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Weighing up the benefits of vinyl vs wood plantation shutters? Read our guide to the materials available before you make your choice.

When it comes to interior design choices, there is always a balance to be struck between form and function. If you chose all of your décor based purely on its performance, you might end up with a home that lacks charater; while if you go purely on a striking look, you might find your furniture and interiors degrade with time and need to be replaced.

Ideally, when it comes to furnishing your home, you would strike a happy balance between the two. That is definitely true when it comes to shutters, which provide just that: a function that goes beyond simply having a striking and timeless look and feel. That is why Shutterly Fabulous offers different materials for our range of shutters, namely Painted Hardwood, Stained Hardwood and Polyvinyl Waterproof.

So, when it comes to vinyl vs wood shutters, how do you know which material is right for your home? Well, many people are drawn to the natural feel of Painted or Stained Hardwood, along with its durability and, if you go for the Stained Hardwood option, its beautiful natural wood-grain aesthetic.

While shutters a popular around the home, they are also a timeless choice for bathrooms, too. With their ability to regulate light, heat, and noise and, crucially, their ability to shut to provide much-needed privacy in this most private of settings, they’re always a popular aesthetic choice when furnishing bathrooms, with many preferring them to the frosted glass that has become ubiquitous in the world of interior design.

While some bathrooms may be fitted with excellent dehumidifying technology, most bathroom shutters will expect to deal with a fair amount of condensation from baths and showers, and even direct contact with water if it is a wet room. It can be a conundrum for people who want the distinctive look of shutters in their bathroom, but who are concerned about the effects of water on the materials over time.

That is where Shutterly Fabulous’ Polyvinyl Waterproof range comes into its own. They’re designed to effortlessly deal with the effects of condensation and water over years, without warping or bending, and will look as good a decade down the line as the day they’re installed.

Form vs function, vinyl vs wood shutters – the best thing is that with all materials and styles covered across Shutterly Fabulous’ range of beautiful plantation shutters, you’re free to make the best choice for each room, and therefore the best choice for your home, without ever having to compromise.

When shopping for new furnishings for your home, depending on who you share your home with, you’ll want to make sure your new additions are going to be loved by everyone! We all know plantation shutters offer plenty of benefits, but they’re also super diverse in the styles and type of people that they can suit. From bright and bold colours in your children’s bedroom, neutral whites and beiges to complement your existing living room décor to pastel shades creating a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom, ideal for anybody unwinding at the end of the day. Shutters work well for every member of the family!

Getting the right window treatment in a child’s bedroom is important – it could potentially make all the difference in how much sleep kids get and consequently parents too! You’re going to need something that blocks out any light and potential noise disturbances, so you can eliminate any chance of little ones stirring during the night. A  set of our window shutters have you covered. Built from thick quality materials, light and noise is blocked out so no matter the time, simply adjust your shutters to darken the room. You can even choose specific black-out shutters, designed to create the perfect environment for your very important sleep. With such a variety of bright colours available, you can choose a colour that your child or grandchild will love, perhaps a lighter shade they can grow up with, or a striking colour that will add a pop of fun to their room! Unlike blinds that use cords to open and close, shutters are much safer to have around younger kids as they are cordless, also making them easy to open and close.

For the teens getting home from school, or parents coming back after a busy day at work, there’s nothing better than coming home, flopping on the sofa to get comfy for the rest of the evening. Purchasing living room shutters creates the perfect cosy atmosphere so you can easily unwind. With complete control over the amount of light that can come in, you can adjust the slats to darken or brighten the room. Shutters are also extremely easy to care for, so for those busy parents trying to juggle everything, giving your shutters a quick wipe down doesn’t add to the stress of house chores! Not only do shutters provide light control and easy maintenance -they also look fantastic in any home style.

Families looking for long term, durable transformations will appreciate a set of quality window shutters. When you buy a set of premium shutters you’re investing in a high quality, sturdy product – unlike curtains or blinds, plantation shutters will last you years – and no matter their age, as long as they’re well looked after your interior shutters will still look as fabulous as the day you got them. Shutters are perfect for busy families who might not have the time nor funds to spend on redecorating or restyling their homes. Plus, shutters act as a barrier to cold drafts, containing the heat inside the house, which will be a big money-crunching benefit in the winter.

So, by purchasing a set of shutters, no matter where you put them in your house everyone in the family will be able to enjoy them and the benefits they bring. Both children and adults are bound to love them! If you think your family would benefit from some shutters in your home, then give us a call on 0800 9700 800 and we would love to chat with you about your options!

The home is a deeply personal space that reflects your taste, your style, and what makes you happy. If you look over towards your windows right now, and you feel anything other than joy, then it’s time for an upgrade.

There are only so many different ways to cover your windows. As such, the battle between plantation shutters and blinds rages on. If you’re trying to choose between shutters or blinds for windows in your home, here’s what you need to know to make an informed decision and to guarantee that you’ll fall in love with your choice!

The Truth About Blinds

Blinds can be very simple and cheap, you can throw them up on your windows in a few minutes, and they’ll do a passable job of keeping out light if you manage to get a perfect fit.

Blinds can be challenging to clean, especially fabric ones that soak up dust like a sponge. They can fade in colour due to exposure to the sun, and many of them don’t do a great job of blocking out all of the light.

Blinds can also have moving parts in them that can get jammed, that can start to stick, or even that can start to degrade when exposed to moisture over time.

There are many different styles of blinds, so some of these issues will apply to some types more than others. For instance, you can find blinds made with plastic, vinyl, or even thin pieces of wood, instead of fabric. These materials help to make blinds easier to clean when it comes to wiping off the dust, although the constant movement of venetian blinds is an annoyance that many of us have come across! There are usually fabric strings that hold together venetian blinds, which is a real problem for long-term durability and are an element practically impossible to clean.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Shutters

Shutters can be fabricated to fit your windows perfectly, which is our specialty! We can craft shutters for large windows, small windows, and windows in all shapes and sizes. That’s the magic of shutters, they can be circular, diamond-shaped, full height for tall windows & doors, and they come in many other styles for every room in your home.

Shutters are made from durable, solid hardwood that can stand up to varying environments much more than blinds can, which results in a quality window treatment that will last.

You can find blinds for less money than shutters, but it’s the type of situation where you get what you pay for, and higher-end blinds don’t compare in quality the same way that our made to measure shutters do. You’re comparing flimsy plastic or fabric to solid hardwood that will last a lifetime.

Shutters give you optimal control over who can see into your home, how much light can get in, and how much airflow you want at any given moment. They can be adjusted in many different ways, much more easily than blinds can.

The Decision: Should I Get blinds or Shutters for windows?

At the end of the day, the final decision comes down to choosing which style you think looks the best, and suits your needs on a practical level. Some people care more about the style and aesthetic than others, but a huge win for shutters is the fact that they look better (in many people’s opinions) They also function better, they last longer, and they’re easier to maintain.

When you put all of these facts together, it’s a pretty clear win between shutters or blinds!

This isn’t to say that blinds are never a good choice, if you like the look of blinds enough to justify the downsides, then you’ve found your best fit! But if the numerous benefits of shutters are more important to you than the look of blinds, especially if you’re in the majority of people who think that shutters simply look a lot classier, more elegant, and better overall with their timeless aesthetic, then the choice is simple when it comes to choosing between shutters or venetian blinds.

Browse our site and contact us today to get a quick quote and book your free no-obligation appointment. We will measure your windows perfectly, discuss every design/style option available, and return to professionally install them for you – it’s the most effortless way to upgrade your home.

Windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which can make finding the best window dressing a bit of a challenge! Bay windows can leave you scratching your head whilst you try to find a treatment that ticks all the boxes. No matter what shape or size your windows are, our window shutters are both a sensible and stylish solution. Why are our shutters so special? Well it’s simple, we build high quality shutters, made to measure; so once we have your window measurements, your shutters are custom-made to fit your windows!

Bay windows

Bay windows are a very popular feature on both modern and period homes, and we think such a staple window style deserves a treatment to fully accentuate its character. Plantation shutters are the perfect solution for your bay windows, complimenting both Victorian bays and new build bays.



A common design feature both bay windows and shutters have, is the ability to maximise light entering the space. Unlike the standard window, bay windows are designed to invite light in from all angles, instantly brightening up the room. Whilst one of the fantastic benefits of plantation shutters is the amount of control you have over the light coming in from your window. Combined, they are the ultimate duo to add to your living space!

We haven’t even mentioned the wow-factor plantation shutters will add. Bay windows themselves are beautiful, and shutters compliment their key features, accentuating every angle and adding elegance to the exterior of your home. Whilst plantation shutters add kerb-appeal, they offer equally as many practical benefits – keep your space private from passer-byers, and if you live on a busy street, the addition of shutters also helps to reduce noise.

Then we look inside, and of course choosing the style of shutter depends on your own personal taste and what practical elements you want them to offer. If you’re hoping to emphasize the period your home was built in, plantation shutters are the ideal design to address this – often when our customers are looking for a shutter style that reinstates their properties Victorian character, we recommend solid shutters for a more traditional look.

Odd shape windows

All windows deserve to look their best, no matter what shape or size they are. We are proud of the high-quality shutters we build, our customers rave about our ability to create shutters for the weird and wonderful shaped windows they have in their home. Any peculiar shape, arches, hexagons, circles, triangles, sunbursts or anything else you can imagine! We love a good challenge. Starting as a peculiar window, once our bespoke shutters are installed, they become a unique focal point – give them the dressing they deserve.

If your property has some unusually shaped windows, and you’re trying to find the right dressing for them, don’t fret, just get in touch with our team on 0800 9700 800. Our shutter experts are happy to answer any of your queries, and will find the perfect shutter for your windows.

New to the wonderful world of shutters? Or maybe like most of us, you don’t have an endless budget to spend on a window treatment. Whatever position you might be in plantation shutters are a fabulously stylish and practical window treatment, and if you know what to look for, they don’t have to break the bank! You can find cheap window shutters, and just because they’re cheap in price doesn’t make them cheap in quality. At Shutterly Fabulous, we want to help you find affordable shutters that meet your budget – cheaper shutter options are popular amongst our customers who have strict budgets to stick to, or customers who want to dip their toe in before diving in at the deep-end and committing to any larger features. With just a few tips to consider, you can knock the price down to suit your budget a little more.

One way to reduce the price is opting for a smaller set of shutters. Maybe, take a look at your smallest standard sized window, you could consider going for a set of café style shutters! Half the size of full height it’s an easy way of finding a cheap shutter without suffering the loss of quality. Café style shutters are best in rooms like the living room, kitchen or bathroom, they provide essential privacy by covering half the window but still allow plenty of natural light to filter into the home. A great choice for those who have never purchased shutters before and want to try a cheaper more affordable option before exploring the rest of our range.

A second way to look for cheap plantation shutters, is to think about the material and finish of your window shutters. Choosing an ABS plastic material is often a cheaper alternative to our traditional wood, but we promise they’re still high quality shutters, plus they’re the perfect choice of waterproof shutters, making them a great choice for rooms like the bathroom. Alternatively, if you’ve got your heart set on a wooden shutter, you can save yourself some coins by choosing a natural wooden finish rather than opting for a custom colour.

Lastly, although buying your plantation shutters will initially cost money, in the long run they are in fact a smart investment. Our fitted shutters sit seamlessly against your windows, acting as a barrier against your windowpanes, preventing any drafts that could sneak in making your home chillier, as well as stopping the heating from escaping. This overall reduces the need to reach for the thermostat and keeps those energy bills low! Looking after your shutters is not an expensive option either, where curtains would usually need to be taken regularly to the dry cleaners to be kept looking shiny and new, all our plantation shutters need is a quick wipe down with a damp cloth – no need for any of those expensive cleaning products!

So, as you can see, plantation shutters on a budget can be achieved! There are definitely ways of lowering the overall price of our shutters without suffering a loss in quality.


Interested in what our window shutters can do for you and your home? Give our team of shutter experts a call and they’ll happily discuss what options would be best for you, your home and your budget.

For many homeowners, light control is a top priority when choosing a window covering. Shutters are a great option that offers a near-blackout effect that will allow the home to feel like a true refuge from the outside world.


What options are there for blackout plantation shutters and what style is best suited?

The opaque nature of solid shutters means that they lend themselves to being great options when exploring how to best darken a room. Covering the entire expanse of the window when closed, solid shutters will prevent the majority of light from entering the space. To find out more about solid shutters, and how they differ from our regular slatted style, read our blog: ‘Louvered or solid shutters, what is the difference?’

If you are looking for shutters to darken a room, Full height shutters are also a great solution. Our louvred shutter slats overlap to ensure most light is successfully blocked out.


black out window shutters


What are the benefits of blackout shutters?

Blackout window treatments can contribute to a more restful environment at home. Our window treatments provide privacy and darkness when the shutters and slats are closed.


Which rooms are blackout shutters best suited to?

Blackout interior shutters are best installed in light-sensitive rooms such as the bedroom or kids’ rooms. Bedroom shutters will allow any early morning sunlight or streetlights to be significantly reduced to allow for a restful night’s sleep without any disruptions.


shutters to darken a room


Does the colour of shutter make a difference?

While our made-to-measure shutters will block out most light from the outside, opting for a darker shade when selecting shutters will enhance the darkening effect within the room once the shutters are closed. Our colour matching service allows for a paint choice which blends nicely into your interior, no matter the style.


Can blackout window shutters be an option for all windows no matter the size?

Absolutely. All of our shutters are custom made, so it doesn’t matter how tricky the size or shape of the window is, we can create a design which will fit to it seamlessly.


Get a quick quote and book your free no-obligation appointment here, or contact us to find out how blackout shutters can make your home fabulous.

Nothing quite beats that feeling of a fresh new set of our classic plantation shutters. Beautiful, stylish and practical on any window type, they truly are the best choice in window treatment. But with such a wide range of colours on offer sometimes it’s a good idea to go simple and choose a classic white window shutter. Take a look at our tips below for an idea of where is best to put white window shutters in your home!

beautiful white bay window shutters

A great factor to consider is the reflective properties choosing white for your window shutters will bring. For example, full-height white shutters on your living room windows, easily increase light as the sun bounces off the white reflecting back into the room. Tilt the shutter louvres to adjust the amount of light flowing in and you can really maximise the amount of sunlight the room will receive. This makes white shutters a great feature in larger rooms such as the living room, as well as smaller darker rooms which could benefit from a little more sunshine.

Whether your home interior is super colourful, to more of a minimalistic appearance, due to their neutral colouring, white plantation shutters certainly won’t be out of place! This makes them a great option for an everchanging style, no matter the changes you bring to your home a clean white shutter will look fantastic on your windows.

White window shutters are a fantastic contrast for darker coloured rooms, making your windows a statement in themselves. This works great for brighter bolder colours like blues or oranges! Equally, they are a beautiful complement to an already more minimalist home, flowing well with white or pastel tones. The options are limitless!

All of our shutters are made from great quality durable materials. Combine this with a classic colour and your window treatment will last for years: a completely timeless look, that unlike curtains, won’t go out of season.

Speak to one of our shutter experts to discuss how a timeless white shutter will work for your, or book an appointment here!

When embarking on the journey to beautiful bespoke shutters, it is essential to know the difference between louvered shutters and solid shutters and the benefits they provide. Whether you’re looking for privacy, light control or noise reduction, we aim to answer all of the need-to-know questions about the two styles.


What’s the difference between louvered shutters and solid shutters?

Louvered shutters are a versatile style that works well in both traditional and contemporary properties. Whether you choose full-height, tier-on-tier or café-style, all of the shutters feature adjustable slats so that you are in full control of privacy, light and more. Find out more about wood louvered shutters.

Bespoke solid shutters are quite different in terms of design. They feature statement wood panels that allow maximum light in when open and when closed reduces light and outside noise. In addition to this, full solid raised shutters also help to insulate the space, making it a great choice for those who live in older homes that suffer from central heating escaping through the windows. Find out more about solid shutters.


Louvre shutters interior

What styles feature louvres/shutter slats?

Full height, tier-on-tier and cafe-style all feature moveable shutter slats, and we even custom-make louvered bifold window shutters. Our louvered shutters are available in 4 different size shutter slats.


What rooms would you install louvered shutters and solid shutters?

Louvered and solid shutters are both incredibly adaptable and can be installed in any room. Whether it is the bedroom, living room or bathroom, the style you go for ultimately depends on your personal preference and the room’s practical needs.


Wood louvred shutters


Are solid and louvered shutters both bespoke?

Yes! All of our shutters are bespoke, so no matter your window style or size, we will be able to create a custom design that suits your home.


Am I limited to colours if I choose either designs?

No don’t worry, you will not be limited to colour choices. Our bespoke colour matching service will allow you to choose a shade, whether you go for louvered or solid shutters, that perfectly complements your interior style.


Bespoke solid shutters 

To see how the different styles will look in your home, we offer a free no-obligation appointment with a specialist who will be able to seamlessly guide you through the different options and offer their knowledge on what will look best in your space. Get a quote and book your free appointment here.


More and more people are now opting for shutters on sliding doors within their homes. Open plan extensions with doors that span the entire wall is an interior goal for a lot of homeowners – ourselves included! These vast and impressive doors do not lend themselves to blinds or curtains, which is where shutters for doors come in.

We’re here to tell you that there isn’t a door or window we can’t put shutters on, or one we can’t make look fabulous.


Shutters-on-sliding-doors- Shutterly Fabulous

Full height solid shutters


Whether your doors open out to a patio, garden, balcony or another room – shutters are the perfect addition.

Sliding doors are usually made up of large panels of glass. This glass lets in light, heat and prying eyes! This is where shutters come in. Shutters on sliding doors offer complete privacy. The slats allow you full control over the light levels and the solid hardwood material keeps in the heat.

Shutters are so perfectly suited for sliding doors, we have 3 options available: Full height shutters, bi fold track shutters and bypass track shutters.Book an appointment

Sliding doors with shutters on a track

Shutters on sliding doors are an ideal match. Our made-to-measure shutters can be designed to hang on a track system, which means the shutters can bi-fold to the side(s) or they can bypass to the side(s). Our shutter specialists will create a bespoke design to best suit your sliding doors.

This track design offers a seamless transition in a wide variety of interior doors spaces and room dividers. Tracked shutters are perfectly suited for wide sliding doors and large windows where you don’t want a bottom frame piece.

Shutters-for-sliding-doors- Shutterly Fabulous

Bi-fold tracked shutters neatly stacked to the side.


Bi-folding shutters for sliding doors

These shutters are concertina-style, which means you can push them back to the side of your sliding door and have them neatly stacked in front of each other. This allows your open-door space to be free from obstructions with the freedom to fold the panels back over the open door, so you can benefit from cool air, extra shade and added level of control. This flexibility of design is ideal if you have young children or pets that you want to benefit from the outdoor conditions without them running in or out.

Our shutter experts can discuss with you what you need from your shutters and create a design that is best suited to your exact needs.

Shutters-for-sliding-doors- Shutterly Fabulous

Bi-fold shutters


Bypass shutters for sliding doors

These shutters are also on a track, but instead of folding, the panels slide in front and behind of each other. These are a great option if you always want an element of door coverage. If you have a single sliding door, then this design is perfect as it will fall in line with your current door design seamlessly.

Shutters-on-sliding-doors- Shutterly Fabulous

Bypass tracked shutters


Full height shutters for sliding doors

Our popular full-height shutters are also perfectly suited for your sliding doors. Like our shutters for windows, the panels would be held in a 3 or 4-sided frame.

The best thing about full height shutters for sliding doors is that they are crafted to fit your exact specifications and space, so can even fit unusual areas like doorway arches and gable windows.

Sliding-doors-with-shutters- Shutterly Fabulous

Full height shutters


Shutters for doors are available in all our quality hardwood ranges, across all our luxurious paints and are even available in each of our sumptuous stains.

Whether slatted, solid, bi-fold or bypass, we can guarantee we have the best shutters for your sliding doors. During our free design consultation, our shutter specialists will talk through all the options available. They will then measure your windows and create your bespoke design, while you continue to rest in the knowledge that your sliding doors are about to look thoroughly fabulous!

If you’re still in any doubt, visit our Instagram for inspiration and our many customer images.

Sliding-doors-with-shutters-Shutterly Fabulous

Bifold track shutters on a patio door


If you’d like to find out more about how shutters can be designed for your sliding door, click here to book a free home visit with one of our shutter specialists. They’ll talk you through styles, colours, materials and will provide you with a quote. They will then return a few months later to expertly install your beautiful new shutters.

Sit back, relax, and leave it to the experts.

An introduction to plantation shutters

People’s perception of shutters is very much determined by whether they have them installed in their home, or if they don’t. Our customers have rated us as ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot, with feedback constantly revolving around what an incredible impact shutters have had on their home, how visitors have commented on them and how amazing they look. Shutters are a true statement piece in any interior space.

Plantation shutters worth the money - Shutterly Fabulous

This article is designed to give those who don’t own shutters some serious inspiration to invest in them. Hopefully you know from walking down residential streets that they look fantastic from the outside. But what about the other benefits you might not know of. Are plantation shutters worth the money they cost? Are they energy efficient? And do they actually add value to your property? Let us answer these burning questions for you and arm you with the knowledge to go ahead and get plantation shutters installed in your home.


Are plantation shutters worth the money?

There’s a simple answer to this question, and it’s ‘yes’. Shutters are more expensive than curtains or blinds but they’re a totally different proposition. Made to measure and constructed using the finest quality, long-lasting hardwood, they’re totally bespoke to your windows or doors. Not only that, but we’ve designed a large selection of styles, materials and colours to cater to your specific needs and tastes. By being a more permanent addition to the home, shutters become a part of your interior style and can be passed onto the next inhabitants, meaning they’ve got the potential to add value to your property. More on that later.

Plantation shutters by Shutterly Fabulous

Here at Shutterly Fabulous we work with some of the UK’s finest craftsmen and shutter experts who’ll visit you at home to measure your windows and offer expert advice on what will work for you. They’ll return later to install the shutters and are backed up by a dedicated and passionate support team in the office. We’ve been in business since 2002 and now service the whole of the UK, so thousands upon thousands of people already believe that plantation shutters are indeed worth the money!


Do plantation shutters add value to a property?

 Again, the short answer here is a resounding ‘yes’. By being considered part of the fixtures and fittings, they aren’t so different to converting to double glazed windows, adding a pristine new coat of paint or installing spotlights, all elements that add value. By smartening up the exterior look of a home they add that all-important kerb appeal. On the inside, they can create a look and style in a room all on their own, for far less than an extension or new kitchen. Their simplicity is appealing to buyers. By installing shutters on all street-facing windows you can achieve that sought-after matching look across the front of the home, another eye-catching element that will draw potential buyers to your property over others. And for blocks of flats, shutters can help to distinguish a property, another appealing trait for buyers.


Are plantation shutters worth the money

Are plantation shutters energy efficient?

You know the drill by now! Our shutters are made from solid hardwood and when fully closed create an added layer of insulation between the outside world and your home. Fitted securely to a window or door frame, they block draughts that can penetrate curtains or blinds, reducing heat loss and also your energy bills. So, not only will your shutters help your home feel warmer, but there’s a good chance you’ll actually see your energy bills go down. How’s that for an energy efficient investment?

Are plantation shutters for keeps?

Tier on tier shutters Shutterly Fabulous

Poonam Sharma with her tier on tier shutters 

Definitely! Another positive about plantation shutters is how effortlessly they straddle trends across the years. Poonam Sharma, who edits the Modern Luxe blog, adores her tier on tier shutters. “I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not,” says Poonam, “but I get bored quite quickly and have a tendency to refurbish rooms in our house on an ongoing basis. And if we’d opted for fabric blinds or curtains, I think I would’ve got bored by now. But, I have to say we’ve never grown weary of our shutters. We have them in all our windows at the front of the house, making it look more uniform (first impressions and all that!). They’re the one thing in the house I wouldn’t change. They’re elegant, modern and timeless. We’ve had them for almost 10 years and absolutely love them. So whilst I think about changing wall colours, furniture etc, the shutters are definitely here to stay.


Ready to get the ball rolling with one of the best investments you can make for your home? Great! Book a free home appointment by clicking here. Or if you’d prefer a quick quote over the phone, simply have your rough window measurements to hand and give us a call. The team are in the office six days a week until 6pm (4pm on Saturdays). Now that’s what we call Fabulous.

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