Interior Design Trends for 2024

As we step into 2024, the world of interior design is buzzing with fresh and exciting trends. Whether you’re a decor enthusiast or simply looking to spruce up your space, these upcoming 2024 interior design trends will give you some inspiration. But before we dive into the top interior design trends for 2024, let’s have a quick recap of what was setting the design world alight in 2023.

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2023 Interior Design Trends

In 2023, hideaway home offices remained at the forefront of interior design (for post-2020 reasons that we won’t get into), with plantation shutters being the ideal choice for light management and privacy. Coloured concrete also gained some major traction, particularly in bathrooms, kitchens, and even flooring.

Wickerwork furniture, known for its durability and sustainability, made a comeback too, pairing particularly well with wood-stained shutters for a rustic or contemporary look. Additionally, arched windows and doors had their day in the sun too. But that was then. What about now?

Interior Design Trends 2024

Much like any other year, the ups and downs of the interior design world are too many to list in a short blog. So, to save you (and us) a bit of time, we’ve listed 6 of our absolute favourites for you to get your teeth into.

1. Bold Colours: Making a Statement

2024 is all about making bold statements with colour. Expect to see vibrant hues like deep blues, striking greens, and rich yellows making a splash. These 2024 interior design colours are sure to bring vibrancy and personality to any room, perfect for those with a taste for the audacious. That’s something we can certainly get on board with. Don’t see anything bold enough in our standard deck? No problem. Luckily, Shutterly Fabulous has a range of shutter colour options for you to choose from, including our custom colour-matching service.

2. Homely Living Rooms: Comfort Meets Style

The living room is once again taking a turn towards the homely and comfy. Think plush sofas, soft textures, and warm lighting. Anything that’ll give you a big old hug. This trend is all about creating a space that invites relaxation and togetherness, making your living room the heart of the home. Who cares if you fall asleep on the couch with a chocolate bar in your mouth when you’re surrounded by such class?

3. Tone-on-Tone Decor: Monochromatic Magic

Tone-on-tone decor is set to be huge in 2024. This approach involves decorating a room in layers of a single hue, creating a harmonious and sophisticated look. It’s about playing with different textures and shades within one colour palette for an effect that’s at once uniform and striking. And if it saves you a few pennies on paint, we’ll just call that a bonus.

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4. Vintage Lighting Choices: A Nod to the Past

Vintage lighting fixtures are making a comeback. From ornate chandeliers to retro lampshades, these lighting choices add character and nostalgia to modern interiors, blending the old with the new in perfect harmony. Just be careful not to light your old-timey candles too close to any fabrics.

5. Artisanal Furniture and Fixtures: A Handcrafted Touch

Artisanal furniture and fixtures are in the spotlight once again, emphasising pieces that showcase craftsmanship and uniqueness. This trend celebrates handcrafted pieces that tell a story, adding a personal and authentic touch to your home. If ever there were a time to get down to your local thrift store or flea market, it’s now.

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6. Tying It All Together with Shutters

Amid these exciting trends, emerges shutters from Shutterly Fabulous. We have a range of shutter styles available, so you’re sure to find your perfect fit. All our shutters can be tailored to fit any of these 2024 design trends. Whether it’s complementing bold colours with our custom colour options, adding an elegant touch to homely living spaces, or matching the artisanal vibe with our wood-stained finishes, our shutters are as versatile as they are stylish. Plus, they’re more than a pretty window dressing. Practical benefits like light control and privacy make them a must-have in any trend-forward home.

Add Shutters to your Interior in 2024

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