5 Reasons to Choose Coloured Shutters

Don’t shy away from colour. We’re seeing more and more interior designers favour bright and uplifting tones and shutters provide the perfect canvas for hues across the spectrum.

Interior trends have more recently favoured stripped back, Scandi style over loud, bold designs, but could it be time to embrace something a little livelier? Colour is edging its way back into the home, and whether you opt for playful mustard yellow or muted and suave charcoal, shades across the spectrum are splashing their way onto every surface. Expert craftsmanship and superb quality make our shutters the perfect base for whichever colour you choose to bring your home to life. Our range of colours and finishes mean you can customise your shutters to suit your style. Here are just a few reasons why we think coloured shutters are a must-have.

1. Create a positive and uplifting space

Your home is where you come back to unwind, reset and recharge, so naturally, you want to create a space that allows you to do so. There really is no better way to bring an uplifting sense of vibrancy into your home than with colour, and the versatility of shutters means this is easy to achieve. Don’t be afraid to go bright with classically smiley yellow which will immediately radiate cheerful energy into your room. A sophisticated accent to any bedroom, solid panel shutters are the ideal platform for any colour to take centre stage. Opt for a gentle petal pink to create a charming and chic boudoir where you can wake up happy and relaxed. A pop of colour from kitchen shutters will instantly add a welcoming appeal to the heart of your home. Café style shutters are an excellent choice for keeping things light in the kitchen and can be customised in a variety of tones like a fiery red or organic, lush green while still letting the natural light shine through to lift the room.

custom blue kitchen shutters

2. More is more

Pared-back and subtle are no longer at the top of your interior design vocabulary list. Let your character show through whimsical patterns and eye-catching colours while your keepsakes and knick-knacks are welcomed back from the attic and take pride of place in the living room. Maximalism is all about creating comforting and inviting spaces with a more lighthearted and emotional approach to interior design and is fast becoming favoured over neutral, stripped-back styles. Coloured shutters are an ideal accent to brazen and lavish spaces, with so many ways to work them into your home. Sleek yet playful, co-ord colours work beautifully in maximalist rooms, so pick a shade for your walls and shutters and let the texture of the louvres add dimension and depth; extending the colour palette from the walls to the windows will tie the eccentricity of the room together. Style with gilded details that exude luxury, but keep it contemporary with a fusion of decorations that span the decades. Bigger and bolder doesn’t necessarily mean brash, however. If channelling a more regal and opulent tone, painted black shutters allow the details in your design to stand out while offering a sense of privacy and glamour.

custom colour tier on tier shutters

3. Darker tones for a modern classic style

Minimalists, do not despair. While the bigger and bolder design is certainly making a comeback, clean, classic interiors will remain timeless, and expanding the colour palette of your home will help achieve this. Although white shutters are a great way to create a slick and minimal look, coloured shutters in darker hues will elevate any room and give your Scandi space a total refresh. Fit full height shutters in an opaque black or dark charcoal in a room with rich, wooden floors to make a bold statement that is undeniably stylish and enduring. Contrast textures with crisp yet soft white furnishings and sleek glass tables for a contemporary look that remains inviting. Injecting colour into more traditional designs is a simple way to make an impact, and our solid wood panel shutters will do just the trick. A smooth coat of black paint will add a punchy yet mature vibe to your room that lets this feature thrive in a minimalist setup, complemented by ambient lighting and dense palm leaves to keep things cosy.

coloured shutters

4. Kids room and beyond

Colour never feels out of place in the kids’ bedrooms, so what better place to have fun with various styles and tones? There’s no need to restrict yourself to the traditional pink or blue either. Cheerful greens bring vibrancy and happiness into this playful space and look great on any shutter style, though full height shutters are a great way to brighten the room with natural light with their adjustable slats. Solid panel shutters are perfect for blocking out the light in children’s rooms so they can drift off to get all the sleep they need even during the longer summer evenings. These shutters are also an ideal blank space upon which to showcase your child’s favourite colours, and there’s no need to stick to just one colour. For a fun yet understated look your children will love, add multi-coloured spots to a white base to create a cosy and colourful den they won’t want to grow out of. Keep things lively with multi-coloured pastel panels, so even when closed to cool things down, their room will feel like a dazzling rainbow.

5. Add an interesting focal point

When styling any room in your home, you want to consider what your key focal points will be. Drawing attention to the window will make your room appear lighter and give the illusion of more space, so making this your focal point with coloured shutters is guaranteed to create an uplifting atmosphere. For a fresh twist on a classic design, opt for a tonal gradient across solid panel shutters, a great look for floor-to-ceiling windows or french doors that will transform the room when closed. Make a statement with louvred shutters and choose contrasting colours for the frames and the panels for a vibrant impact, just remember to keep the walls neutral, favouring décor that accents your chosen tones and lets your shutters take centre stage.

Considering coloured shutters? Shutterly Fabulous shutters can be colour-matched to any Farrow & Ball, Dulux Trade or RAL colour of your choice to complement your interior scheme. Book an appointment today to discuss your options.