The Best Ways for Insulating Windows

We realise that we’re writing this amid a summer scorcher (or June 2023, for those of you reading this down the line). You may be wondering why we’re talking about window insulation at this time of year. Think back to last winter. Did you find yourself shivering at home and/or cringing at the costs of your soaring energy bills? Yes? Us too. So, we figured what better time to start readying yourself for winter than while the sun’s still out? That way, you’ll be ready to tackle anything that winter throws at you, and you’ll save a few pennies in the process. So, with that in mind, what are the best ways to insulate your windows.

Don’t Wait to Insulate Windows

Did you know that most of a home’s heat is lost through the windows? By properly insulating windows, you’ll stay much warmer in the colder months. Plus, you’ll save money on your energy bills which, given the current climate, is sure to make a huge difference to your budget.

white Full height shutters on bathroom windows

Seal Any Gaps

It’s quite common for heat loss to happen through gaps or imperfections in the windows, especially older windows. Banish unwelcome drafts by sealing any cracks or gaps around your windows. Simple techniques such as weather stripping or caulking offer a quick and easy fix. Or, if you’d rather have something more permanent, we’ve got a couple of suggestions.

Shutters for Bay Windows

Shutters: The Stylish Window Insulation Solution

Besides their obvious style points, plantation shutters have insulating benefits too. Because they’re fitted totally flush to the window, they’ll easily keep out drafts. This is especially true of our full height and solid panel shutters. And the benefits don’t stop there, either. Shutters can help save on energy costs, they’re great for privacy, and can even increase the value of your home. What’s not to love? And if you’d like to boost their already excellent insulation credentials, pairing shutters with curtains is the way to go.

Casement Window Shutters

Pair Shutters With Curtains

The combo of shutters and curtains creates a layered window dressing that boosts the insulation properties of both elements. As mentioned above, shutters are fitted precisely to your window dimensions, making for an excellent draft-excluding solution. By adding curtains to the equation, you’ll create an additional barrier against cold air and heat loss.

Beyond the practical benefits, the pairing of shutters and curtains will add a touch of class to any space. The clean lines of shutters serve as a beautiful backdrop for curtains, while the curtains will introduce more texturing, colour, and pattern to the window. A perfect pairing.

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