Wandsworth Victorian Window Shutters

Wandsworth Victorian Window Shutters

Shutters on bay windows are one of the most requested designs of windows that our customers have. In South London suburbs such as Wandsworth, Victorian terraced and semi-detached properties, with a lounge bay window and upstairs bay window, Victorian window shutters offer the perfect solution.

Wandsworth is dominated by Victorian-era housing stock. Most of these homes have either angled bay windows (such as those shown in the photograph) or box bay windows. The reason why shutters offer such an ideal solution is that by either having tier-on-tier panels or full-height panels with a mid-rail, you can adjust the control of light (and prying eyes) separately on the upper section of the window, versus the lower section.

This photo of a master bedroom in Wandsworth, London, shows a typical setup where there is a 3 section Victorian bay with a side window. This customer did not want to open the panels on a regular basis (aside from cleaning the windows) therefore chose to have full-height shutters with a mid-rail. The mid-rail is the horizontal piece of wood you can see inside the structure of the panels, the aligns with the midpoint on the sash window. This breaks up the run of Victorian shutters slats and enables you to tilt the slats on the lower section at angle where people outside, cannot see in, while tilting the top slats fully open, giving an unobstructed view.

The benefit of this over tier on tier, is that you do not have such a heavy amount of wood at the mid point. Tier on tier shutters are not the best design, if you are leaving the panels in situ most of the time, as you have an increase in the amount of solid wood on the window.

Be you in Wandsworth, Muswell Hill or Shoreditch. Wherever you are in London or the south east, we at Shutterly Fabulous would welcome the opportunity to help design Victorian window shutters that are perfect for your home. Contact us today for a shutterly surprising quotation.