Shutters Maintenance: Can you Paint Shutters?

At Shutterly Fabulous we often get asked by our clients “Can you paint plantation shutters?”  A quick internet search will yield an abundance of results to this question, so to make things easier for you we’ve comprised this quick guide to answer all your paint-related questions.

In short, we would always say to our customers that they should avoid painting their bespoke shutters. Let’s find out why.

neutral colour bedroom shutters

Can you paint plantation shutters?

The question isn’t so much can you paint wooden shutters, but rather whether you should. Of course, it’s possible to paint almost anything, but we would always recommend that our customers steer well clear of repainting their shutters.  Our shutters are sprayed with several coats of an acrylic-based polyurethane (PU) paint which gives them their signature flawless finish. PU is a very durable paint with resistance to several external factors such as chemicals, abrasion, UV, temperature and – most importantly – water.

Nowadays most paints are water-based so any attempt to paint them with such materials will spoil the look of your beautiful shutters. Not only this, but any attempt to repaint your shutters will require their removal first. Doing so would invalidate our 5-year warranty, so that’s an approach well worth avoiding! Therefore, it could be best to avoid painting your shutters once they are installed.

Green café style shutters

What about Polyvinyl shutters?

Another question frequently put to us is “Can I paint vinyl shutters?” Just the same as with our solid hardwood shutters we would say it is best to avoid painting them altogether. This is especially applicable with our polyvinyl range because it is a waterproof product. As already highlighted, our PU paint is highly water-resistant, so any attempt to use a water-based paint on our waterproof PV shutters will end in a less than aesthetically pleasing result.

What if I accidentally scratch my shutters?

Whilst we do recommend that our customers avoid painting their shutters, we understand that sometimes accidents happen. Maybe you’ve accidentally smeared the frame and left an unsightly mark, or a pet has scratched a slat resulting in a little bit of paint coming off. Luckily, we provide a little pot of specially made touch-up paint following every installation so that these little mishaps can be easily rectified. Whether it’s a small scratch or tiny fleck, it can be touched up within minutes, to ensure your shutters continue to look as good as the day they were installed. So, you can get that quality look back without painting the shutters again from scratch.

Grey tier on tier shutters, a timeless colour choice

Make your shutter colour a timeless choice

We understand the desire to paint your shutters. Who doesn’t like to spruce up their home with a new colour scheme every once in a while? Indeed, according to one survey, in the UK we decorate our homes once every two and four years. So how best to avoid changing your shutters every time you decide to put a new lick of paint up? The simple answer is, choose a colour that is timeless.

If you’re planning on decorating in the near future, then we would always recommend going for an understated look that will age with your taste. We provide a number of shutter colours including whites, off whites and subtle wood stains so your shutters will complement any look you may go for in the future. Of course, this shouldn’t put you off going for those coloured shutters that you’ve had your heart set on. Colour needn’t mean constraint, and with us providing a colour match service for Dulux Trade, Farrow & Ball and Little Green paints, you’ll be sure to find the perfect, timeless colour for any room.

If you would like more information on shutter care or would like to book an in-home consultation with one of our shutter specialists, then you can request an appointment, or call us on 0800 970 0800.