Home Organisation Tips to Transform Your Property

Is your home in need of a bit of a reshuffle? We’re not talking facelifts here, people, but a little bit of home organisation goes a long way. In this quick blog entry, we’ll give you a few of our favourite home organisation hacks that’ll take your space from messy to, well, no more stressy!  

Kitchen Shutters

Arrange The Furniture 

Optimising your furniture should be one of the first steps on your home organisation journey. Remember to focus on pieces that combine style with functionality.  

Look for beds with built-in drawers, sofas with storage space underneath, or coffee tables and ottomans that open to reveal extra storage. These multi-functional furniture pieces help keep everyday items out of sight, reducing clutter and freeing up space. This approach makes your home look better and creates a cleaner, more open space. 

Brown living room shutters

Tidy Your Cables 

A slightly tedious but very helpful home organisation tip, organising and concealing wires and cables is a great way to declutter your space. Use cable ties, clips, or sleeves to bundle cables together and route them neatly along walls or under furniture.  

Consider using a cable management box to hide power strips and excess cables, or invest in furniture designed with cables in mind. This both streamlines your space and prevents tripping hazards. 

Use Vertical Space 

Especially useful in smaller home, using vertical space is one of our top home organisation hacks. Shelves are perfect for books, knick-knacks, curios, and plants, transforming bare walls into eye catching displays.  

Hooks and hanging systems are great for coats, bags, and even kitchen utensils, ensuring these items are easily accessible yet out of the way. Through strategic use of vertical space, you’ll free up valuable floor space while making your home feel more spacious and organised. 

Colour Coding 

Ok, this one isn’t for everybody, but hear us out. By arranging books, decorative objects, and even clothing in a gradient or blocks of colour, you create a visually striking display that makes finding items much easier.  

This method turns ordinary storage into an artistic statement, creating a more cohesive and harmonious interior design. Plus, it encourages a more organised approach to living, making it simpler to keep your home nice and tidy. 

Start a Cleaning Rota 

If you find staying on top of cleaning jobs a bit overwhelming, this is the home organisation tip for you. By allocating specific tasks to different days, cleaning becomes a manageable, ongoing process rather than a stressful chore.  

A consistent routine not only keeps your living environment in tip top condition but also significantly reduces the time and effort required to clean. And what’s wrong with that? 

Declutter with Shutters 

Shutters offer a sleek and uncluttered look for your home by fitting flush against windows. This means they take up less space than traditional blinds or curtains. This streamlined design adds to the overall look of your space while also contributing to a sense of order and spaciousness.  

Moreover, shutters are incredibly easy to clean compared to other window dressings (so they won’t take up much space on the cleaning rota), requiring little more than a quick wipe to keep them looking pristine. All this makes them a pretty, practical and stylish choice for reducing clutter and simplifying your home’s upkeep. 

If you would like to see what shutters can do for your home, request a free appointment with one of our Shutter Specialists today.