Reducing Hayfever Allergens with Plantation Shutters

Summer, the light at the end of a dark long winter. Most of us look forward to the season for a large part of the year, basking in the beautiful sunshine, your garden blossoms, and everything looks lovely. Of course, the cool breeze passing through your house is refreshing, and on a hot day, the light breeze makes all the difference. But as much as we love Summer, many of us suffer with hayfever allergies, the incessant sneezing, itchy mouth and throat, puffy eyes and all the other frustrating symptoms pollen can cause.

Keeping the windows shut is hard on all but often necessary for those with hay fever, so it can be the case that as soon as the sufferer leaves the room, the windows are thrown open again. However, as pollen and dust comes through the window, they naturally gather into a timebomb of allergies for the absent allergen sufferers. Fabric curtains collect dust and pollen, therefore they are by far the worst choice of home window dressing for anyone with a pollen or dust allergy.

But there is good news! Unlike fabric drapes, window shutters help to reduce the impact of pollen allergies in your home, simply because they’re so easy to clean – grab a damp, soapy cloth and wipe either the shutter louvres or the solid panel clean, and voila the allergens are gone. But remember, you don’t want to use a bleach-type detergent as this can cause damage on your shutters.

We do want to point out that interior shutters do not work miracles and will not cure you of your allergies. However, for those that do suffer with airborne allergies, window shutters are certainly a better option than fabric window dressings which that can collect dust and pollen, as well as cutting down sunlight glare for tired eyes.

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