White Wooden Bathroom Shutters

Wooden and vinyl bathroom shutters

This West London property had Shutterly fabulous install wooden shutters in their bathroom as well as the rest of the property. Bathroom shutters are manufactured from solid hardwood shutters.

If our consultant is certain that there is no danger of your shutter panels being damaged by direct contact with water, or high humidity due to poor ventilation, then they will advise if it is safe to use wooden shutters. Which give a greater range of colour options and the style of the shutters can vary, for example the customer can choose whether or not they wish to use a push rod to be able to operate the shutter slats opened and closed or not.

For many home owners privacy at bathroom windows has been an age old problem, for years property owners have had obscured glass fitted to bathroom windows but this is now perceived by many as being quite dated. Frosted film is a cheaper and more contemporary choice but as with the obscured glass it completely blocks any view from the windows. Blinds are an option as they can be tilted to give privacy, however they don’t have the same versatility as plantation shutters. As with the two window shutters pictured, shutters can have a mid rail which aligns with the window bar, this allows the top slats to be left open whilst the bottom slats below the mid rail can be angled to ensure privacy. Theses white wooden shutters therefore give the best of both worlds; privacy, day light and access to the outside views. More can be read on bathroom window privacy options on this money saving forum.

If you would like to book a consultation to discuss the shutter options open to you, contact the Shutterly Fabulous team on 0800 9 700 800 with your rough dimensions, that way our team can offer you a rough quote and if this meets your expectations we can arrange a consultant to visit at a time convenient to you.