Hay fever getting you down? Did you know shutters can repel allergens? Find out more.

We’re sure you have heard us say it before, but we will say it again: there are plenty of reasons to buy plantation shutters. They’re stylish, they are great for light and privacy management, and they add value to pretty much any home. Oh, and did you know that shutters can save you money on your energy bills too? But that’s not all. Shutters can even help with soundproofing. How do we know this? Well, you aren’t the first to wonder, and we thought it was high time we carry out some research on the topic.

What We Did

We have been asked about the acoustic performance of traditional wooden shutters for years. And while we have always known that plantation shutters can have sound reducing effects, we had never scientifically put this to the test – until now. We commissioned an Audio Systems Engineer to see what (if any) impact shutters would have on reducing external noise pollution. We decided to measure the impact of both slatted and solid shutters while closed. This is what we discovered… 

Blackout bedroom shutters

The Best Shutters for Soundproofing

While we did find that our full height shutters have an impact, when it comes to soundproofing, not all ranges will have the same effect. While slatted plantation shutters did make some difference, it was our solid double raised shutters that made the real impression. When closed, we saw an average noise reduction of around 7dB(A). This illustrates what we thought all along: solid shutters provide significant audible noise reduction. 

Dealing with loud traffic or noisy neighbours? Are you working from home and struggling to concentrate because of all the background noise? Our solid shutters are the perfect potion to any commotion.

Are Shutters Better Than Curtains and Blinds?

One of the main differences between curtains, blinds, and shutters is that the former two hang down from your windows, while plantation shutters are directly installed into the window’s recess. Because of this, curtains and blinds will always be less effective at reducing noise levels. And remember, our shutters are made from the finest materials, ensuring they will last for years to come. So apart from their soundproofing and numerous other benefits, they save you money in the process too! 

If you are interested in seeing what shutters can do for your room, get in touch today. Call us on 0800 970 0800, send an email to hello@shutterlyfabulous.com, or request a free on-site consultation via our website today!

Wooden conservatory shutters close up

Whether you’ve got severe allergies, or you just feel a little itchy when the sun’s shining, pollen allergy and dust can cause real disruption to your daily life if you suffer from hay fever. While you might expect some discomfort when doing something like, say, walking through a meadow in summer, the security of your own home should also provide much-needed respite from hay fever symptoms or a pollen allergy during the warmer months. As many of us suffer with hay fever allergies, the incessant sneezing, itchy mouth and throat, puffy eyes and all the other frustrating symptoms pollen can cause, a more allergy-friendly window treatment can make a big difference.

For serious allergy sufferers, of course, there’s always anti-allergy medications to counter the effects of debilitating symptoms that seriously affect your quality of life. However, for those of us who experience allergies that range from mild irritation to more intense discomfort, little things can make a huge difference during the times of year where pollen, dust and allergens are most prevalent.

Are plantation shutters an allergy solution?

Keeping the windows shut is hard on all but often necessary for those with hay fever, however during those warm summer months that light breeze and fresh air is an absolute must! Thankfully, there’s a simple answer. Plantation shutters are an ever-popular window-dressing solution due to its timeless look and feel, and the benefits they provide over their aesthetics are a huge draw for homeowners, too. One of these benefits is the ability to repel allergens. As opposed to fabric curtains, their louvres can be angled to allow some air flow but to prevent an overload of dust, pollen filter and other allergens travelling through your home. In addition to this, shutters are available in polyvinyl or painted hardwood, making them easy to clean.

So, if you’re one of the many people suffering from hay fever symptoms and allergies, you might be surprised to know that simply upgrading your window dressings to anti-allergy plantation shutters could help you feel happier and healthier for half the year or more.

If you have any questions about shutters, our friendly team is on hand to help! Please call us for free on 0800 9700 800 or email hello@shutterlyfabulous.com.

Winter is in full swing, and with it comes windows covered in condensation. It’s during this time of year we often get asked about shutters and condensation – although for many this is a year-round issue. Fortunately, our made-to-measure shutters are the perfect window dressing to help deal with just that, even in wetter rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. Want to know more? Well, keep reading… 

waterproof white vinyl shutters for the bathroom

What Causes Condensation?

What a great question! Condensation almost always occurs in a room with too much humidity or very little air circulation. A low room temperature can also have an impact. How? Well, window condensation happens when water vapour in the air deposits on surfaces of a lower temperature. So, when moist air encounters your cold windows, some of this moisture is released onto the glass in the form of small water droplets, aka, condensation. If you live in a home with single glaze or heritage windows, this is something you will be all too familiar with.

How Do Shutters Impact Condensation Levels?

One of the main ways to avoid condensation on and around your windows is to ensure your home is properly ventilated. The best way to do this is to open the windows regularly. If you have curtains or blinds, it may be that you’re not willing to leave the windows open for fear of a shudder-inducing draft coming in. This is where shutters come to the rescue. Due to their movable slats, you can have your windows open and let only the slightest of breezes into your home. All you have to do is adjust the slats accordingly. That’s a win-win in our book!

What About Extra Damp Rooms?

There are certain rooms which are more likely than others to suffer from condensation. This is why kitchen shutters and shutters in the bathroom are such a good call. Indeed, we’ve fitted shutters into all sorts of rooms, from kitchens to bathrooms, wet rooms to saunas. We really have seen it all. And while our wooden shutters cope incredibly well with condensation, if you are concerned about moisture levels in your room, you can always go with our waterproof shutters for added peace of mind. Our PVC range is completely waterproof, looks just like our hardwood shutters, and they’re available at no extra cost. Not only will they help combat excess moisture, but they’ll also look great too! What more could you want?

If you are interested in learning more about shutters and condensation, get in touch today. Call us on 0800 970 0800, send an email to hello@shutterlyfabulous.com, or request a free on-site consultation via our website today!

When making any changes or additions to your home it is always best practice to ensure that not only are you sticking to your budget, but that you’re getting value for your money too. That means price, longevity, efficiency, and style should all be considered in equal measure when it comes to your new window dressings. Luckily, modern shutters perform exceptionally well across all these metrics. So, when asking how much plantation shutters cost, you should also be asking…

Are Window Shutters a Good Investment?

We know what you’re thinking: plantation shutters cost more than curtains and blinds. While this may be true, shutters are a totally different proposition to either of these. Not only are shutters composed of the finest quality hardwood, but they are also made and measured precisely to the dimensions of your windows. And apart from being incredibly hard wearing, they’re timeless. How so? Let’s say, for example, you opt for the classic white shutters that so many of our customers love. By going for such an enduring style, you can rest assured that your windows will fit in with any new décor you implement in the years to come. Essentially, your windows will be future proof! 

Do Plantation Shutters Add Value to the Home?

Shutters add class and style to any home: that’s a given. But did you know that they can add value to your home as well? Because they are a semi-permanent feature, shutters will remain intact for quite some time (more on that soon), meaning that – unlike curtains and blinds – they can drive up the value of your home if it comes time to sell. 

open-slatted white plantation shutters

How Long Do Plantation Shutters Last?

At Shutterly Fabulous, we promise every single customer a fully comprehensive 5-year warranty, so you can enjoy your shutters with full peace of mind. And with a dedicated aftercare team to deal with any issues that may arise, you can be sure that your shutters are in the best of hands. But what about after these 5 years? Well, luckily our shutters are built to last. With the proper maintenance they will last 10, 15, 20 years…or more! If that’s not a sound investment, then we don’t know what is.

Are Plantation Shutters Energy Efficient?

One of the lesser talked about aspects of modern shutters is their energy efficiency. Now more than ever, energy costs are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Therefore, you need a window dressing that helps to regulate your home’s temperature. Shutters are ideal for this. Being fitted flush to your window recess means that very little air escapes when they are closed. This is great for retaining warmth and excluding drafts in the colder months, while their light reflecting properties mean you won’t have to crank up the A/C when summertime comes around. 

How Much Do Shutters Cost?

The price of shutters is dependent on a few factors. The first thing to note is that we price based on the exact size of your windows, so the larger the window, the higher the cost. Should you decide on our solid shutters, these will incur a 10% surcharge.

Most of our colours come as standard, although going for our stained finishes or opting for a custom colour will bump up the price slightly, but this is something your Shutter Specialist would discuss with you on the day of your appointment.

Other options which have an impact on price are special shaped and tracked shutters. These are very rarely necessary, but this is something our Shutter Specialist would discuss with you on the day of an appointment.

Oh, and did we mention our price beat promise? If you find a cheaper like-for-like quote, not only will we match it – we’ll beat it. And we promise to do so even if your quote is for cheaper and inferior MDF products. What more could you ask for? 

Interested in getting some modern shutters of your own? Book an appointment today for an on-site consultation or use our online estimator for an approximate price.

We experience our fair share of chilly weather in the UK. On top of this, many of our houses and flats are quite old too. This often goes hand in hand with heritage windows and single glazing. As you’re probably aware, most of the heat in the home is lost through the windows, and the sun’s rays can be perilously warm when shining through in the summer. That’s why insulation is of such importance. We often get asked if insulated shutters are the way to go. Well, that’s an excellent question…

Pink solid shutters

Do Shutters Insulate the Home?

The short answer is, “Yes”! The longer answer is, “Definitely!” You might wonder how window shutters and insulationgo together, but it’s actually quite straightforward. Whether it is winter or summer, our shutters will help regulate your room’s temperature the whole year round.

In the warmer summer months, shutters – especially white ones – are great for reflecting the sun’s rays, helping you to maintain a cool and consistent temperature. Conversely, in the winter they will keep drafts out while ensuring the heat stays in. This is achieved due to shutters being fitted directly to your window frames, leaving very few gaps for air to seep through.

Do They Keep Out Sound Too?

When it comes to wooden shutters, sound insulation is another thing they bring to the table. Being made of solid hardwood (no composite or MDF here) and fitted directly onto the window makes plantation shutters excellent for reducing sound bleeding. In fact, a study we recently commissioned showed that our shutters can make a difference to noise levels of up to 7Db when closed. So, if you live on a particularly busy road, shutters might just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Which Styles Work Best?

If you’re looking for the most amount of protection from outside temperatures, Full Height shutters are the best choice. If you want to take this a step further, why not consider our Solid shutters? As they are comprised of solid panels with no slats, there is even less room for noise and air to escape, creating one solid barrier between your windows and your home’s interior.

Our Tier-on-Tier option will also provide some insulation when fully closed, but it should be noted that the top and bottom sections have a slight gap in between. If insulation is a deciding factor for you, we do not recommend our Café Style shutters – no matter how fabulous they look!

Are Shutters Better Than Curtains and Blinds?

One of the main differences between curtains, blinds, and shutters is that the former two hang from the window, while the latter is directly installed into the window’s recess. Because of this, curtains and blinds will always be less effective at light and temperature insulation. And remember, insulated wooden shutters don’t just keep your room warm in the winter and cold in the summer. They save you money in the process. Win, win, win.

If you are interested in seeing what shutters can do for your room, get in touch today. Call us on 0800 970 0800, send an email to hello@shutterlyfabulous.com, or request a free on-site consultation via our website today!

There’s no doubt about it, plantation shutters have been a go-to choice when it comes to window dressing for centuries, and that is thanks to their timeless look and feel. Unlike other window coverings such as blinds and curtains, shutters are made from beautiful solid hardwood and provide many practical benefits such as privacy, light control, insulation and more.

When thinking about installing shutters, it is important to consider how you will access windowsills with shutters. Depending on the type of window you have and where you decide to position your shutters, you may end up with little to no room for ornaments and accessories. However, some may say the stylish look of shutters paired with its useful advantages outweighs windowsill space. Please keep on reading for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

How will shutters sit on different types of windows?

The way your shutters will sit very much depends on the architectural design of your windows. For example, classic Victorian and Edwardian bay windows do not tend to have a wealth of space around the perimeter of the window, so naturally, shutters will encroach on the windowsill area. However, for those with wall depth surrounding the window, there is the opportunity to achieve an inside mount, which will sit closer to the window and allow you to maintain windowsill space whilst enjoying the benefits of shutters.

Can I still use my windowsills with shutters installed?

If your window is set far into a wall, you can of course still use your windowsill with shutters installed. Opting for tier-on-tier plantation shutters may be the best suited due to adjustable louvres and the top and bottom halves opening independently. This will allow you to display ornaments and picture frames on the windowsill without sacrificing natural light.

Full height and cafe-style shutters will also work great too due to the flexible louvres that will allow you to control light flow without knocking over any belongings.

What is the best way to work around no windowsill space once shutters are installed?

If you have a limited windowsill area but still want beautiful shutters installed, you can opt for a sleek, smart sideboard next to a window to bring a homely touch into the space, or for something more inventive, how about dressing a radiator with a smart radiator cover, which will provide extra room for plants and ornaments.

Our team of friendly shutter experts are happy to answer any of your questions you have on having shutters installed on your windows. If you’d like to find out more, send us an email at hello@shutterlyfabulous.com, or give us a call on 0800 970 0800.

Energy costs are rising, and it’s a trend that shows no signs of slowing: analysts are predicting our energy bills to rise by 30% within the next year[1]. So if heating your home is starting to give you energy anxiety, you’re not alone.Our survey asked the question ‘are you worried about heating costs this winter?’. Out of 146 respondents, we found that a range of age groups were worried about their winter heating costs, with 62% of people over 55 and half of 18 – 24 year olds answering ‘Yes’ to our question.

With that in mind, you might be looking for a few easy ways to save on your heating. One practical option is to insulate your windows. That’s because windows are a major source of heat loss in homes – responsible for up to 25 – 30% of lost heat, according to the US Department of Energy[2]

Basically, if you want to be energy efficient, you’ll need to make sure your windows are keeping in the warmth…and as it turns out, window shutters are one of the best options for doing just that.

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pink solid wood panel bedroom shutters

Do Shutters Keep Heat In?

Traditional window coverings such as shutters, curtains and blinds have always been used as a form of temperature control. In the summer they can keep a house cool, and in the winter they can keep a house warm. In particular, shutters provide a much thicker and more solid material barrier than curtain or blind fabrics, preventing warm air from escaping and cold draughts from entering. 

This might be common wisdom, but it’s also important to look at the research if we want to see just how effective shutters can be when it comes to keeping heat in.

How Effective Are Shutters At Keeping Heat In?

Historic England did some research into the thermal performance of windows. Within the study, they looked at how much heat was lost through the glass and the frame of a window, and tested some simple insulation methods to see how effective they were at preventing heat loss.

The test results showed that well-fitting shutters can reduce heat loss through windows by 58%[3].

Note: the shutters must be well-fitted! If the shutters aren’t installed to fit properly, then that can leave room for warm air to escape or for draughts to sweep in. Thankfully, our Shutterly Fabulous staff are here to measure, advise and install your custom shutters for that perfect fit.

How about shutters in combination with other insulation methods, such as secondary glazing? A study by Historic Environment Scotland into the energy efficiency of traditional buildings tested different combinations of window insulations.

They found that a combination of secondary glazing and shutters reduced heat loss through windows by 75%[4].

So whether it’s on their own or in combination with other insulation methods, we can safely say that well-fitted shutters can prevent over half of all heat lost through windows.

Which Shutters Are The Most Effective At Keeping Heat In?

Well-fitted shutters of any style or material are able to prevent heat loss. But if you’re really looking to keep out the cold, you’ll probably want to go for Solid Panel Wood Shutters.

As the name suggests, these shutters have solid panels that are not louvered or slatted. They’re constructed from hardwood – specifically, Paulownia wood – a strong yet lightweight material which adds a thick layer of insulation to any window. This solidity also comes in handy for noise reduction and room darkening. 

For insulative purposes, you’ll also want to get complete window coverage with Full Height Shutters.

White Solid wood shutters in the nook

Can Shutters Save On Energy Costs?

If you’ve insulated your windows with well-fitted shutters, you’ll be retaining more heat. If you’re retaining more heat, you’ll be using less gas or electricity to heat your home, which means that you’re going to save on heating bills. Simple!

Your next question might be: how much can shutters save on energy costs? This will depend on a number of factors, but let’s look at an example.

The standard UK household uses gas for heating, which according to recent government statistics costs around £557 annually[5]. Over half of that figure goes towards keeping the room temperature up – about 60% of it, according to data supported by the National Energy Foundation[6] – which in our case would come out to around £334.

Remember that uninsulated windows can be responsible for 30% of your home’s lost heat. That means that our windows could be costing us £100 in lost heat every year! 

Of course, the exact amount you save will vary depending on your personal circumstances. Still, the bottom line is the same – you’ll be cutting down the cost of your heating bill if you install well-fitted window shutters. When you take into account ever rising energy costs, you can think of shutters as a practical investment in addition to a stylistic one!

If you’d like to talk with our team about how shutters can help to insulate your home, feel free call us on 0800 970 0800 or send an email over to hello@shutterlyfabulous.com.


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If you have been doing some reading up on plantation shutters, it is likely that the term “mid rail” has popped up a few times. But what is a mid-rail and is it the right choice for you and your windows. Fortunately, it really isn’t that complicated…

What is a Mid-Rail?

A mid-rail is a (mostly optional) horizontal bar 76mm in width which runs across full height plantation shutters. This means that you can open and close the sections of moveable slats above and below the rail separately.

Does a Mid Rail cost any extra?

No. While some companies do charge an additional fee for a mid-rail, at Shutterly Fabulous we want to help you save as much as possible.

What are the benefits of a mid-rail?

Plantation shutters with a mid-rail
have a few advantages over those without. For one, full height shutters with a mid-rail are great for increased light and privacy management, with you being able to control the top and bottom sections individually. Another benefit is that a mid-rail gives your shutters an extra level of structural support, ensuring the most durable and lost-lasting fit possible. Lastly, it can offer definition and symmetry to your windows. For example, if you have a going across your window, we can measure so that the mid-rail lines up perfectly with this.

How does this differ to Tier-on-Tier?

While plantation shutters with a mid-rail mean that you can move the top and bottom sections of slats individually, they will still comprise one panel from top to bottom. Tier-on-tier shutters, one the other hand, will constate two sets of panels. So, while they will hinge out from your windows separately, shutters with a mid-rail will still open out from your shutters as one piece.

Do I Have to Get Shutters With a Mid-Rail

Not at all. They are an optional feature, so this is entirely up to you. Not only can you choose whether to have one or not, but you can choose exactly where you would like it to go. The only exception to this is when your windows are over 180cm tall. In these cases, a mid rail is essential in order to maintain the structural integrity of your shutters.

I’m still not sure if I want a Mid Rail

That’s no problem at all. Our Shutter Specialists aren’t just there to measure up – they’re there to advise you as well. During an on-site consultation, please feel free to ask as many questions as you like. We are Shutterly positive that you will come out of your appointment entirely happy with your choices.


Interested in an on-site consultation? Request an appointment on our website, send an email to hello@shutterlyfabulous.com, or give us a call now on 0800 970 0800.

When it comes to window dressings, nothing gives you quite as much control as window shutters. Their movable slats (or louvers) mean that you can control exactly how much light comes into your home. And not only this – they’re fantastic for privacy, too. But there is much more to shutters than just the slats. From full height to tier on tier, mid-rails to hidden splits, bi-fold shutters to trifold, the design will affect how your shutters will open.

How Do I Open and Close My Slats?

Like most slats on the market, our shutters are opened and closed by hand. While they can be closed partially in the downward direction, to close them fully flat, simply rotate them in the upward direction.  There will be some overlap with the slats when closed – approximately half an inch. This is the best design to ensure you the most privacy while also blocking out light and insulating your home. How the slats open and close will also be affected by other factors, so let’s get delve a little deeper.

What About Tilt Rods?

With louvered/slatted shutters, you will have three choices: central, offset, and hidden. Our hidden tilt rods are completely invisible and built into the frame. This means that your louvers will all open as one, so when you move one (by hand), you move them all. The exception to this is when your window is over 130cm in height. To maintain structural integrity, a hidden split is then required. This allows separate slat control on the top and bottom sections. This hidden split can be customised requested specifically, too, meaning you can have it at any point of your windows, not just in the centre.

Our central and offset pushrods are both visible and run down the front of the shutter. The offset sits closer to the hinged side of the shutter while the central runs directly down the middle. Both options are connected to the louvers, meaning that you just have to move the pushrod to open and close them.

Another design option is a mid-rail. This offers the same functionality as the hidden split -i.e., separate slat control on the top and bottom – but with a visible horizonal bar creating extra definition. Like the split, a mid-rail is necessary for windows of a certain height – higher than 180cm – but this can be chosen on smaller windows as well. It also looks fantastic with our central rods.

You can find more information on our tilt rod options here.

How Do Shutters Hinge Open?

Our shutters all come with their own frame. This frame is mounted to your window recess with the shutters then hinging out from the frame piece. It is also worth noting that they will usually be able to fold out 180 degrees, assuming there are no hindrances such as furniture, walls, or taps.

The width of your window will depend on how many shutter panels can be fit. Should you have one single shutter panel, you can either have the shutters hinging out to the left or to the right.

When going for two panels, you can have one shutter hinged on each side so that one opens out to the right, and one to the left. Another open is to go for bifold shutters. With bifold window shutters you can have both panels opening in the same direction.

With a three-panel option, one will hinge separately, while the other two will fold together. Which side has the single panel, and which has the bifold shutters is your choice. You can also opt for tri-folding shutters, but this can put more strain on the frame if the panels are very wide. Trifold shutters will close together, much like an accordion, but it is worth noting that if you go for central or offset pushrods, this will prevent the second and third panels from folding flat against one another.

For a four-panel configuration, we suggest splitting them down the middle so that you have 2 sets of louvered bifold window shutters: two folding to the left, and two to the right. However, you can opt for a single panel on one side, with a set of trifold shutters on the other.

For larger windows, five and six panel options are available, but we should highlight that you cannot have more than three shutters folding together.

Should I Go for Full Height or Tier-on-Tier?

With Full Height shutters, your panels will hinge out as one panel from top to bottom. As mentioned above, you will have different options which affect the opening of the slats. With Tier-on-Tier shutters, however, not only can you control the top and bottom slat opening, but you can hinge the top and bottom panels separately, too.

There are so many options. Can you help me decide?

Of course! Here at Shutterly Fabulous, we pride ourselves on our customer service, ensuring you a bespoke experience every time. During an appointment, our Shutter Specialist will go through all our options and listen to your preferred design. They will always be happy to advise on design and whether there might be a more suitable alternative. So, you can rest assured that your windows will be in good hands with us. Give us a call on 0800 9700 800 and we’d love to chat to you about your options.

If you know about the history of plantation shutters, you’ll know they’ve been relied upon for hundreds of years as the best type of window treatment for homes around the world. With a raft of benefits such as privacy and light control in addition to their timeless look and feel, they’ve become a mainstay for their balance of form and function in homes from Ancient Greece to the modern-day.

Timeless Window Treatment

If you grew up in a house with shutters, it’s likely you can still picture a particular window, half-closed, with plantation shutters casting patterns of sunlight onto the floor. Quite simply, it’s a look that curtains or other window dressings can’t match especially in tricky areas that experience high moisture levels, which makes them the best window treatment for bathrooms. Highly distinctive, timeless, and something that looks as good in the present day as it did then. It’s no wonder they’ve never gone out of fashion.

Shutters Practical Benefits

But it’s not all about looks, plantation shutters bring other benefits, too. The versatility provided by moving their slats from open to closed – or anywhere in between – also makes shutters the best privacy window treatments. In addition to this, shutters will also help to regulate light, heat, sound whilst providing safety for children with no hanging cords.

The ability to use something built-in, which uses no electricity to control the amount of light and sound a room lets in – as well as cooling down your house in the warmest of the summer months – is something that keeps homeowners coming back to plantation shutters, generation after generation.


The last thing? Cost. Plantation shutters tend to be more affordable than people think to buy and install in the first place, and that’s before you add in the fact that with their incredibly hard-wearing nature, and they’ll last for decades without showing wear and tear (something you can’t always say for fabric curtains). It may be that over a lifetime of daily use, plantation shutters are a cost-saver you simply haven’t been taken advantage of, which instantly makes them the best type of window treatment.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our shutters as well as our service here at Shutterly Fabulous. Our friendly team are happy to answer your questions. Call us on 0800 970 0800 or send an email to hello@shutterlyfabulous.com.

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