What Type of Shutters Work Best in the Kitchen?

It’s the heart of the home, where aromas swirl and people gather. Your kitchen isn’t just a place for eating but also a canvas for your personal style. And what better way to enhance this space than with the perfect kitchen shutters? They’re not just about aesthetics though; they provide privacy, control natural light, and add a layer of insulation. But what are the best shutters for kitchen windows? Well, let’s find out. 

Kitchen Shutters

Finding Your Kitchen Shutters 

Choosing the right shutters for your kitchen is like picking the ingredients for one of your staple recipes: it needs to be just right (but it’s also down to your own personal taste). That’s the great thing about shutters – you can’t really go wrong. And besides their style points, they also give you privacy, light control, and a bit of added warmth.  

Kitchen Window Shutters: Mixing Style with Practicality 

Your kitchen shutters should offer a balance. You want them to control light and protect you from the prying eyes of passersby. But it’s also important that they match your kitchen’s vibe. It’s not about grabbing any shutter off the shelf; it’s about finding the right fit for your kitchen. 

But don’t worry, because whether your cooking space is modern and minimalist or romantic and rustic, there’s a shutter to suit. 

white kitchen shutters

Shutter Materials 

We have three different kitchen shutter materials for you to choose from: 

Polyvinyl Shutters 
Great for kitchens that get steamy. They’re tough against moisture – in fact, they’re 100% waterproof – and won’t warp, fade, or crack.  

Hardwood Shutters 
Best for drier kitchens. They offer a wide range of colours and finishes, adding a natural charm to your space. 

Faux Wood Shutters 
Our UK-made faux wood shutters are a solid pick if you’re leaning towards this type. Just like Polyvinyl, they’re completely waterproof. Plus, their lead time is significantly shorter. 

blue shutter doors open in the kitchen open

Types of Shutters 

Shutterly Fabulous have a wide range of shutter styles. Here’s a quick rundown of shutter types to help you decide: 

Full Height Shutters 
Cover your whole window for total privacy and a cosy feel. Great for if your kitchen overlooks a busy area. 

Café Style Shutters 
These kitchen window shutters cover the bottom part of your window only, offering privacy while still letting in plenty of light. Perfect for a bright and airy kitchen. 

Tier on Tier Shutters 
Get the best of both worlds with kitchen shutters that have separate top and bottom sections. Adjust them as needed for privacy and light. 

Solid Shutters 
For a traditional look and more light blockage, solid shutters are a great shout. They add a distinguished feel to any kitchen. 

Browse Kitchen Shutters 

The right shutter depends on your taste and your kitchen’s needs. Whether you pick full height for privacy, café style for light, tier on tier for flexibility, or solid for a traditional look, the key is finding shutters that fit your lifestyle and make your kitchen feel like home. 

In the end, the best shutter is one that you love and that works for your kitchen. So, take your pick and let your kitchen’s personality shine through. 

Ready to get started? Check out our kitchen shutter options and request your free in-home appointment today.