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Conservatory shutter finishes

Our wooden shutters are a solid choice for conservatory windows, providing stunning window dressings that give a bespoke look for many years after installation. We offer several wooden material options, each sustainably sourced and crafted with care. If you prefer a grained shutter, our Premium Elm range will be one to take a look at. For a smooth look, our poplar range will be for you.

All of our conservatory shutters are painted or stained and coated in a UV protectant at no extra cost. This is essential for the durability of shutters for conservatory windows, with them being so exposed to damaging sunlight on a daily basis. If you’re looking for something more unique, we also offer a custom colour match service, ideal if you’d like to match with high street paints that feature elsewhere in your home.

Material and colour options for bay window shutters

You may be surprised to learn that different shutter materials bring about a remarkably different look to a bay window. When we listen to the needs of our customers at appointments, we tend to get them thinking about whether they’d prefer smooth or grained shutters, and the material choice is then simple.

Smooth shutters from our Classic Poplar range are very smooth to the touch. They tend to be painted shutters, great for bringing elegance and softness to a living room or bedroom with a bay window in it. For a sophisticated look, or if your interior design is more contemporary, smooth materials are the route to take.

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