection, Dulux Trade ‘colour palette’ range and RAL Classic. While we are unable to match some of the limited edition ranges, you can always check we can offer your colour with the Shutterly Fabulous team. Our colour matching service incurs an additional 10% surcharge and is available on our painted Hardwood shutters only.

We price beat all UK Shutter Companies including: Hillary's & Thomas Sanderson.