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Our wooden window shutters have always been offered in 2 different woods, the second of which was, until 2006, Oak. Oak has a lovely deep grain and is well suited to certain homes. We changed from making Oak shutters to making Elm shutters in 2006 as we found a reliable – and sustainable – source for this wood at a cost effective price. Shutters made from Elm have a very similar appearance to Oak with the stain soaking into the deep Elm grain to give your shutters a fantastic, rich appearance.

This converted attic in Weybridge has an entire wall of windows which has been fitted entirely with our poplar wood shutters finished in black paint.

This Weybridge attic window is a great example of how Shutterly Fabulous can install wooden window shutters to suit almost any window and space. It has various different shaped panels and Shutterly Fabulous have been able to design panels of wooden window shutters to allow access to the opening windows and to ensure a perfect fit for the triangular shape at the top. It really is spectacular to look at and has become a key design piece in this Weybridge home.

Due to the high quality paint and stain process our shutters receive, your shutters will not need retreating for a period of around 7 – 10 years. Of course this varies depending on how well you treat your shutters, but so long as you treat the panels with respect, your shutters will last a lifetime!

When you book a consultation with us we will take into account exactly how you will be using your windows and your window shutters and design wooden shutter panels to meet those requirements.

Shutterly Fabulous shutters are exclusive to us and our shutters are not sold via any other full service shutters company in the UK. Call us on 0800 9 700 800 to discover why we’re unique.

Wandsworth Victorian Window Shutters

Shutters on bay windows are one of the most requested designs of windows that our customers have. In South London suburbs such as Wandsworth, Victorian terraced and semi detached properties, with a lounge bay window and upstairs bay window, shutters offer the perfect solution.

Wandsworth is dominated by Victorian era housing stock. Most of these homes have either angled bay windows (such as those shown in the photograph) or box bay windows. The reason why shutters offer such an ideal solution is that by either having tier on tier panels or full height panels with a mid-rail, you can adjust the control of light (and prying eyes) separately on the upper section of the window, versus the lower section.

This photo of a master bedroom in Wandsworth, London, shows a typical set up where there is a 3 section Victorian bay with a side window. This customer did not want to open the panels on a regular basis (aside from cleaning the windows) therefore chose to have full height shutters with a mid-rail. The mid-rail is the horizontal piece of wood you can see inside the structure of the panels, the aligns with the mid point on the sash window. This breaks up the run of shutters slats and enable you to tilt the slats on the lower section at angle where people outside, cannot see in, while tilting the top slats fully open, giving an unobstructed view.

The benefit of this over tier on tier, is that you do not have such a heavy amount of wood at the mid point. Tier on tier shutters are not the best design, if you are leaving the panels in situ most of the time, as you have an increase in the amount of solid wood on the window.

Be you in Wandsworth, Muswell Hill or Shoreditch. Wherever you are in London or the south east, we at Shutterly Fabulous would welcome the opportunity to help design shutters that are perfect for your home. Contact us today for a shutterly surprising quotation.

Shutterly Fabulous has many customers based in Twickenham, and we are continually watching this customer base increase. Wooden interior shutters are a fantastic way to dress a window, to let in light, or darken a room, without cluttering up a window.

Shutterly Fabulous offer four different slat sizes for your window shutters, 47mm 64mm, 89mm and 114mm, our most popular being 64mm (or 2½”) Most customers find this gives a clear look of the plantation shutters, whilst not being too dominant (which in the wrong setting, the 89mm slat can be). However, if you are looking for a more contemporary look for your room the 89mm slat can give a slicker, less busy look to your window.

As with all design options you choose, slat size is again a personal choice and there are no right or wrongs. Choosing which size of slat is best suited to your shutters is ultimately down to which size you think best suits your window and the design and interior style of your house.

Whether or not you choose to have visible push rods is another option open to you. Push rods (the central shutter slat tilt bar) give a more traditional look to your shutters while our concealed open sky system enables you to tilt the slats with the touch of just one slat. This Twickenham property has chosen the ‘open sky’ option for their style of push rods, loosing these vertical line of a central push rod has helped to create a more open and less fussy look to the finished look.

Contact Shutterly now for a price quote for Twickenham Shutters, or anywhere in the southeast!

Shutters design tips – splits

Split shutters are correctly termed tier on tier shutters or double hung shutters. Basically they are two tiers of shutter panels, hung in line, one above the other. One of the main features of split shutters is that you can leave the bottom level of shutters closed whilst the top level is open, this can allow our customers to let in a lot of light into their rooms, and also means that when they are closed, the slats on the top tier can also open independently of the bottom tier slats.

Shutterly Fabulous customers choosing split shutters, are generally concerned about privacy but wish to maintain maximum light entering into the room. Street level bay windows in homes which are situated directly on busy streets with lots of foot traffic tend to opt for this functional design. Split Shutters are not only practical with regards to privacy, and keeping prying eyes away from the interior of your homes, but they also look stylish and definitely let our customers make the most of their windows giving them light airy rooms.

Our customer here has chosen split, tier on tier shutters finished in a rich walnut stain on our yellow poplar hardwood. Shutterly Fabulous offer shutters made from quality hardwoods, yellow poplar and elm. Poplar wood shutters have a more subtle, softer wood grain while elm shutters, very similar to oak, have a more dramatic sweeping, deep grain… book an appointment price quote

Small window shutters fitted on the south coast

Windows differ in each property; we have learnt by designing and fitting shutters in many properties throughout the South Coast, that there are no standard sizes or standard windows!

The small windows in this lounge in the South Coast of England are small single pane windows, not what you’d expect from a “standard” lounge. Shutters fitted on these small single pane windows have been designed to match the style of the windows, a single shutter, one opening left, and the other one on the other single pane window, hinged to open right.

The customer has chosen larger slats to allow lots of light to enter between the slats when the slats are fully open.The larger slats mean that less slats are fitted in a shutter panel. And they are obviously spaced further apart from each other. Less horizontal lines breaking up a window means that the look is slightly more modern.

The customers chose another design feature which helps create a modern look for the window shutters to match they simple, modern décor. They opted for the shutters to have no push rod on the front of the panels to operate the slats opened and closed. Instead they opted for our hidden, Open Sky, push rod system. This seemingly “rodless” shutter has slats which open and close in unison.

The open sky push rod system works by connecting the louvers in the shutter together by connecting them on the back of the panel towards the window.

Lounge window in Willesden, NW10 is fitted with café style Shutters.

Contemporary interior shutters are thought to originate from many different places, often likened to plantation shutters from Colonial USA, or perhaps the Victorian and Georgian solid shutters popular in Willesden and other areas of London. In regency style town houses, some of the original wooden shutters still exist at windows and can be bought from salvage yards. Other well known shutters are those from Ancient Greece, made from solid marble (obviously these differentiate themselves from the contemporary window shutters of today as these didn’t have slats which could pivot and turn).

Lots of customers looking for café shutters in contemporary surroundings are particularly looking for plantation shutters. This rural yet bijou style of decoration, is chic, but with an elegant country twist. Although our Shutterly Fabulous shutters don’t have particular ranges, you can create your own contemporary finish by choosing the colour, slat size, how many panels you have. The beauty of the Shutterly Fabulous contemporary window shutters is that they are bespoke for your own interior. These café style bay window shutters are in vogue and give a beautiful contemporary look to windows.

Having window shutters painted in a white, or off white again helps towards this contemporary look. Matching the shutters to your walls or furnishings keeps all aspects of your interior uniformed, giving a contemporary plantation shutters feel to the whole look. Our Willesden, NW10 customer was inspired by a family friend’s shutters in Shepherds Bush, W12.

The contemporary window treatment in this Willesden property are a Café style sunshine bay window covering, meaning that the plantation shutters only travel half way up the window, or finish at a point where you want them to, perhaps to match up to a bar already travelling across your window. This contemporary look is called Café Style as it’s reminiscent of café’s and bistros in regions of Europe. Our shutters for sale offer the UK’s most competitive installed shutter prices.

Tulse Hill Shutters South East London Individual Bay Shutter Frames


The shutters in Tulse Hill, South East London are fitted to a sunshine bay or a curved bay. Curved bay shutters are becoming more and more common place, particularly in the Tulse Hill area.

Fitting curtains on a curved bay can mean having heavy drapes hanging at the windows, blocking out essential light and becoming a bit of a dust trap. Installing shutters at a curved bay means that you get lots of light pouring into the room from all angles, the whole point behind a sunshine bay window.

This curved bay window is very typical of a sunshine bay or curved bay in the Tulse Hill area. The Tulse Hill shutters have been fitted in their own individual shutter frames. This is partly due to the curve of the window and partly due to the architrave surrounding each pane of glass.

The bespoke shutters have been manufactured in a specific colour at the customers request. Custom colour shutters are a frequent request here at Shutterly Fabulous, we often match to Heritage colours, or to Paint and Paper Library colours. Muted neutral shutter colours are very of the now and as such customers are ordering custom shutters to match home furnishings in similar neutral colours and shades.

These individual shutters in individual shutter frames on this curved bay in Tulse Hill, South East London really set themselves apart from other shutters and as such have become a huge focus feature of the room. These are our standard colours, which our bespoke shutters are manufactured in at no extra cost. Additionally we have a range of stains. Again these are our standard shutter stains and we will manufacture our bespoke shutters in this range at no extra cost.

Bespoke London Shutters

There are so many different types of buildings in London as they span different eras of design that we find ourselves here at Shutterly Fabulous designing very different bespoke shutters in London for each of our customers.

The plantation shutters in this London property are fitted to four separate sash windows. We often fit to sash window openings. Our London customer’s shutters are each made with one shutter panel opening left and one shutter panel opening right. Each of the Shutters on the London sash windows has 89mm slats.

Shutter slats come in a variety of sizes. There are 45mm slats, 64mm slats, 89mm slats and 114mm slat sizes. Most of our customers choose either 64mm slats or louvers for their shutters, or the 89mm slats. There is no right or wrong for which slat size you choose, but larger slats when opened wide at their open position would certainly decrease privacy at the window, and the smaller 45mm slats would increase the privacy on the same sized window when at their open position as there would be more horizontal wood at the window.The shutters in this property pictured have two panels, one opening left, 1 opening right, and they have a mid rail situated at the point where the sash meets in the centre.

The mid rail in the centre of the London shutters in the picture has two main functions, one which is that it covers the natural break in the sash where the top sections meets the bottom section, also it allows the push rod which operates the slats opened and closed to have a break in it. This allows our London shutters customer to operate their top slats independently from their bottom slats.

This means that there is more control over the light which comes in through the shutters, and allows a bit more flexibility as to how the light is directed and angled when it comes in.

These shutters are painted in the softer Cloudy White rather than our brightest white paint finish. The customer has chosen Poplar wood which is sourced from sustainable forests. Why not see if we can help you with your shutters, use our online quote form or give our sales team a call to get a quote for your windows.

Shutterly fabulous have a large client base in Richmond, Surrey and these bathroom window shutters installed by our team of shutter experts are a fantastic example of the high quality product we sell and install.

This bathroom is a great example of the non-wooden style of shutter we can also install. For wet rooms or particularly harsh moisture environments, we offer a fully waterproof polyvinyl shutter product.

We can offer advice with regards to whether or not you need to choose the waterproof polyvinyl shutter style. Shutterly Fabulous use only high quality solid hard woods to make our plantation shutters, and if we feel that your bathroom is well vented and will not cause a problem, we will let you know that this option is open to you with regards to your window shutter finish and style.

Shutterly Fabulous in East Sussex make shutters using only the best available kiln dried wood, manufacturing from either Yellow Poplar or Elm. Shutters made from these wood types are equally hard wearing and durable but result in different looks for your shutters, depending on which wood shutters style you prefer. Shutters made by Shutterly Fabulous are manufactured from hard wood sourced from FSC certified forests.

Shutters for Nursery in Balham SW12.

For some their nursery is a comfortable, soothing place, others a room full of vibrancy and learning. If your taste tends towards the lively and modern, you may want to opt for striking, colourful custom window treatment such as these rainbow shutters to stimulate your children’s imagination. Bright and cheerful these plantation shutters are the perfect nursery window treatment guaranteed to bring a smile to any child!

Choosing your decoration for your nursery window should be a fun process, as it is a space you can be playful with colour combination. Colour plays an important role in any nursery and should grow with the child. Not only can the window shutters make a colourful statement, they have been proven to help reduce heating bills by stopping heat escaping a room. More details on why shutters are environmentally friendly can be found on our eco shutters page.

This photo-shoot location house in Balham was given a rainbow window treatment for its Nursery. The stylist was certainly looking for an eye-catching shot, as well as an easy to clean surface as an alternative to curtains – perfect for a nursery setting! She contacted us after her neighbours recommend us, their shutters in Balham project had been a great success and they were delighted with the window products which we installed in their SW12 property.

Shutterly Fabulous provides a fantastic colour matching service, enabling you to choose the perfect rainbow red or subtle baby pink, maybe an off white to match your designer wall paint.

The consultants and customer care team here at Shutterly Fabulous are on hand to talk through your design details. Please contact us for more information on our colour matching service and to arrange a free in house consultation, we are sure you’ll be happy with our plantation shutters cost. If you are considering a custom window treatment, it is worth considering plantation shutters for your Nursery.

In a nursery almost any colour scheme, such as these Balham rainbow shutters can work. It is the perfect opportunity to let your inhibitions go and get colour creative!

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