So, you’ve found your dream first home, you’ve made your offer, finalised the mortgage, exchanged contracts, and you’ve got the keys. Hurray! Now, all that’s left to do is move in and turn this house into a home. While we can’t help you pick out furniture or choose the flooring, we can give you some advice on the windows. It may not surprise you to learn that made-to-measure shutters get our vote. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it. In the next couple of minutes, we’ll cover just a few of the benefits of shutters that make them the ideal choice for new homeowners.

Made-to-Measure Shutters are An Investment

Where home improvements are concerned, long-term benefits should always be at the forefront of your mind.  Made-to-measure shutters aren’t just something to make your windows look pretty, although they will do exactly that. They’re an investment for your home too. How so? Well, our affordable shutters are built from the finest quality materials, with sturdiness and longevity firmly in mind. As such, they won’t just last you for a few years and then fall apart. In fact, given the correct maintenance, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy your shutters for decades to come. And to show you we’re not just talking a big game, we’ll even give you a 5-year warranty with every order. Worried about keeping costs down? Well, luckily, shutters can be affordable whatever your budget.

Kerb Appeal

Shutters can significantly enhance your home’s kerb appeal. By getting your own made-to-measure shutters, you’ll add a stylish, sophisticated look to your home’s exterior, setting yours apart from the neighbours’. There are a range of shutter styles available, as well as colours and finishes, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect shutters to complement your exterior. But that’s not all. This improved kerb appeal can even increase your home’s value. Shutters are a semi-permanent fixture, making them an attractive proposition for any prospective buyers.

Futureproof Your Windows

Unlike curtains or blinds, shutters won’t fade or discolour over time, meaning they’ll look almost new for years to come. On top of this, because of their timeless look, shutters will never be out of place when it comes time to redecorate. So, whether your new style is modern, minimalist, or rustic, your made-to-measure shutters will remain the perfect companion piece. This will save you time and money when you do eventually decide to spruce up the home.

Living Room Shutters

Save Money on Energy Bills

One of the lesser-known benefits of shutters is that they’re excellent insulators. This is because, unlike other window dressings, they’re made to the exact specifications of your window, sitting tight and flush against the recesses. This keeps out drafts and prevents heat from escaping, saving you from having to use the heating as much during the colder months. In fact, Historic England carried out their own study on the thermal performance of different window dressings. They found that a well-fitting set of shutters will reduce heat lost through the windows by around 60%. So, not only are you getting cheap shutters, you’re getting efficient ones too. Win win!

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How we decorate the home is very much shaped by what is current. But with things moving so quickly, it can be difficult to keep track of all that’s new in the interior design world. Well, to give you a helping hand, we decided to write up this handy style guide to give you a eye on what’s going to be making a splash in 2023. But before we get into that, let’s have a look back at the year that’s just been.

Interior Design Trends 2022

Interior design trend wooden effect

Traditional fixtures were a big winner in 2022. Whether it was skirted furniture, pattern mixing, or antique pieces coming to the fore, in 2022, the past was very much the present. Lucky for us, our Solid Double Raised Shutters fit neatly into this bracket, allowing us to kit out our customers’ homes with a look that’s at once traditional yet contemporary.

Another big buzzword in the year that’s almost behind us was “sustainability”. Interior design afficionados sought style and innovation with an eco-friendly bent. We noticed this trend among our customers too, with many asking about our shutters. We were able to proudly tell them that our Wooden Shutters are manufactured from sustainable, responsibly forested areas.

Other trends included 1970s-inspired décor, curved furnishings, biophilic design, home libraries, and pattern plays. But that was then, and this is now…

Interior Design Trends 2023

Interior design trend

There is a whole raft of trends that promise to set the interior design world alight in 2023. But where do plantation shutters come into things? Well, there are quite a few upcoming design movements that tick the shutters box.

Hideaway home offices have been popular since 2020, and this shows no signs of stopping in 2023. And what’s the perfect window dressing for a cosy home workspace? You got it: plantation shutters. Their movable slats offer the perfect blend of light management and privacy, so you can create the perfect atmosphere for those WFH days.

Coloured concrete also looks set to make a big bathroom splash in the coming year. The beauty of this is two-fold: simplicity and versatility. Concrete is now available in a broad variety of colours and needn’t be the exclusive reserve of the bathroom either. More than ever, we’ll start to see coloured concrete making an appearance in kitchens and even floors. It’s also the perfect pairing for a set of Shutterly Fabulous shutters. How so? Well, did you know that Shutterly Fabulous offers a custom colour service? This means you can keep up with the latest design trends, no matter your desired style.

Dating as far back as 5,000 years, wickerwork is the oldest furniture making method known to history. But that’s not to say that it’s gone out of style. In fact, indoor wicker furniture is having a bit of a moment. Ideal as a companion piece for a contemporary or rustic aesthetic, it’s light, durable, and sustainable. Plus, if you want a perfectly paired window dressing, a set of wood-stained shutters will serve as the perfect pairing.

Whilst usually associated with period properties harking back to classical architecture, arched windows and doors have suddenly become contemporary again. So, if you’re planning a renovation anytime soon, it might be time to consider adding arches to the space. And while you’re at it, why not opt for some matching arched shutters?

Plantation Shutters for 2023

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A good window dressing doesn’t just bring out the best in a room. It’s also about bringing the best of the outdoors into your home. A window dressing should block the light when you wish, and also make it easy to invite the light in. That’s why it’s important to have a dressing that is versatile, long-lasting, elegant, and customisable. Well, as luck would have it, our made to measure shutters do just that.

Grey living room shutters

Light and Privacy

With plantation shutters, you’ll have the ultimate control over light and privacy. Their movable slats mean you’re able to adjust them as you like, so you can see out while those on the outside cannot see in. Their panels can open entirely, too. This lets the maximum amount of light into the room – perfect for catching some rays on those sunnier days. But with so many different options to choose from, how do you make sure you’ve got the best shutters to let the outside in? Well, that’s why we’re here…

Full Height

Out of all our shutter styles, this one is the most popular – and for good reason. Full height shutters cover the entirety of the window, so they’re perfect for privacy. But, as mentioned above, they can be hinged away from the window to allow in as much light as possible. You can also have separate slat control on the top and bottom sections, curtesy of a mid-rail or hidden split.

Café Style

Café style shutters cover the bottom portion of the window only. Usually this is halfway, but it is entirely up to you where the shutters stop. Because the top section of the window is uncovered, you’ll have much more light coming into your home – even while they’re closed. This style of shutter works in any space, but they’re particularly well-suited to medium and large windows.

tier on tier white living room shutters

Tier on Tier

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, our tier-on-tier shutters are the perfect choice. This range of shutter covers the entirety of the window, but they are divided into two sections: top and bottom. Both sections operate entirely independently, meaning you can hinge the top section open while the bottom remains closed. Essentially, tier-on-tier shutters can function much the same as café style. The main difference is that you have the option to close the top section.

Add Some Colour

When you think of shutters, the colour that springs to mind is probably white. And for good reason. It’s a classic look that works in contemporary or traditional spaces. However, if you want to bring more of the outside into your home, why not opt for something a little more natural? We offer a variety of grained wood finishes, perfect for bringing some nature into your home.

More than a window dressing

Did you know that shutters aren’t just for windows? They can be fitted onto patio doors or even as a room divider. The best way to do this is with tracked shutters. They’re practical, stylish, and allow for maximum light exposure when slid all the way open. Perfect for surveying a lovely garden.

All of our range of shutters are made to measure to the exact specifications of your windows. No other window dressing is as tailor made to your home as shutters. So, if you’d like to learn more, please get in touch.  Simply send an email to today.

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Plantation shutters are just a fantastic investment for any home. Not only do they look amazing, but they also come with so many benefits that you might not have even known about! One of those being the value that they can add to your house if you were to ever sell up. This is great for the homeowner who is looking to stay smart and add value to their homes so that when/if you do sell, the fabulous window shutters you had installed will have added to the overall price tag of your house.

Windows in your home take up a lot of wall space, so it’s only right that they are properly dressed in a window treatment to make them pop. Installing made to measure shutters that are measured to fit your windows perfectly, look sleek and have a genuine luxury look about them. I’m sure you’ll agree they look better than an old set of dis-coloured blinds or a dusty curtain! With a selection of colours and materials to choose from you can really personalise your home to suit the colour palette you may already be using. Perhaps you’re looking for a vibrant statement colour to complement your current style, or maybe you’re keen on a neutral shade? There’s scope for flexibility in the future. Whatever the style, a set of interior shutters will enhance the overall appeal of your home.

Making your home standout with shutters

Every angle you see shutters from, inside and out, they boost the all-important kerb appeal. Giving your home a welcoming and stylish look whilst keeping the privacy control in your hands. Shutters will make your home stand out amongst the rest with a far more unique appearance – the outside of your home can be a big selling point so it’s important to make sure that it’s looking it’s best too.

Permitting you buy your shutters from a good quality store (like us), your shutters will stand the test of time. Our customers are as proud of their beautifully installed shutters as we are, being made from premium quality materials, they are durable, long lasting, and super easy to maintain over time. AND with waterproof polyvinyl options to choose from, they can even cope with humid environments without warping or being damaged – so you won’t find yourself needing to replace them often or fork out for repair bills.

Laying against the window, shutters act as a layer of insulation against the glass pane. When closed they can stop airy drafts from drifting inside, which is a huge bonus in the winter keeping your rooms warm and cosy – perfect on a wintery evening. It’s common (especially in older houses) where windows are thinner, that the heating gets cranked up to compensate for the escaped heat. A set of interior shutters will keep the warm air where it belongs, so that you don’t have to rely on turning your thermostat up quite so often. Though it might not seem like much, you’ll certainly notice a difference in energy usage once your home has shutters installed – they’re fantastic for ventilation and heat absorption.

Our shutters are the perfect way to add value to your home, whilst saving you some money over the years to come. With their durability they are a long lasting choice that look fantastic even with age. If you’re interested in our shutters and want to find out more, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 9 700 800, for a no fee, no obligation home visit.

When you’re choosing how to decorate your child’s room or nursery, there are lots of considerations to keep in mind. Safety will always be at the top of the agenda, of course, along with practical elements like noise, temperature, and light control. There is also the question of how the aesthetic choices you make for your child’s bedroom will adapt to the passing of time as it turns from a nursery all the way through to a teenager’s room.

Child proof shutters are a safe, great-looking and versatile way to dress your child’s bedroom, and if you’re thinking about installing shutters, we’ve listed some benefits below.

They’re adaptable

Plantation shutters have been a popular choice with home decorators for centuries because of their simple, elegant look. A versatile addition, shutters will complement different interior design choices and architectural styles. Whether your family home is an Edwardian townhouse, a thatched-roof cottage, a new-build flat or anything in between, plantation shutters are guaranteed to complement its interior.

Not only that, but they do not age – both in a literal sense and a stylistic one, too. Children’s room window shutters are durable and do not show the marks of time even decades after they’re installed. Unlike curtains or blinds, their timeless design isn’t subject to changing fashions, and their clean lines mean they’ll complement different schemes. All this means they’ll always look great even if you or your child’s tastes change over time.

Safety as standard

No matter your child’s age, their safety is the most important thing. But for younger children especially, eliminating any potential danger while they’re unsupervised is always front of mind when considering the fixtures and fittings of their nursery or bedroom, and child safe window treatments. As your child becomes curious about the world around them and tactile with everyday objects, nursery window shutters become a natural choice. They’re safer than blinds, with no removable parts or cords, and they’re also more solid and studier than curtains, being much more difficult for a child to pull down, meaning your stylish new nursery window shutters can also take a weight off your mind.

You’re in control

The comfort and happiness of your child in their own room is also a factor to consider when it comes to your home’s interiors, and child proof shutters can play a part. Being more solid than other window coverings means they can filter out nearby unwanted noise from outside, giving your child a better chance at a restful night’s sleep and a quiet place to relax.

Adjusting the louvres to let in more or less light will also give you control of your child’s environment and help regulate the temperature throughout the day and between the seasons, too. It all adds up to a happy, healthy home for your child as they grow.

Bay windows are the perfect way to invite the most sunshine into your home. If you have curved bay windows, you’re going to love seeing these plantation shutters for curved bay windows and picturing how great they could look in your home. This style offers many benefits and advantages over other types of window coverings, let’s take a look!

Advantages of Curved Bay Window Shutters

  • Sunlight: You gain so much versatility when you install bay window shutters. You have control over how much sunlight gets in, meaning you can have things wide open, perfect for filling the room with natural light.
  • Privacy: What makes the shutters great for sunlight is also what makes them great for privacy – the fact that you have total control to completely open or close your shutters at any time, or to adjust the slats to let in just the right amount of light. You can block the view from outside of your home, while still enjoying fresh air and light in your home.
  • Aesthetics: Shutters look fabulous when they’re installed on bay windows, they really accentuate the size and grandeur of these often unique windows. Curved bay shutters provide such a timeless look that it’s simply a shame to have bay windows that aren’t adorned with shutters!
  • Made-to-measure: There are so many different options available when it comes to style, size, and colour that we’ll be able to curate the perfect selection of shutters to suit your home, for a one-of-a-kind result that was tailor-made just for you.

Why Shutterly Fabulous for Curved Bay Shutters?

Our experienced team has been working with shutters for many, many years. We’re the original custom shutter provider in the UK, and we custom make each and every shutter for your home to meet your exact specifications. Everything is measured flawlessly, carefully chosen to meet your style and requirements, and then masterfully installed.

Our shutters can be found in homes across the UK and you’ve probably already seen them before! Even though we’re in so many homes, we’re still equally excited to hear from each new homeowner, to help you come up with the perfect plan for your space.

Life is busy enough, so we’ve made it easy to buy curved bay shutters for your home, and to have them installed at a time that suits your schedule.

Living Room Shutters for Curved Bay Windows

For the amount of time that most people spend in their living rooms, it’s a shame that more people aren’t absolutely in love with their windows. Windows are such a lovely aspect of the home, with so much potential, but many people are still fighting with stubborn blinds or unruly curtains.

Tier on tier shutters are the perfect living room shutters when you have tall windows. For wider windows, cafe style can be an excellent option. This also applies for choosing curved bay window shutters.

If you love to watch the sun rise with a cup of tea, but you want to eliminate glare on your television while you watch the evening news, shutters make these adjustments easier than any other option.

Bedroom Shutters for Curved Bay Windows

While the goal of a living room might be to let the light in, it’s usually the opposite in a bedroom. Because of that, people with curved bay windows in their bedrooms are more likely to choose bedroom shutters with solid panels. The solid panels work best for keeping as much light out as possible, and they also help to dampen any outside noises.

We price beat all UK Shutter Companies including: Hillary's & Thomas Sanderson.