There’s no doubt about it, plantation shutters have been a go-to choice when it comes to window dressing for centuries, and that is thanks to their timeless look and feel. Unlike other window coverings such as blinds and curtains, shutters are made from beautiful solid hardwood and provide many practical benefits such as privacy, light control, insulation and more.

When thinking about installing shutters, it is important to consider how you will access windowsills with shutters. Depending on the type of window you have and where you decide to position your shutters, you may end up with little to no room for ornaments and accessories. However, some may say the stylish look of shutters paired with its useful advantages outweighs windowsill space. Please keep on reading for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

How will shutters sit on different types of windows?

The way your shutters will sit very much depends on the architectural design of your windows. For example, classic Victorian and Edwardian bay windows do not tend to have a wealth of space around the perimeter of the window, so naturally, shutters will encroach on the windowsill area. However, for those with wall depth surrounding the window, there is the opportunity to achieve an inside mount, which will sit closer to the window and allow you to maintain windowsill space whilst enjoying the benefits of shutters.

Can I still use my windowsills with shutters installed?

If your window is set far into a wall, you can of course still use your windowsill with shutters installed. Opting for tier-on-tier plantation shutters may be the best suited due to adjustable louvres and the top and bottom halves opening independently. This will allow you to display ornaments and picture frames on the windowsill without sacrificing natural light.

Full height and cafe-style shutters will also work great too due to the flexible louvres that will allow you to control light flow without knocking over any belongings.

What is the best way to work around no windowsill space once shutters are installed?

If you have a limited windowsill area but still want beautiful shutters installed, you can opt for a sleek, smart sideboard next to a window to bring a homely touch into the space, or for something more inventive, how about dressing a radiator with a smart radiator cover, which will provide extra room for plants and ornaments.

Our team of friendly shutter experts are happy to answer any of your questions you have on having shutters installed on your windows. If you’d like to find out more, send us an email at, or give us a call on 0800 970 0800.

Energy costs are rising, and it’s a trend that shows no signs of slowing: analysts are predicting our energy bills to rise by 30% within the next year. So if heating your home is starting to give you energy anxiety, you’re not alone.Our survey asked the question ‘are you worried about heating costs this winter?’. Out of 146 respondents, we found that a range of age groups were worried about their winter heating costs, with 62% of people over 55 and half of 18 – 24 year olds answering ‘Yes’ to our question.

With that in mind, you might be looking for a few easy ways to save on your heating. One practical option is to insulate your windows. That’s because windows are a major source of heat loss in homes – responsible for up to 25 – 30% of lost heat, according to the US Department of Energy

Basically, if you want to be energy efficient, you’ll need to make sure your windows are keeping in the warmth…and as it turns out, window shutters are one of the best options for doing just that.

pink solid wood panel bedroom shutters

Do Shutters Keep Heat In?

Traditional window coverings such as shutters, curtains and blinds have always been used as a form of temperature control. In the summer they can keep a house cool, and in the winter they can keep a house warm. In particular, shutters provide a much thicker and more solid material barrier than curtain or blind fabrics, preventing warm air from escaping and cold draughts from entering. 

This might be common wisdom, but it’s also important to look at the research if we want to see just how effective shutters can be when it comes to keeping heat in.

How Effective Are Shutters At Keeping Heat In?

Historic England did some research into the thermal performance of windows. Within the study, they looked at how much heat was lost through the glass and the frame of a window, and tested some simple insulation methods to see how effective they were at preventing heat loss.

The test results showed that well-fitting shutters can reduce heat loss through windows by 58%.

Note: the shutters must be well-fitted! If the shutters aren’t installed to fit properly, then that can leave room for warm air to escape or for draughts to sweep in. Thankfully, our Shutterly Fabulous staff are here to measure, advise and install your custom shutters for that perfect fit.

How about shutters in combination with other insulation methods, such as secondary glazing? A study by Historic Environment Scotland into the energy efficiency of traditional buildings tested different combinations of window insulations.

They found that a combination of secondary glazing and shutters reduced heat loss through windows by 75%.

So whether it’s on their own or in combination with other insulation methods, we can safely say that well-fitted shutters can prevent over half of all heat lost through windows.

Which Shutters Are The Most Effective At Keeping Heat In?

Well-fitted shutters of any style or material are able to prevent heat loss. But if you’re really looking to keep out the cold, you’ll probably want to go for Solid Panel Wood Shutters.

As the name suggests, these shutters have solid panels that are not louvered or slatted. They’re constructed from hardwood – specifically, Paulownia wood – a strong yet lightweight material which adds a thick layer of insulation to any window. This solidity also comes in handy for noise reduction and room darkening. 

For insulative purposes, you’ll also want to get complete window coverage with Full Height Shutters.

White Solid wood shutters in the nook

Can Shutters Save On Energy Costs?

If you’ve insulated your windows with well-fitted shutters, you’ll be retaining more heat. If you’re retaining more heat, you’ll be using less gas or electricity to heat your home, which means that you’re going to save on heating bills. Simple!

Your next question might be: how much can shutters save on energy costs? This will depend on a number of factors, but let’s look at an example.

The standard UK household uses gas for heating, which according to recent government statistics costs around £557 annually. Over half of that figure goes towards keeping the room temperature up – about 60% of it, according to data supported by the National Energy Foundation – which in our case would come out to around £334.

Remember that uninsulated windows can be responsible for 30% of your home’s lost heat. That means that our windows could be costing us £100 in lost heat every year! 

If that’s the case, then installing shutters could cut that figure by over half, and you could end up saving over £50 annually!

Of course, the exact amount you save will vary depending on your personal circumstances. Still, the bottom line is the same – you’ll be cutting down the cost of your heating bill if you install well-fitted window shutters. When you take into account ever rising energy costs, you can think of shutters as a practical investment in addition to a stylistic one!

If you’d like to talk with our team about how shutters can help to insulate your home, feel free call us on 0800 970 0800 or send an email over to








If you have been doing some reading up on plantation shutters, it is likely that the term “mid rail” has popped up a few times. But what is a mid-rail and is it the right choice for you and your windows. Fortunately, it really isn’t that complicated…

What is a Mid-Rail?

A mid-rail is a (mostly optional) horizontal bar 76mm in width which runs across full height plantation shutters. This means that you can open and close the sections of moveable slats above and below the rail separately.

Does a Mid Rail cost any extra?

No. While some companies do charge an additional fee for a mid-rail, at Shutterly Fabulous we want to help you save as much as possible.

What are the benefits of a mid-rail?

Plantation shutters with a mid-rail
have a few advantages over those without. For one, full height shutters with a mid-rail are great for increased light and privacy management, with you being able to control the top and bottom sections individually. Another benefit is that a mid-rail gives your shutters an extra level of structural support, ensuring the most durable and lost-lasting fit possible. Lastly, it can offer definition and symmetry to your windows. For example, if you have a going across your window, we can measure so that the mid-rail lines up perfectly with this.

How does this differ to Tier-on-Tier?

While plantation shutters with a mid-rail mean that you can move the top and bottom sections of slats individually, they will still comprise one panel from top to bottom. Tier-on-tier shutters, one the other hand, will constate two sets of panels. So, while they will hinge out from your windows separately, shutters with a mid-rail will still open out from your shutters as one piece.

Do I Have to Get Shutters With a Mid-Rail

Not at all. They are an optional feature, so this is entirely up to you. Not only can you choose whether to have one or not, but you can choose exactly where you would like it to go. The only exception to this is when your windows are over 180cm tall. In these cases, a mid rail is essential in order to maintain the structural integrity of your shutters.

I’m still not sure if I want a Mid Rail

That’s no problem at all. Our Shutter Specialists aren’t just there to measure up – they’re there to advise you as well. During an on-site consultation, please feel free to ask as many questions as you like. We are Shutterly positive that you will come out of your appointment entirely happy with your choices.


Interested in an on-site consultation? Request an appointment on our website, send an email to, or give us a call now on 0800 970 0800.

When it comes to window dressings, nothing gives you quite as much control as window shutters. Their movable slats (or louvers) mean that you can control exactly how much light comes into your home. And not only this – they’re fantastic for privacy, too. But there is much more to shutters than just the slats. From full height to tier on tier, mid-rails to hidden splits, bi-fold shutters to trifold, the design will affect how your shutters will open.

How Do I Open and Close My Slats?

Like most slats on the market, our shutters are opened and closed by hand. While they can be closed partially in the downward direction, to close them fully flat, simply rotate them in the upward direction.  There will be some overlap with the slats when closed – approximately half an inch. This is the best design to ensure you the most privacy while also blocking out light and insulating your home. How the slats open and close will also be affected by other factors, so let’s get delve a little deeper.

What About Tilt Rods?

With louvered/slatted shutters, you will have three choices: central, offset, and hidden. Our hidden tilt rods are completely invisible and built into the frame. This means that your louvers will all open as one, so when you move one (by hand), you move them all. The exception to this is when your window is over 130cm in height. To maintain structural integrity, a hidden split is then required. This allows separate slat control on the top and bottom sections. This hidden split can be customised requested specifically, too, meaning you can have it at any point of your windows, not just in the centre.

Our central and offset pushrods are both visible and run down the front of the shutter. The offset sits closer to the hinged side of the shutter while the central runs directly down the middle. Both options are connected to the louvers, meaning that you just have to move the pushrod to open and close them.

Another design option is a mid-rail. This offers the same functionality as the hidden split -i.e., separate slat control on the top and bottom – but with a visible horizonal bar creating extra definition. Like the split, a mid-rail is necessary for windows of a certain height – higher than 180cm – but this can be chosen on smaller windows as well. It also looks fantastic with our central rods.

You can find more information on our tilt rod options here.

How Do Shutters Hinge Open?

Our shutters all come with their own frame. This frame is mounted to your window recess with the shutters then hinging out from the frame piece. It is also worth noting that they will usually be able to fold out 180 degrees, assuming there are no hindrances such as furniture, walls, or taps.

The width of your window will depend on how many shutter panels can be fit. Should you have one single shutter panel, you can either have the shutters hinging out to the left or to the right.

When going for two panels, you can have one shutter hinged on each side so that one opens out to the right, and one to the left. Another open is to go for bifold shutters. With bifold window shutters you can have both panels opening in the same direction.

With a three-panel option, one will hinge separately, while the other two will fold together. Which side has the single panel, and which has the bifold shutters is your choice. You can also opt for tri-folding shutters, but this can put more strain on the frame if the panels are very wide. Trifold shutters will close together, much like an accordion, but it is worth noting that if you go for central or offset pushrods, this will prevent the second and third panels from folding flat against one another.

For a four-panel configuration, we suggest splitting them down the middle so that you have 2 sets of louvered bifold window shutters: two folding to the left, and two to the right. However, you can opt for a single panel on one side, with a set of trifold shutters on the other.

For larger windows, five and six panel options are available, but we should highlight that you cannot have more than three shutters folding together.

Should I Go for Full Height or Tier-on-Tier?

With Full Height shutters, your panels will hinge out as one panel from top to bottom. As mentioned above, you will have different options which affect the opening of the slats. With Tier-on-Tier shutters, however, not only can you control the top and bottom slat opening, but you can hinge the top and bottom panels separately, too.

There are so many options. Can you help me decide?

Of course! Here at Shutterly Fabulous, we pride ourselves on our customer service, ensuring you a bespoke experience every time. During an appointment, our Shutter Specialist will go through all our options and listen to your preferred design. They will always be happy to advise on design and whether there might be a more suitable alternative. So, you can rest assured that your windows will be in good hands with us. Give us a call on 0800 9700 800 and we’d love to chat to you about your options.

If you know about the history of plantation shutters, you’ll know they’ve been relied upon for hundreds of years as the best type of window treatment for homes around the world. With a raft of benefits such as privacy and light control in addition to their timeless look and feel, they’ve become a mainstay for their balance of form and function in homes from Ancient Greece to the modern-day.

Timeless Window Treatment

If you grew up in a house with shutters, it’s likely you can still picture a particular window, half-closed, with plantation shutters casting patterns of sunlight onto the floor. Quite simply, it’s a look that curtains or other window dressings can’t match especially in tricky areas that experience high moisture levels, which makes them the best window treatment for bathrooms. Highly distinctive, timeless, and something that looks as good in the present day as it did then. It’s no wonder they’ve never gone out of fashion.

Shutters Practical Benefits

But it’s not all about looks, plantation shutters bring other benefits, too. The versatility provided by moving their slats from open to closed – or anywhere in between – also makes shutters the best privacy window treatments. In addition to this, shutters will also help to regulate light, heat, sound whilst providing safety for children with no hanging cords.

The ability to use something built-in, which uses no electricity to control the amount of light and sound a room lets in – as well as cooling down your house in the warmest of the summer months – is something that keeps homeowners coming back to plantation shutters, generation after generation.


The last thing? Cost. Plantation shutters tend to be more affordable than people think to buy and install in the first place, and that’s before you add in the fact that with their incredibly hard-wearing nature, and they’ll last for decades without showing wear and tear (something you can’t always say for fabric curtains). It may be that over a lifetime of daily use, plantation shutters are a cost-saver you simply haven’t been taken advantage of, which instantly makes them the best type of window treatment.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our shutters as well as our service here at Shutterly Fabulous. Our friendly team are happy to answer your questions. Call us on 0800 970 0800 or send an email to

You might ask yourself: Why should I go for shutters rather than blinds for my bay window? That’s an excellent question, and one that we are happy to answer. Being the UK’s original shutter installation provider, it may not surprise you to learn that we believe shutters are always the best choice when it comes to your bay windows. But we certainly aren’t biased; we back up what we say. So, if you are trying to decide on bay window blinds or shutters, just keep reading…

Privacy and Light Management

This may be one of the main selling points of blinds, but shutters will offer you the same qualities, and to a greater degree. Shutters are bespoke and measured to your bay window, and you will have much more control over the moveable slats than you would with blinds. With shutters, not only will you be able to control the amount of light coming into your room, but your privacy will be considered too. Furthermore, the customizable nature of shutters gives you even more versatility. Whether it is café style, full height, or tier on tier shutters for bay windows, you will have the last say on how much of your window is covered. Blinds, on the other hand, do not afford you with the same luxury.

Insulation and Ventilation

As mentioned above, shutters are measured to the specifications of your windows, bays or otherwise. They are also fitted into their own frame, allowing minimal air to escape. This means that shutters are ideal for keeping out those jarring winter drafts. And for those warmer summer days, their adjustable slats – available in 64mm, 76mm, and 89mm – mean you can let in some air without skipping on privacy. Blinds on the other hand, simply hang from the top of your windows, allowing unwanted air to enter the room freely and minimising insulation.

What About Maintenance?

When deciding on bay window blinds or shutters, maintenance is an important factor to consider. After all, you want your windows looking their best for years to come. Luckily, plantation shutters are simple to clean. A quick wipe down with some lightly soaped water or a going over with a vacuum cleaner brush attachment will easily do the job. Blinds are much more fragile and usually made of fabric, meaning much more care is needed when giving them a once over. Shutters also trump blinds where resistance to UV and water damage are concerned. In fact, all Shutterly Fabulous’s premium hardwood shutters are coated with a special UV protected paint, ensuring you will be enjoying them for years to come.

Shutters for Bay Windows Are Always Bespoke.

While already mentioned above, we feel it is worth reiterating. Shutters will always be made to the exact specifications of your bay windows. Whether you have a box or angled bay, whether the windows are sash, PCV, or even of a special shape, you can be sure that our shutters will accentuate whatever makes your windows special. Where blinds hang down and obscure, shutters hug and accentuate the unique shape and features of your windows.

Still deciding on bay window blinds or shutters? Our friendly team are happy to answer your questions. Call us on 0800 970 0800 or send an email to

Weighing up the benefits of vinyl vs wood plantation shutters? Read our guide to the materials available before you make your choice.

When it comes to interior design choices, there is always a balance to be struck between form and function. If you chose all of your décor based purely on its performance, you might end up with a home that lacks charater; while if you go purely on a striking look, you might find your furniture and interiors degrade with time and need to be replaced.

Ideally, when it comes to furnishing your home, you would strike a happy balance between the two. That is definitely true when it comes to shutters, which provide just that: a function that goes beyond simply having a striking and timeless look and feel. That is why Shutterly Fabulous offers different materials for our range of shutters, namely Painted Hardwood, Stained Hardwood and Polyvinyl Waterproof.

So, when it comes to vinyl vs wood shutters, how do you know which material is right for your home? Well, many people are drawn to the natural feel of Painted or Stained Hardwood, along with its durability and, if you go for the Stained Hardwood option, its beautiful natural wood-grain aesthetic.

While shutters a popular around the home, they are also a timeless choice for bathrooms, too. With their ability to regulate light, heat, and noise and, crucially, their ability to shut to provide much-needed privacy in this most private of settings, they’re always a popular aesthetic choice when furnishing bathrooms, with many preferring them to the frosted glass that has become ubiquitous in the world of interior design.

While some bathrooms may be fitted with excellent dehumidifying technology, most bathroom shutters will expect to deal with a fair amount of condensation from baths and showers, and even direct contact with water if it is a wet room. It can be a conundrum for people who want the distinctive look of shutters in their bathroom, but who are concerned about the effects of water on the materials over time.

That is where Shutterly Fabulous’ Polyvinyl Waterproof range comes into its own. They’re designed to effortlessly deal with the effects of condensation and water over years, without warping or bending, and will look as good a decade down the line as the day they’re installed.

Form vs function, vinyl vs wood shutters – the best thing is that with all materials and styles covered across Shutterly Fabulous’ range of beautiful plantation shutters, you’re free to make the best choice for each room, and therefore the best choice for your home, without ever having to compromise.

When shopping for new furnishings for your home, depending on who you share your home with, you’ll want to make sure your new additions are going to be loved by everyone! We all know plantation shutters offer plenty of benefits, but they’re also super diverse in the styles and type of people that they can suit. From bright and bold colours in your children’s bedroom, neutral whites and beiges to complement your existing living room décor to pastel shades creating a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom, ideal for anybody unwinding at the end of the day. Shutters work well for every member of the family!

Getting the right window treatment in a child’s bedroom is important – it could potentially make all the difference in how much sleep kids get and consequently parents too! You’re going to need something that blocks out any light and potential noise disturbances, so you can eliminate any chance of little ones stirring during the night. A  set of our window shutters have you covered. Built from thick quality materials, light and noise is blocked out so no matter the time, simply adjust your shutters to darken the room. You can even choose specific black-out shutters, designed to create the perfect environment for your very important sleep. With such a variety of bright colours available, you can choose a colour that your child or grandchild will love, perhaps a lighter shade they can grow up with, or a striking colour that will add a pop of fun to their room! Unlike blinds that use cords to open and close, shutters are much safer to have around younger kids as they are cordless, also making them easy to open and close.

For the teens getting home from school, or parents coming back after a busy day at work, there’s nothing better than coming home, flopping on the sofa to get comfy for the rest of the evening. Purchasing living room shutters creates the perfect cosy atmosphere so you can easily unwind. With complete control over the amount of light that can come in, you can adjust the slats to darken or brighten the room. Shutters are also extremely easy to care for, so for those busy parents trying to juggle everything, giving your shutters a quick wipe down doesn’t add to the stress of house chores! Not only do shutters provide light control and easy maintenance -they also look fantastic in any home style.

Families looking for long term, durable transformations will appreciate a set of quality window shutters. When you buy a set of premium shutters you’re investing in a high quality, sturdy product – unlike curtains or blinds, plantation shutters will last you years – and no matter their age, as long as they’re well looked after your interior shutters will still look as fabulous as the day you got them. Shutters are perfect for busy families who might not have the time nor funds to spend on redecorating or restyling their homes. Plus, shutters act as a barrier to cold drafts, containing the heat inside the house, which will be a big money-crunching benefit in the winter.

So, by purchasing a set of shutters, no matter where you put them in your house everyone in the family will be able to enjoy them and the benefits they bring. Both children and adults are bound to love them! If you think your family would benefit from some shutters in your home, then give us a call on 0800 9700 800 and we would love to chat with you about your options!

The home is a deeply personal space that reflects your taste, your style, and what makes you happy. If you look over towards your windows right now, and you feel anything other than joy, then it’s time for an upgrade.

There are only so many different ways to cover your windows. As such, the battle between plantation shutters and blinds rages on. If you’re trying to choose between shutters or blinds for windows in your home, here’s what you need to know to make an informed decision and to guarantee that you’ll fall in love with your choice!

The Truth About Blinds

Blinds can be very simple and cheap, you can throw them up on your windows in a few minutes, and they’ll do a passable job of keeping out light if you manage to get a perfect fit.

Blinds can be challenging to clean, especially fabric ones that soak up dust like a sponge. They can fade in colour due to exposure to the sun, and many of them don’t do a great job of blocking out all of the light.

Blinds can also have moving parts in them that can get jammed, that can start to stick, or even that can start to degrade when exposed to moisture over time.

There are many different styles of blinds, so some of these issues will apply to some types more than others. For instance, you can find blinds made with plastic, vinyl, or even thin pieces of wood, instead of fabric. These materials help to make blinds easier to clean when it comes to wiping off the dust, although the constant movement of venetian blinds is an annoyance that many of us have come across! There are usually fabric strings that hold together venetian blinds, which is a real problem for long-term durability and are an element practically impossible to clean.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Shutters

Shutters can be fabricated to fit your windows perfectly, which is our specialty! We can craft shutters for large windows, small windows, and windows in all shapes and sizes. That’s the magic of shutters, they can be circular, diamond-shaped, full height for tall windows & doors, and they come in many other styles for every room in your home.

Shutters are made from durable, solid hardwood that can stand up to varying environments much more than blinds can, which results in a quality window treatment that will last.

You can find blinds for less money than shutters, but it’s the type of situation where you get what you pay for, and higher-end blinds don’t compare in quality the same way that our made to measure shutters do. You’re comparing flimsy plastic or fabric to solid hardwood that will last a lifetime.

Shutters give you optimal control over who can see into your home, how much light can get in, and how much airflow you want at any given moment. They can be adjusted in many different ways, much more easily than blinds can.

The Decision: Should I Get blinds or Shutters for windows?

At the end of the day, the final decision comes down to choosing which style you think looks the best, and suits your needs on a practical level. Some people care more about the style and aesthetic than others, but a huge win for shutters is the fact that they look better (in many people’s opinions) They also function better, they last longer, and they’re easier to maintain.

When you put all of these facts together, it’s a pretty clear win between shutters or blinds!

This isn’t to say that blinds are never a good choice, if you like the look of blinds enough to justify the downsides, then you’ve found your best fit! But if the numerous benefits of shutters are more important to you than the look of blinds, especially if you’re in the majority of people who think that shutters simply look a lot classier, more elegant, and better overall with their timeless aesthetic, then the choice is simple when it comes to choosing between shutters or venetian blinds.

Browse our site and contact us today to get a quick quote and book your free no-obligation appointment. We will measure your windows perfectly, discuss every design/style option available, and return to professionally install them for you – it’s the most effortless way to upgrade your home.

Plantation shutters are just a fantastic investment for any home. Not only do they look amazing, but they also come with so many benefits that you might not have even known about! One of those being the value that they can add to your house if you were to ever sell up. This is great for the homeowner who is looking to stay smart and add value to their homes so that when/if you do sell, the fabulous window shutters you had installed will have added to the overall price tag of your house.

Windows in your home take up a lot of wall space, so it’s only right that they are properly dressed in a window treatment to make them pop. Installing made to measure shutters that are measured to fit your windows perfectly, look sleek and have a genuine luxury look about them. I’m sure you’ll agree they look better than an old set of dis-coloured blinds or a dusty curtain! With a selection of colours and materials to choose from you can really personalise your home to suit the colour palette you may already be using. Perhaps you’re looking for a vibrant statement colour to complement your current style, or maybe you’re keen on a neutral shade? There’s scope for flexibility in the future. Whatever the style, a set of interior shutters will enhance the overall appeal of your home.

Every angle you see shutters from, inside and out, they boost the all-important kerb appeal. Giving your home a welcoming and stylish look whilst keeping the privacy control in your hands. Shutters will make your home stand out amongst the rest with a far more unique appearance – the outside of your home can be a big selling point so it’s important to make sure that it’s looking it’s best too.

Permitting you buy your shutters from a good quality store (like us), your shutters will stand the test of time. Our customers are as proud of their beautifully installed shutters as we are, being made from premium quality materials, they are durable, long lasting, and super easy to maintain over time. AND with waterproof polyvinyl options to choose from, they can even cope with humid environments without warping or being damaged – so you won’t find yourself needing to replace them often or fork out for repair bills.

Laying against the window, shutters act as a layer of insulation against the glass pane. When closed they can stop airy drafts from drifting inside, which is a huge bonus in the winter keeping your rooms warm and cosy – perfect on a wintery evening. It’s common (especially in older houses) where windows are thinner, that the heating gets cranked up to compensate for the escaped heat. A set of interior shutters will keep the warm air where it belongs, so that you don’t have to rely on turning your thermostat up quite so often. Though it might not seem like much, you’ll certainly notice a difference in energy usage once your home has shutters installed – they’re fantastic for ventilation and heat absorption.

Our shutters are the perfect way to add value to your home, whilst saving you some money over the years to come. With their durability they are a long lasting choice that look fantastic even with age. If you’re interested in our shutters and want to find out more, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 9 700 800, for a no fee, no obligation home visit.

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