Twickenham Shutters Interior Wooden Shutters

Shutterly Fabulous has many customers based in Twickenham, and we are continually watching this customer base increase. Wooden interior shutters are a fantastic way to dress a window, to let in light, or darken a room, without cluttering up a window.

Shutterly Fabulous offer four different slat sizes for your window shutters, 47mm 64mm, 89mm and 114mm, our most popular being 64mm (or 2½”) Most customers find this gives a clear look of the plantation shutters, whilst not being too dominant (which in the wrong setting, the 89mm slat can be). However, if you are looking for a more contemporary look for your room the 89mm slat can give a slicker, less busy look to your window.

Find the Right Choice for You

As with all design options you choose, slat size is again a personal choice and there are no right or wrongs. Choosing which size of slat is best suited to your shutters is ultimately down to which size you think best suits your window and the design and interior style of your house.

Whether or not you choose to have visible push rods is another option open to you. Push rods (the central shutter slat tilt bar) give a more traditional look to your shutters while our concealed open sky system enables you to tilt the slats with the touch of just one slat. This Twickenham property has chosen the ‘open sky’ option for their style of push rods, loosing these vertical line of a central push rod has helped to create a more open and less fussy look to the finished look.

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