Shutters and Soundproofing

We’re sure you have heard us say it before, but we will say it again: there are plenty of reasons to buy plantation shutters. They’re stylish, they are great for light and privacy management, and they add value to pretty much any home. Oh, and did you know that shutters can save you money on your energy bills too? But that’s not all. Shutters can even help with soundproofing. How do we know this? Well, you aren’t the first to wonder, and we thought it was high time we carry out some research on the topic.

What We Did

We have been asked about the acoustic performance of traditional wooden shutters for years. And while we have always known that plantation shutters can have sound reducing effects, we had never scientifically put this to the test – until now. We commissioned an Audio Systems Engineer to see what (if any) impact shutters would have on reducing external noise pollution. We decided to measure the impact of both slatted and solid shutters while closed. This is what we discovered… 

Shutters and soundproofing

The Best Shutters for Soundproofing

While we did find that our full height shutters have an impact, when it comes to soundproofing, not all ranges will have the same effect. Slatted plantation shutters did make some difference, but it was our solid double raised shutters that made more of an impression. When closed, we saw an average noise reduction of around 7dB(A).

Dealing with loud traffic or noisy neighbours? Are you working from home and struggling to concentrate because of all the background noise? Our solid shutters may be a potion for the commotion.

Are Shutters Better Than Curtains and Blinds?

One of the main differences between curtains, blinds, and shutters is that the former two hang down from your windows, while plantation shutters are directly installed into the window’s recess. Because of this, curtains and blinds will always be less effective at reducing noise levels. And remember, our shutters are made from the finest materials, ensuring they will last for years to come. So apart from their soundproofing and numerous other benefits, they save you money in the process too! 

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