Waterproof Bathroom Shutters in Cricklewood.

North London Shutters Hit in Bathroom

Bathroom Shutters are a fantastic way to create a splash in your home. Windows in a bathroom are notoriously difficult to dress effectively and shutters in your bathroom offer the perfect solution.

Many UK bathroom windows feature frosted glass which often has less than desirable leaf or flower patterns on the glass. While great from a privacy point of view, uPVC windows with flowery glass is not at the leading edge of contemporary design and can ruin the look of that stylish Duravit bathroom in 2 seconds flat!

That’s where bathroom shutters work so well. Shutters in a bathroom work best when you go for wider shutter panels that allow maximum light to enter the room. If you think about it, it’s quite rare that you will want to open the bathroom shutters back completely from the window. You will want to open the shutter panels to clean the windows or open a fanlight on the window. However, how many times are you really going to fold back the panels to reveal your nasty frosted glass, or, if you have clear glass, you’ll keep the bathroom shutter panels in place to ensure privacy.

These shutters looked stunning in a home near Cricklewood in North London. The bathroom was beautiful and the bathroom lent itself to having shutters installed on a small bay window that faced the front of the property. The bathroom window had clear glass therefore the bathroom shutters were installed to have the panels in place most of the time, with the slats tilted for privacy. The shutters were painted in an Alabaster finish to contrast with the colours used in the bathroom and look just fantastic.

Shutterly Fabulous make waterproof shutters for wetrooms or bathrooms where the shutters are going to be in direct contact with water. Make sure when you’re looking for shutters for your bathroom, you contact leading UK shutters company Shutterly Fabulous and we’ll be happy to help.