Shutter sales and discounts

At Shutterly Fabulous we pride ourselves in offering a range of shutter styles that are made-to-measure using premium-grade timber hardwood.

We strive to not compromise on the quality of our shutters, but also to provide shutter sales and discounts that allow us to offer affordable shutters as well.

Our latest shutter sale comes right in time for the summer season. We are offering a saving of up to 20% on all of our shutters!

That means that from full height shutters to tier-on-tier shutters, we have the quality you are looking for at an affordable price across our range of shutters.

Our shutterly unbeaten price promise

We believe that the price of our made-to-measure and fully fitted shutters provide the best value for money in the UK.

This is helped by our shutter sale and discounts and by our Price Beat, which is the most comprehensive in the shutter industry and available until the day of your shutter installation!

What is the difference between our shutter sale and shutter discounts?

Our shutter sales will be across a range of different shutter style offerings, whilst there might be occasions where we provide a discount on a certain type of shutter in our range.

How do I know which shutters have a sale or discount on?

Book an appointment with one of our local shutter specialists. If there is a sale or discount on any of our shutters they will be able to give you all of the information you need before making a purchase.

How do I apply the shutter sale or discount when making an order?

The first step to ordering our shutters is getting an online estimate. This uses our inbuilt price estimator that requires just a few details from you about your windows and preferred shutter style. We can then give you an idea on the price.

After that, book an appointment with one of our local shutter specialists and they will provide the information you need on the shutter sale or discount.

Our expert designer consultants will then visit your home to take measurements, answer any questions and provide your free quote. This quote will contain the shutter sale or discount price.

After getting your quote, it shouldn’t be simpler to place order with us.

UK-made shutters

Our Faux Wood shutters are made right here in the UK. They’re delivered in weeks, not months.

Premium quality

We think there’s a simple beauty in doing something exceptionally well. That’s why we never compromise on quality

Since 2002

Since setting up shop in 2002, we’ve gone from the shores of Brighton to transforming homes nationwide.

Lowest UK price

Every slat and every shutter blind includes the best materials, the finest finish, and the lowest price you’ll find in the UK

Premium service

We love what we do. We hope that comes across when you speak to us. After all, it’s the Shutterly Fabulous way