The Benefits of Blackout vs Light Window Dressings

Alongside the arrival of spring, and its busier, brighter, more active days, comes more restful sleep, right? Well, the reality may differ based on the type of window dressings you have. Whether they’re light-filtering shutters or blackout curtains, they impact your sleep more significantly than you may realise.  

Sleeping In Total Darkness 

For a truly great night’s sleep, blackout shutters are the ones that you need to have. Blackout shutters or blinds provide total or very high-level light blockage. They help to create a comfortable and serene sleeping environment, making them great for bedrooms and nurseries. This is because when closed, they darken a room more than their brighter counterparts.

The advantages of blackout shutters don’t simply lie in their light-blocking function, but also in their energy-efficient nature. For instance, having blackout window shutters in your bedroom can help prevent it from getting warm again due to the heat gain. They also contribute to helping keep your rooms cool, so you don’t have to worry about your room being too hot to sleep in during the summer months.  

Bring the Sunlight In  

Kitchen door shutters

Exposure to sunlight in the morning is key for getting a good night’s rest. This is because it helps reset our circadian rhythm and promotes alertness through signals sent from the eye to the brain. This promotes a more energised self during the day. Through light window dressings, you can regulate the amount of light that comes into a room and can help create a cosy environment. They also allow for very easy ventilation in rooms, making them a perfect choice for the warming spring weather.  

Furthermore, they can also help reduce the amount of artificial light that you are exposed to at home. This is because they don’t darken the room completely, but still give you that privacy you’re looking for. However, if your room is very well-lit at night, your light shutters may not provide enough privacy as is required, nor will they block out enough light for your rooms that receive a lot of direct sunlight.

Enhancing Screen Visibility with Blackout Shutters 

hardwood shutters in a study

Whereas with blackout shutters, they offer a solution to reduce the glare on your TV or computer screen, creating an ideal environment for movie nights or productive working from home days. They can also help protect wooden floors and furniture from any sun damage and help your furniture last just that little bit longer.  

Comparing Blackout Shutters vs Light Window Dressings 

Depending on your preference, both blackout and light window dressings have their own unique benefits when it comes to overall comfort and utility. Blackout shutters excel in providing total light blockage, creating a serene environment ideal for restful sleep while also offering energy efficiency.

On the other hand, light window dressings offer the opportunity to regulate light, create a soft, cosy ambience, as well as offer easy ventilation, making them very well-suited for the warmer and brighter seasons.  

Ultimately, the choice between blackout shutters and light window dressings depends upon individual preferences and specific needs, with both offering valuable solutions.

Regardless of either choice investing in quality shutters is a worthwhile expenditure to create your own personal environment that promotes relaxation, productivity and overall well-being. Shutterly Fabulous have a range of shutters to fit any requirements, so don’t hesitate to book an appointment today