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All of our shutters come with a finish of your choosing from our colour range, included in the price. Simply pick from the colour and finish swatches your consultant will bring to your appointment. We also offer custom colour matching for a 10% surcharge on our Hardwood Painted and Stained finish shutters.

Our most popular colours are the paler shades: we’re talking the whites, creams, and greys that give an effortlessly classic look. Wood stains are also popular, lending a warm, natural hue to windows and doors. Most of our shutters are finished with a soft eggshell touch.

Browse our colours below, and make an appointment today.

Painted Hardwood shutters

Our painted shutters are finished with the highest quality, specially-mixed paint that results in a pristine, beautiful coat. We also give our shutters an anti-fade treatment, which protects against fading from harsh UV rays. We also leave you with a tester pot of your chosen paint after we’ve installed your shutters, should you need to touch up any bumps or accidents down the line.

Available with both our Painted Hardwood and Waterproof Poylvinyl shutters.

Stained Hardwood shutters

If you prefer, you can choose Stained Hardwood shutters, rather than painted. We also offer a unique limewash finish which enhances the natural woodgrain like no other. Diverse and natural patterns make for extraordinary shutters, and with stains ranging from Natural to Walnut and Beach White to Matte Black, there are plenty of variations to choose from.

White shutters

Pale colours are hands-down our best-selling shutters. Classic, effortlessly chic, and lifting in any room, white shutters are always a good choice. And as those who live and breathe interiors, let us tell you, white is not just white. Choose from Vivid White or softer tones like Traffic White or Cream, and you won’t look back.

Grey shutters

After something with a dusky difference? Grey shutters retain the smartness of white shutters, while also adding a comforting difference. Grey is smart, and also homely. A great colour for a kitchen, grey works particularly well on cafe-stylé shutters.

Shutter colour inspiration

Ready to choose shutters, but unsure what shade to go for? Here’s a selection of our classically beautiful shutters!

Colours we offer

Painted Hardwood Finish

Vivid White

Traffic White


Cream Grey

Grey White

Signal Grey

Traffic Grey

Black Grey

Hardwood Stained Finish

Limewash White

Beach White






Matte Black

Polyvinyl Waterproof Finish

Vivid White

Traffic White