Our Bathroom Shutters

In many homes, the bathroom is a haven of tranquility, peace and quiet, and most importantly, privacy. So it’s understandable that this is where our bathroom shutters serve their most practical purpose.

Bathroom shutters are waterproof to guarantee against water ingress and offer the flexibility and clean lines that are tricky to achieve using blinds or frosted glass. Because we only use the finest woods, and craft each and every slat with a precision that’s second to none, our customers can enjoy a finish that will make the bathroom as stylish as it is functional.

With a vast spectrum of custom woods, glosses and colours to choose from, you can rest assured that not only are your bathroom shutters of the highest quality, but they have been designed to complement your interiors down to the last detail.

Waterproof polyvinyl shutters

When it comes to recommending bathroom shutters, we always suggest waterproof polyvinyl to ensure their quality isn’t compromised in the bathroom’s damp environment. Our waterproof shutters come in five shades of white for a simple yet stunning bathroom finish.

Cafe style

Café style shutters are a great choice for the bathroom. Covering only the bottom half of the window, these are ideal for maintaining privacy as well as enjoying the natural light from outside. Cafe style shutters are also a good fit for smaller windows that would benefit from a subtle and elegant finish.

Our experts

Nobody knows more about the best choice of bathroom shutters than our experts – they know windows of all shapes and sizes like the back of their hand! So whether you’re simply looking for some advice or a level of craftsmanship that you can trust to do the job well, why not book an appointment to have a chat about the right bathroom shutters for you?

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