Our Kitchen Shutters

For many, it’s the heart of the home. The room where we get stuck into recipe books, feed the ones we love and enjoy a glass of wine after a long day at work. In fact, for some, the kitchen is just as much of a social hub as the living room. So choosing the right kitchen shutters to suit both the functional and aesthetic needs of your windows is something we know you want to get right.

From lighting to privacy and specific environmental factors like colour schemes and interiors, all angles are taken into consideration when fitting your kitchen shutters. Have a browse of the products and styles that we offer and you might just find yourself inspired.

Waterproof polyvinyl shutters

Environments such as the kitchen are prone to condensation build up which is why waterproof polyvinyl shutters are highly recommended to ensure they last the test of time. Available in five crisp shades of white, our shutters offer a classic and clean aesthetic.

Cafe style shutters

Ideal for kitchen-diner layouts, our café style shutters are a popular choice for enjoying privacy when you sit down to eat, whilst allowing you to make the most of the natural daylight at the same time. Cafe style shutters also work well with curtains for a cosy and intimate kitchen-diner interior.

Tracked door shutters

For rear kitchen doors leading onto the garden, our tracked door shutters provide optimum light control and privacy whilst the smooth concertina mechanism allows for easy access to the doors and garden area beyond.

Our experts

Not only do we take pride in the craftsmanship and attention to detail of our experts, but we also trust them to help you make the optimum choice for your kitchen shutters. From the ideal colours and materials, to the best fit for your window, our design experts are here to help you from the first consultation to the day that your kitchen shutters are installed.

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Successful Shutters in your Kitchen-Diner

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