Our Made-to-Measure Shutters

Our made-to-measure shutters sit so snugly and work so smoothly thanks to the bits and bobs, widgets, and gadgets that they are made with. All shutters are custom-made, meaning a perfect fit for your windows, and a quick process for us to install them. Even if your windows are unique shapes or in awkward places, we offer bespoke shutters to suit any windows. They’re all fitted as standard, so no need to worry about any extra costs! Browse our options to see how you can tailor your made to measure shutters to fit your style, windows, and practical needs.

Close up of front tilt rod


Diagram highlighting the tilt rod

Central Tilt Rod

The tilt rod is the vertical piece of wood which links the shutter slats together and allows all slats linked by that particular rod to open and close in unison. A front tilt rod is normally sited in the centre of the panel, but can be ordered offset to the side. There is no surcharge for the front tilt rod.


Clearview Tilt Rod

A Clearview tilt rod is a discreet aluminium rod hidden at the back of the shutter panel. To open and close the slats you simply adjust one slat manually and all slats will open and close in unison. There is no surcharge for the Clearview Tilt rod.



Diagram showing hidden tilt rod shutter

Hidden Tilt Rod

The hidden rod is the term given to the shutters which have the tilt rod completely hidden inside the stile of the shutter panel. To open and close the slats, you simply adjust any one of the slats and all slats attached to that rod will open in unison. Please note there is a 10% surcharge for the hidden tilt rod.



Diagram showing an offset tilt rod

Offset Tilt Rod

The standard distance for an offset tilt rod is 25mm from the end of the louvre, on the hinged side. Please note there is a 5% surcharge for the offset tilt rod.


Close up of shutters slats


Choose from four slat sizes to achieve the right light levels and perfect look for your room.


Shutterly Slat Options



Diagram showing slat widths available for made to measure shutters

Hinge options for made to measure shutters

No detail’s too small when it comes to making the perfect shutters, made to measure for your windows. Even the hinges you choose can make a big difference.


As a rule, we advise matching hinges to the finish colour for painted shutters, or picking a complementary metal tone for natural wood finishes. All our hinges come with matching screwheads to keep hinges looking neat and tidy.


One question worth asking yourself is how often you’ll be opening and closing your shutters. If you’re planning to throw them back each morning to welcome the day, the hinges will be on show more of the time. How noticeable do you want them to be?

Magnet plates on shutter


Magnet plates keep your shutters open or closed in the position you want, so not even the stiffest breeze can shift them.


When you open a Shutterly Fabulous made-to-measure shutter, it stays open and stays put. We use magnets on our shutter panels and corresponding magnet plates on the frame to keep shutters firmly in place through knocks or winds. Unlike many other shutter companies, our magnets even hold your shutters in place when they’re opened as a bi-fold.


Our Shutter Magnet plates will match whichever hinge finish has been selected, except for our Waterproof range which is always Stainless Steel.

illustration of shutters with points 1 to 6 showing key components

Get to know our shutters

  • 1 Rails

    Top and bottom rails enclose the slats to form the panel. (You can add a mid rail if you like.)
  • 2 Mouse Hole

    Front push rods sit in a recessed mouse hole in the rail when the slats are shut.
  • 3 Frame

    The frame houses the panel; it can fix directly onto a window or into the wall recess.
  • 4 Slats

    Slats tilt and rotate to control light levels, views and privacy. Slats close fully upwards.
  • 5 Vertical rails

    Vertical rails either side of the panel are called stiles.
  • 6 Front push rod

    The front push rod is a thin vertical wood bar that’s connected to the slats, controlling their position when moved up or down.

UK-made shutters

Our Faux Wood shutters are made right here in the UK. They’re delivered in weeks, not months.

Premium quality

We think there’s a simple beauty in doing something exceptionally well. That’s why we never compromise on quality

Since 2002

Since setting up shop in 2002, we’ve gone from the shores of Brighton to transforming homes nationwide.

Lowest UK price

Every slat and every shutter blind includes the best materials, the finest finish, and the lowest price you’ll find in the UK

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We love what we do. We hope that comes across when you speak to us. After all, it’s the Shutterly Fabulous way