The Perfect Style For Traditional Tastes

When it comes to home décor, there are a lot of things to love about plantation shutters. Not only do they provide brilliant benefits when it comes to controlling light, heat, and unwanted noise, but they also offer some much needed privacy.

solid living room shutters

Victorian Shutters

A versatile option, Victorian shutters will suit a contemporary aesthetic and a period home. However, if you have a taste for all things traditional, shutters will beautifully complement Georgian and Victorian style houses and townhouses regularly seen throughout the UK.

When looking back in time, plantation shutters were an incredibly popular choice throughout the 19th century, and Victorian window shutters would have graced the windows of many homes throughout the era. That means that a contemporary home decorated with sash window Victorian shutters carries a subtle throwback to a bygone age, and one whose presence can still be felt in many homes today.

Townhouses often make use of Victorian shutters bay window and smaller sash windows – both of which make the ideal environment for plantation shutters. And if you’re unsure of which style to go for, referencing this golden age of home decor is simple, with both Victorian solid shutters and full height shutters being a staple of the time. Whether or not you live in a period property, either will gracefully add to a timeless traditional aesthetic, with solid panel shutters being an elegant choice that’s arguably the most classic style of all.

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Painted shutters are always a popular choice with those looking for a clean and contemporary feel, but for something a little more vintage-in-style, hardwood shutters are a great option. Displaying the wood’s beautiful natural grain, the shutters will bring warmth to a period home all whilst bringing the outside in.

There are countless choices of Victorian plantation shutters, and countless aesthetics they can match up to. But what’s for sure is that whichever you go for, whether you live in a period home or not, if you’re someone who loves a kiss of antiquity in your interior design choices, plantation shutters are always likely to be a match made in heaven for your home.

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