Adding Value to Your Home with Shutters

Plantation shutters are just a fantastic investment for any home. Not only do they look amazing, but they also come with so many benefits that you might not have even known about! One of those being the value that they can add to your house if you were to ever sell up. This is great for the homeowner who is looking to stay smart and add value to their homes so that when/if you do sell, the fabulous window shutters you had installed will have added to the overall price tag of your house.

Windows in your home take up a lot of wall space, so it’s only right that they are properly dressed in a window treatment to make them pop. Installing made to measure shutters that are measured to fit your windows perfectly, look sleek and have a genuine luxury look about them. I’m sure you’ll agree they look better than an old set of dis-coloured blinds or a dusty curtain! With a selection of colours and materials to choose from you can really personalise your home to suit the colour palette you may already be using. Perhaps you’re looking for a vibrant statement colour to complement your current style, or maybe you’re keen on a neutral shade? There’s scope for flexibility in the future. Whatever the style, a set of interior shutters will enhance the overall appeal of your home.

Making your home standout with shutters

Every angle you see shutters from, inside and out, they boost the all-important kerb appeal. Giving your home a welcoming and stylish look whilst keeping the privacy control in your hands. Shutters will make your home stand out amongst the rest with a far more unique appearance – the outside of your home can be a big selling point so it’s important to make sure that it’s looking it’s best too.

Permitting you buy your shutters from a good quality store (like us), your shutters will stand the test of time. Our customers are as proud of their beautifully installed shutters as we are, being made from premium quality materials, they are durable, long lasting, and super easy to maintain over time. AND with waterproof polyvinyl options to choose from, they can even cope with humid environments without warping or being damaged – so you won’t find yourself needing to replace them often or fork out for repair bills.

Laying against the window, shutters act as a layer of insulation against the glass pane. When closed they can stop airy drafts from drifting inside, which is a huge bonus in the winter keeping your rooms warm and cosy – perfect on a wintery evening. It’s common (especially in older houses) where windows are thinner, that the heating gets cranked up to compensate for the escaped heat. A set of interior shutters will keep the warm air where it belongs, so that you don’t have to rely on turning your thermostat up quite so often. Though it might not seem like much, you’ll certainly notice a difference in energy usage once your home has shutters installed – they’re fantastic for ventilation and heat absorption.

Our shutters are the perfect way to add value to your home, whilst saving you some money over the years to come. With their durability they are a long lasting choice that look fantastic even with age. If you’re interested in our shutters and want to find out more, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 9 700 800, for a no fee, no obligation home visit.